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Archive for March, 2006

she said it sure is nice to just be the woman with you

post title brought to you by Kenny Chesney – Woman with You

Kenny Chesney is the bomb. I don’t care that he made a mistake and married Renee what’s her name and divorced her quite quickly….I’ve heard rumors he’s gay and that’s why they divorced. I don’t care if he is gay…he’s hot and he sounds gooooooooooood….so I’ll have a gay guy crush – that’s OK hahaha

I’ve been up for a few hours – reading some blogs, catching up on everyone elses lives hahaha I’ve been so busy doing stuff around the house and going to bowl or shoot pool or to a GA meeting – I haven’t taken the time to read my favorite blogs. And just to let you know, my favorite blogs are in my blog roll….I read everyone of those at least three times a week. Some of them I visit daily!

I’ve also been watching the Today show and every half an hour – they break in with local news stuff….the kids are in the streets….they walked out of class this morning and marched downtown towards City Hall…over 1000 of them. Every officer that had the day off at my station is working and out there for crowd control. I wonder if these kids even realize what they are protesting? I wonder if they even understand the law/bill they are trying to pass and WHY they are trying to pass it? I wonder if they just don’t care what it’s all about – it’s an excuse to get outta school on a Friday and get some TV time. Personally? If I had a kid I’d beat his/her ass for ditching school for this. It wouldn’t happen if I was a parent. Guess they are lucky I’m not their parent, eh? hahaha My man, my boss and my friends are out there trying to protect these kids. On their days off. More tax payer money down the tubes for a protest by kids who are just doing it for the attention and don’t even understand what they are doing. Some of them are waving around flags from Mexico. WTF?!?!?! You live in America, get used to it. UGH! OK I won’t get up on my soap box about it.

So last night, while shooting pool….I got mad. Actually I got pissed off. The team we were playing were PICKY PICKY PICKY about stuff and called a foul on me that I know I did not commit…I was after the one ball…I hit it and ended up sinking the 3 ball….they called foul and claimed I did not hit the 1 ball. WTF?!?!?! object ball has to be hit first – I did that. so I should have been able to shoot again. questions? ooooooh so I started arguing with him – as did my fellow team members and I finally said ya know what, doesn’t matter…let’s just play…so I went on to win 4 outta 5 games….that’s the best way to get me to win at shooting pool…piss in my wheaties and I’ll beat your ass at pool hahaha

Today? I’m doing a whole lot of nothing. Going to go jump in the shower in a few minutes and then start some laundry. At 1pm we have the finance lady coming back to let us know exactly how much we are getting and how much we will be saving each month on the refinancing of the house. Cross your fingers we get enough so we can pay off our credit cards and have enough left over for me to do the backyard the way I’d like to do it. Even if we just pay off the credit cards – I’ll be happy cause that will free up a few hundred a month for me to save towards the kind of backyard I want. I don’t want anything elaborate. I want some desert landscape with a little patch of grass for the baby (that would be Josie the dog) and a pool. not too much to ask for, right? 🙂

Until next time…. 😀

I’m finding my way back to sanity again

post title brought to you by Lifehouse – Breathing

Lifehouse is one of my favorites (I have several favorites – get used to it I mention them all often). This song Breathing was also one of the songs I did in my first GA workshop a few years ago. I chose it back then cause it spoke of how I was feeling about the program at the time (and sometimes still do).

Have you ever gone through a drive thru….paid at the first window and by the time you got to the 2nd to pick up the food, the person inside the window was hanging your bag of food out the window. It reminded me of dangling a little treat in front of those greyhound dogs that race….they held the food out the window – just hanging there. As soon as I got to the window – they shoved the bag in my face through the window of my car…it was a tad bit irritating…cause then he shoved my drink at me without even giving me time to put the bag of food down…WTF is that all about?

I had a 2 hour meeting at 8 this morning and that seemed to have just ruined the day for me. It went by too fast and I feel like I did nothing all day. I’m sure I did some work…I’m just not sure when or what it was hahaha It was the strangest day. People on their days off were in and people were kinda getting on my nerves. It was just odd. I read my horoscope everyday, am I’m sure I’ve mentioned before…this is what my horoscope said for today “People around you are apt to be rather touchy, dear Libra, so be careful how you interact with them. You will find that they are able to see beyond any sort of facade, and will easily detect dissent within the ranks. Be straightforward and honest with your opinion, regardless of how you think it might be received. This is your best approach to a certain situation, especially since the truth will surface no matter what.”
I wonder if that’s why my day went oddly. People were just weirded out all day long. Oh well, I’m glad the day is over and I can now relax, get something to eat and then go out to shoot some pool with the girls.

So I read that some scientists made water flow uphill….Interesting to say the least!!

Well gotta go eat, read some pages and then get outta here to go to the other side of town to shoot pool.

Until next time…. 😀

caught up in the touch, slow and steady rush

post title brought to you by Faith Hill – Breathe

Have you heard there’s a few more protests today and Friday about the immigration debate stuff…Latin Americans protesting the bill to make being here illegally a felony and then skinheads protesting the protesters …. AND THEN there are some middle class, all-American types protesting the protesters protesting the protesters….so if you stuck with that line of connection – good for you cause I lost it way back at the first protest. So today’s protest is at UNLV…of course our day shift people had to stay over and get their riot gear together in case they are mobilized. And THEN there’s another protest Friday evening at Flamingo and LVBS – they want to impede traffic long enough for the media to arrive. Ummm if they impede traffic….how is the media supposed to get to them? hmmmm

Did I tell you I fixed the Ab Lounge? Sat down last night and took the thing apart and put it all back together again. Fun for me!!! I even tried it out after fixing it…going to be using it again tonight too.

So I mentioned a Dell tech is coming out this weekend? perfect timing!!!! my surgery is scheduled for April 17th and I’ll be laid up for a day or two so that will make it nice and convenient for me to still get onto the internet and read at least… 🙂 woohoo!!! I knew the surgery would get scheduled quick once it got scheduled. If that made sense. I was all nice and calm and ready for this thing and then now that it’s scheduled – I’m nervous as all get out hahaha I’ll be fine by the day of surgery though!

I got my newest Sports Illustrated and I have NO idea if you’ve noticed but I’m a pretty big baseball fan. Particularly the Yankees. Anyway, this issue is all about Baseball season! 61 pages of scouting reports! woooooohoooooo I’m in heaven! I also found out where the major league players are staying this weekend when they are here for Big League Weekend!!! My boss and a few of the LT’s were making fun of me cause as soon as they said “Big League players staying at XXX hotel” my ears perked up and I said “Hey! that’s good to know – thanks!” Even though I really wouldn’t go there to harass them..maybe ogle them or get their autograph…but I got a man so I don’t need to go try to hit on a baseball player….even though I have to say if it was the Yankees – I’d be there everyday this weekend checking em out and drooling hahaha

I ordered some Asian style prints from…they looked so HUGE online, ya know? I get them and they are like 10 x 10. Good God!!!!! they are small compared to #1 – how they looked online and #2 – what I assumed (see what happens when you assume?) SOOOOOO I learned a very valuable lesson – check the size of the pictures before ordering them off line…that way – in case the picture is enlarged (which in this case – they must have been) – I can make an educated decision on whether to spend XXX dollars on them. 🙄

There are a few people I’d like to ask you to pray for….3T over at Stumbling Through Life with Grace is in need of some prayers for her family member. And The Rock Bitch needs some prayers on dealing with something going on with her family. You and your families are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your chin up – you’re strong women and I have faith you will get through this.

Until next time…. 😀

I’ve lived in this place and I know all the faces

post title brought to you by Rascal Flatts – I’m Movin On

Chose this song today cause it reminds me of my recovery and how I felt after I realized I was allowed to be happy, joyous and free – as long as I lived the principles of the program in my daily affairs.

It’s rainy and windy today. I love it. I was able to sit at my desk and watch the rain fall while I was at work. I love it I love it!

There was a protest on the strip today….about 400 students ditched school to protest the immigration stuff going around. If you’ve noticed, I’ve avoided this topic until now. I have a VERY strong opinion about it (like that surprises you!) and I’m not going to voice it. Unfortunately working where I do – I’m limited on what I can say publicly and since a lot of people I work with read this – I’m not going to get myself in trouble over a bunch of illegal immigrants demanding “immigrant rights”.

So chew on this – I’ll tell ya what *I* would do…..If I were to move to a different country…I would do it legally. I would learn the language to the best of my ability BEFORE moving there and then I would apply for a work card so I could work and pay my taxes and bills and then I’d go for citizenship. I know that most immigrants in this country do that – so no one will be upset with me for saying that if I were to move to their country – I’d learn their fucking language at the VERY least and I wouldn’t cross over the border illegally to get to their country. But that’s just me and I’m just saying.

So I got the hotel for next weekend (7th-9th) for me and my friend MH. It’s a kind of a spur of the moment trip but I still can’t wait til August when I go with RC and DS…I got our tickets for the Yankees game in August and I’m still working on tickets for next weekend when they are there in Anaheim.

The weather has played havoc on my sinuses and head today. I’ve gone from stuffed up to feeling good to stuffed up and extremely tired!

It was a good day at work – not much happening (besides the protest) and I got a bit done. Not many distractions – which helps with getting the work done hahaha

So my friend from Down Under – sent me this link from Health&Fitness area…it’s about the different things bodies do…he said that the male readers of this blog would enjoy it more….and after reading – I’d have to agree…it’s a little gross in spots (just the descriptions used) but it is quite funny….so enjoy I hope you enjoy it!

Time to find a new blogthing to take and annoy you guys with! woohoo!!

Until next time…. 😀

So why does there only have to be one correct philosophy?

post title brought to you by Hoobastank – Same Direction

Have you heard their new song…If I Were You? HOLY CRAP!!!! IT ROCKS!!!! then again, in my eyes, Hoobastank could not do any wrong hahaha I love them I love them I love them!!! I’ve been listening to it over and over again. I just love it.

This will be a quick post cause it’s late and I’m tired!!! As you, on Mondays…I bowl….so I went into the evening with a 120 average ….my first game – I started out with a double gutter ball. YIKES! and then I ended that game with a 118 – so I made up for those gutters! My second game kinda sucked and I got a 101 and the third game I did fairly well and over my average – 139….So being the consistent bowler that I am (please note sarcasm here) I should have a 130 average by the end of this bowling league – mid May (?)

Had a fairly unproductive day at work hahaha the morning started out in a frenzy…the person who opens the front office at 8am called in sick….20 minutes before her shift started. Thankfully, the other person that was coming in at 8am is a hard worker and she knew all our systems. Today was her first day at our station … sigh…. Have you ever supervised people and felt like you were babysitting? This goes back to what I said in my 100 things….some of the people I work with get on my nerves I can hardly contain the agitation…I mentioned to someone today (after being hunted down like a dog on my lunch hour for a stupid question) that I feel like an under paid babysitter… I’ll get over it eventually I suppose!

I’m going to the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I mentioned I love the beach? I’m going April 7-9. Should be fun and if I can get tickets to the Yankees games there in Anaheim – I can guarantee you I’m going to one of those games! hahaha I’m also going to be going down there in August with RC and DS…we always do road trips – at least one a year. And we’ll be trying to get tickets to those games as well!

So after putting my Ab Lounge together ass backwards (or as KP says – back asswards) I noticed my wrist was hurting…well today it was REALLY hurting…to the point I could barely do anything with the left hand (have I mentioned I’m left handed?) I looked down at the wrist and there is a big ass bruise right in the middle of my wrist. WTF?!?!?!?! I have no fricking idea how that got there…cause I didn’t hit it on any of the metal stuffs on the Lounge thing… I’m just a train wreck… me TW for short 😛

Until next time…. 😀

life is not tried it is merely survived, if you’re standing outside the fire

post title brought to you by Garth Brooks – Standing Outside the Fire

I just found out my friend from Australia has read my website….hello friend from Australia…hope you’re doing well and will look forward to seeing you when you get back to the States in September or October. 🙂

This post is full of piss n vinegar and I’m cranky (welcome to Sodapop’s PMS)

So I put my Ab Lounge thing together….took me two hours…and it’s ass backwards… 😡

DAMNIT! that means sometime this week – I need to take the piece of shit apart and start over again. This irritates me cause it convinces me that I should not ever try to put shit together. I just need to call someone to come do it for me cause I suck at it. And that pisses me off more…people tell me I should know how to do shit like this…WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!? why should I know how to do this? This is something a man is supposed to do. period. Does that make me old fashioned? so be it….I’m old fashioned. this convinces me that as a woman/girl/lady *I* personally should not HAVE to know how to do this shit and I need a man to do it for me. No shame in that in my opinion. There are certain things men should do and certain things women should do. Party bonus if a woman knows how to do both men and women things. Me? I’m not one of them when it comes to certain things. Give me a book case – I can put it together. Give me something to cook – I could probably do it with a lot of concentration (hahaha)…give me something like this Ab Lounge to put together and forget it! I’m PMS’n and I suppose this was not a good day for me to put that shit together…I was cranky to begin with and I lost my temper a few times (yeah remember when I said in my 100 things I rarely lose my temper? this was one of those rare times!) I hurt my wrists too…good God I’m falling apart! One of those times I feel like I’m 80 years old and falling apart!! OK I’m done bitching and moaning for now…. 🙄

Until next time…. 😀

and it always blows me away, by the power that you hold

post title brought to you by Toby Keith – You Leave Me Weak

I’m in a Toby Keith kinda mood today…..makes me think of someone (you’ll never guess who)…. hope you don’t mind…..and even if ya do – I’m sure you’ll get over it soon hahaha

Food City 500 results – my way…you won’t see the whole unofficial results here…just the ones I care about hahaha

1. Kurt Busch…woohoo!! local boy done good!
5. Bobby Labonte – even tho he’s not Tony’s teammate anymore – he deserves a shout out cause I do like him!
11. Dale Jr
12. Tony Stewart

So my two drivers did not finish in the top 10…but Tony DID lead a lot of the laps today so that helped him in the points department.

Bad boys of the race:

Jeff Gordon
Kyle Busch

Losers of the race:

Jimmy Johnson…guess having Knaus back didn’t help hahaha

Hotties of the race:

Tony Stewart (did you doubt that?)
Dale Jr

I’m watching How Stella Got Her Groove Back on BET (channel 27) … I’ve never seen this movie before but I’ve heard some great things so I thought I’d check it out. It’s actually kind of funny in parts! And I must say Taye Diggs looks good without a shirt hahaha woooweeee did it just get hotter in here?

I finished my laundry, switched my bed around, cleaned the bathroom and then when I took 2 minutes to sit – I realized that I felt like I was being gutted like a fish! I was cramping so bad I was near tears 🙁 put a hot pad thingy on and then took some advil…it did the trick…have not cramped in over an hour….yeeesh! I’m a day early and I didn’t start while I was at work – so I avoided any embarrassing situations there! Thank God! And this whole little mini paragraph (two or three sentences) was just TMI for you, I know….deal with it…you’ll get over it

So my bed…it’s a queen size bed…so not too bad to move, right? uh huh…the head and foot boards are made of cherry wood and four posts. the damn thing is close to 300 pounds…has to be…if not more….so how did I move it myself, you ask? well we have these handy dandy little things called “moving men”…I lifted each side of the bed and put one under each post…then I slid that monstrosity of a bed around until it was where I wanted it to be! then….the not so simple part was taking the moving men out from under the posts…woooweee I think I hurt my left shoulder blade too….

Well I’ve rambled and bored you enough so until next time…. 😀

i even think i saw a flash of light, it felt electricity

post title brought to you by Toby Keith – You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This

So this morning, as I was watching Sportscenter, I saw that there was a crash during practice at the Miami Speedway. IRL racer Paul Dana was killed in the crash. His car hit another car that had crashed against the wall and then Dana’s car was flipped and it landed upside down. Right on top of him. It was a very traumatic crash and I will pray for his family, friends, teammates and anyone that was in his life. Rest in Peace, Paul. I never really got into the Indy Car Racing League….l.but I do know Tony Stewart used to race in that leaque and if memory serves correctly, he wont a championship title there once. He also tends to race in the Indy 500 and the Coca Cola 500 in the same day…he’s done that a few years in a row….but not lately I don’t think.

Today is the Food City 500 from Bristol for NASCAR…I’m watching the broadcast right now. Who am I rooting for? silly question! Tony and Dale Jr of course! It’s time for Tony to step up…this is the 6th or 7th race of the season so it’s time to step up Smoke!!!

I’m working on the laptop right now..its not very comfy…ya know cause it’s not wireless yet so I’m unplugging the dsl from the regular PC and plugging it in here…won’t do this often cause it’s so uncomfortable and I’m whining…anyone got some cheese? hahaha

I am getting ready to go eat some breakfast – get a little energy rolling thru my blood so I can start my laundry and moving the room around. will let ya’ll know how that works out!

Until next time…. 😎

something shot right through me, my heart skipped a beat in time

post title brought to you by Toby Keith – You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This

It’s Sunday…I got my coffee, watching SportsCenter and watched Sports Reporters before this. Only a few things could make this day better: this cold or whatever it is that has been kicking my ass for two weeks could be gone….I could be drinking this coffee and watching ESPN with the Marine….I could still be sleeping….those things would make this day better hahaha

I had read on my brother’s blog about a person in Afghanistan who was going to be executed for converting from Islam to Christianity. Here’s a link for today’s story… the charges/case has been dismissed and the prosecutors are going to investigate some more. I read that he converted 16 years ago…WTF?!?!?! It took them 16 years to find him or what? I’m going to have to read up on this so I know what I’m talking about and I won’t piss anyone off for talking outta my ass hahaha Anyway, read the news article on

There was a shooting in Seattle. At a private party after a zombie rave ..what the hell is a zombie rave? Anyway – some guy shot 6 people and then shot himself when confronted by police. Some people are just nuts and there is no explanation for what they do. None. No one can come in afterwards and say – this is what he/she was thinking. This is their thought process. Just not possible. I’ll pray for all the victim’s and their families. Sad day in Seattle!

OK it’s gettin a little heavy in here…so onto lighter stuff…let me fuss about my laptop….I sure wish they woulda sent someone out this weekend instead of next…but hey, it’s a lesson in patience, right? It’s bugging the shit outta me, but I’ll get over it! hahaha

One of my favorite books of all time is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. No particular reason really…it’s well written, it’s easy to read and it’s very interesting to read the theories that he throws at ya from those pages. Do I believe it’s true? Nope – just think it’s a fabulously entertaining read…I read on a story about him being sued for copyright infringement. Someone is saying that he stole his ideas from a previous book called Holy Blood, Holy Grail. So the media unearthed this document and they are calling it the Dan Brown Code. I guess it has a lot of memoir type stuff in there about Dan Brown.

Did you read that Buck Owens passed away? How sad is that? He was my favorite on Hee Haw!!! Rest in Peace, Buck.

Now I’m watching Mysteries of the Bible on the biography channel. I love this show. I learn something new almost every time I watch it! Today I’m not leaving the house – going to do laundry, change my sheets and I’m thinking of rearranging my bedroom…I just have to figure out how I want it to be before taking that huge task on hahaha Only things I’ll move tho are the bed, nightstand and book shelf. The dresser is entirely too big for me to move as well as the chest of drawers…too big…too heavy…can’t do it! I need to find a spot to put my Ab Lounge that I bought and currently there is not a spot in my room to do that….so it’s time to find that spot and then make the room for it 🙂

I think I might unplug the computer here and plug in the lap top too…just for shits n giggles…haha maybe play some games or something..

Until next time… 😀

show me what it’s like to be the last one standing

post title brought to you by Nickelback – Savin’ Me

Hey! I’m back! I just got home about 10 minutes ago…..changed…Josie…the little thing…love her to death…got up onto my computer desk somehow and moved my half filled cup of orange juice out to the living room carpet and then proceeded to drop it…there’s not a drop on the carpet anywhere else…just right in front of the TV…she was hiding when I came home so I knew she did something wrong as soon as I walked in the door….as soon as I saw it I yelled at her to stay wherever she was…cause I wanted to beat her ass…..sigh….still do….ran outta spot shot while trying to clean it up so that means I have to put some shoes on and go to the store to get more 🙄

The party was OK – we are leaving it open for a few days so we can get some outside orders, but I think the hostess will be able to get all her specials and the 25% of the total in credit. We’ll see! hahaha It’s kind of nice to have a hostess who had a hockey game to go too after the game – that way it couldn’t run way over time so I was outta there by 515 🙂 love it when a plan comes together! I had wanted to be home by 6pm and I was! woohoo

I’m now sitting here trying to decide what I want to eat…and since I have to go to the store to get more spot shot…I might stop and pick something up while I’m out and about…this is irritating to me! I can’t believe the little shit did that…I’d love to have seen her carry that cup outta this office and into the living room…I wonder how she did that. is trying to explain men’s weird behavior again…hasn’t anyone told them that’s just not possible? It’s like someone trying to explain a woman’s behavior. Ya just can’t do it…stop trying…why bother? Just accept the fact they are different from us and we’re good! sheeesh here’s what the article says….you know where my commentary will be found! I didn’t list them all, but if you want to see them all and MSN’s answers to these questions….click here.

1. Why he won’t stop and ask for directions? (Well that’s easy…cause they never get lost and if they can’t find it themselves then it doesn’t exist and the person who gave them directions was wrong….)

2. Why is he obsessed with the Discovery Channel? (well cause that channel rocks…didn’t you know that???)

3. Why does he love quickies so much? (hahahaha does this REALLY have to be explained to people? sheeeeesh)

4. Why can’t he be bothered to wrap a present? (that’s what gift bags are for man!!!)

5. Why can’t he throw out those junky T-shirts from college(or the Marine Corps?) (sentimental value! and sometimes those old junky Tshirts look hot on him!)

6. Why does he call his friends by rude nicknames? (cause it’s funny?)

7. Why does he suck at chitchatting on the phone? (hmmm not all men suck at chitchatting…the ones that do…well cause they don’t like to talk like we women do)

8. Why does he always think it is 20 degrees hotter than it really is? (his body generates more heat than mine…and depending on what guy it is, it could just be that he’s HOTT)

9. Why does he get jealous about a boyfriend from seventh grade? (same reason you get jealous of any of his exes……unexplained human emotion called jealousy…get used to it!)

Until next time…. 😀