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show me what it’s like to be the last one standing

post title brought to you by Nickelback – Savin’ Me

Hey! I’m back! I just got home about 10 minutes ago…..changed…Josie…the little thing…love her to death…got up onto my computer desk somehow and moved my half filled cup of orange juice out to the living room carpet and then proceeded to drop it…there’s not a drop on the carpet anywhere else…just right in front of the TV…she was hiding when I came home so I knew she did something wrong as soon as I walked in the door….as soon as I saw it I yelled at her to stay wherever she was…cause I wanted to beat her ass…..sigh….still do….ran outta spot shot while trying to clean it up so that means I have to put some shoes on and go to the store to get more 🙄

The party was OK – we are leaving it open for a few days so we can get some outside orders, but I think the hostess will be able to get all her specials and the 25% of the total in credit. We’ll see! hahaha It’s kind of nice to have a hostess who had a hockey game to go too after the game – that way it couldn’t run way over time so I was outta there by 515 🙂 love it when a plan comes together! I had wanted to be home by 6pm and I was! woohoo

I’m now sitting here trying to decide what I want to eat…and since I have to go to the store to get more spot shot…I might stop and pick something up while I’m out and about…this is irritating to me! I can’t believe the little shit did that…I’d love to have seen her carry that cup outta this office and into the living room…I wonder how she did that. is trying to explain men’s weird behavior again…hasn’t anyone told them that’s just not possible? It’s like someone trying to explain a woman’s behavior. Ya just can’t do it…stop trying…why bother? Just accept the fact they are different from us and we’re good! sheeesh here’s what the article says….you know where my commentary will be found! I didn’t list them all, but if you want to see them all and MSN’s answers to these questions….click here.

1. Why he won’t stop and ask for directions? (Well that’s easy…cause they never get lost and if they can’t find it themselves then it doesn’t exist and the person who gave them directions was wrong….)

2. Why is he obsessed with the Discovery Channel? (well cause that channel rocks…didn’t you know that???)

3. Why does he love quickies so much? (hahahaha does this REALLY have to be explained to people? sheeeeesh)

4. Why can’t he be bothered to wrap a present? (that’s what gift bags are for man!!!)

5. Why can’t he throw out those junky T-shirts from college(or the Marine Corps?) (sentimental value! and sometimes those old junky Tshirts look hot on him!)

6. Why does he call his friends by rude nicknames? (cause it’s funny?)

7. Why does he suck at chitchatting on the phone? (hmmm not all men suck at chitchatting…the ones that do…well cause they don’t like to talk like we women do)

8. Why does he always think it is 20 degrees hotter than it really is? (his body generates more heat than mine…and depending on what guy it is, it could just be that he’s HOTT)

9. Why does he get jealous about a boyfriend from seventh grade? (same reason you get jealous of any of his exes……unexplained human emotion called jealousy…get used to it!)

Until next time…. 😀

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