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I’ve lived in this place and I know all the faces

post title brought to you by Rascal Flatts – I’m Movin On

Chose this song today cause it reminds me of my recovery and how I felt after I realized I was allowed to be happy, joyous and free – as long as I lived the principles of the program in my daily affairs.

It’s rainy and windy today. I love it. I was able to sit at my desk and watch the rain fall while I was at work. I love it I love it!

There was a protest on the strip today….about 400 students ditched school to protest the immigration stuff going around. If you’ve noticed, I’ve avoided this topic until now. I have a VERY strong opinion about it (like that surprises you!) and I’m not going to voice it. Unfortunately working where I do – I’m limited on what I can say publicly and since a lot of people I work with read this – I’m not going to get myself in trouble over a bunch of illegal immigrants demanding “immigrant rights”.

So chew on this – I’ll tell ya what *I* would do…..If I were to move to a different country…I would do it legally. I would learn the language to the best of my ability BEFORE moving there and then I would apply for a work card so I could work and pay my taxes and bills and then I’d go for citizenship. I know that most immigrants in this country do that – so no one will be upset with me for saying that if I were to move to their country – I’d learn their fucking language at the VERY least and I wouldn’t cross over the border illegally to get to their country. But that’s just me and I’m just saying.

So I got the hotel for next weekend (7th-9th) for me and my friend MH. It’s a kind of a spur of the moment trip but I still can’t wait til August when I go with RC and DS…I got our tickets for the Yankees game in August and I’m still working on tickets for next weekend when they are there in Anaheim.

The weather has played havoc on my sinuses and head today. I’ve gone from stuffed up to feeling good to stuffed up and extremely tired!

It was a good day at work – not much happening (besides the protest) and I got a bit done. Not many distractions – which helps with getting the work done hahaha

So my friend from Down Under – sent me this link from Health&Fitness area…it’s about the different things bodies do…he said that the male readers of this blog would enjoy it more….and after reading – I’d have to agree…it’s a little gross in spots (just the descriptions used) but it is quite funny….so enjoy I hope you enjoy it!

Time to find a new blogthing to take and annoy you guys with! woohoo!!

Until next time…. 😀

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