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post title brought to you by Faith Hill – Breathe

Have you heard there’s a few more protests today and Friday about the immigration debate stuff…Latin Americans protesting the bill to make being here illegally a felony and then skinheads protesting the protesters …. AND THEN there are some middle class, all-American types protesting the protesters protesting the protesters….so if you stuck with that line of connection – good for you cause I lost it way back at the first protest. So today’s protest is at UNLV…of course our day shift people had to stay over and get their riot gear together in case they are mobilized. And THEN there’s another protest Friday evening at Flamingo and LVBS – they want to impede traffic long enough for the media to arrive. Ummm if they impede traffic….how is the media supposed to get to them? hmmmm

Did I tell you I fixed the Ab Lounge? Sat down last night and took the thing apart and put it all back together again. Fun for me!!! I even tried it out after fixing it…going to be using it again tonight too.

So I mentioned a Dell tech is coming out this weekend? perfect timing!!!! my surgery is scheduled for April 17th and I’ll be laid up for a day or two so that will make it nice and convenient for me to still get onto the internet and read at least… 🙂 woohoo!!! I knew the surgery would get scheduled quick once it got scheduled. If that made sense. I was all nice and calm and ready for this thing and then now that it’s scheduled – I’m nervous as all get out hahaha I’ll be fine by the day of surgery though!

I got my newest Sports Illustrated and I have NO idea if you’ve noticed but I’m a pretty big baseball fan. Particularly the Yankees. Anyway, this issue is all about Baseball season! 61 pages of scouting reports! woooooohoooooo I’m in heaven! I also found out where the major league players are staying this weekend when they are here for Big League Weekend!!! My boss and a few of the LT’s were making fun of me cause as soon as they said “Big League players staying at XXX hotel” my ears perked up and I said “Hey! that’s good to know – thanks!” Even though I really wouldn’t go there to harass them..maybe ogle them or get their autograph…but I got a man so I don’t need to go try to hit on a baseball player….even though I have to say if it was the Yankees – I’d be there everyday this weekend checking em out and drooling hahaha

I ordered some Asian style prints from…they looked so HUGE online, ya know? I get them and they are like 10 x 10. Good God!!!!! they are small compared to #1 – how they looked online and #2 – what I assumed (see what happens when you assume?) SOOOOOO I learned a very valuable lesson – check the size of the pictures before ordering them off line…that way – in case the picture is enlarged (which in this case – they must have been) – I can make an educated decision on whether to spend XXX dollars on them. 🙄

There are a few people I’d like to ask you to pray for….3T over at Stumbling Through Life with Grace is in need of some prayers for her family member. And The Rock Bitch needs some prayers on dealing with something going on with her family. You and your families are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your chin up – you’re strong women and I have faith you will get through this.

Until next time…. 😀

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