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Archive for April, 2006

I am not afraid, so bring on the rain

Since my last post at 4:42 p.m., it seems that a thunderstorm has developed at the back of my house. I say the back cause I went out back and it’s windy as shit, raining hard. I go to the front of my house and the sun is shining and there’s no rain….However….while I was out front, it did start raining out there haha it was the funniest thing! The first few pictures are from when I first went outside and the next few are just a few minutes ago – during the storm. Loving it!

I love thunderstorms and I love the rain….going to go watch the rain now hahaha

Until next time…. 😛

got a big leather suitcase

Who knew that TVLand was having a 48 hour Miami Vice marathon? hahaha I used to LOVE LOVE love this show! Don Johnson back in the day was one hot man. woooweeee. I’ve seen some episodes I never saw before so I’m quite happy.

The Yankees won 4 to 1 today, that’s a good thing 🙂 So uhhh….the Yankees are 13 and 10 on the season…while Boston is 14 and 11. They must have played two more games than the Yankees have so far. And I’m a little confused on the actual standings (as sporty as I am – I’m still a girl so forgive me all you sports freaks)…. Do they do it by the losses? So since the Yankees have lost less games than Boston – that would put them in first? Hmmm I’ll figure this shit out eventually hahaha Yankees are in Boston starting tomorrow. Should be an interesting series – usually is when those two teams are playing each other.

My Josie has been laying right next to me, laying half her body on part of my laptop hahaha I keep having to push her head off the keyboard of the laptop. She’s so cute though it’s hard to get fussy with her when she is like this. She’s just curled up right next to me, sleeping.

I went outside a little bit ago to let her out and I noticed it was a little humid. So…we have like 95 degrees and 30% humidity. For those who don’t live here? Trust me when I say ANY amount of humidity is like a death sentence for this town when it’s over 90 degrees. It becomes suppressive at times. I snapped a few photos of the clouds while I was out there. I’ll download them later onto when I feel like it. I’m just not feeling like downloading them off the camera and then onto flickr. I’m feeling impatient today so I’m trying not to do anything that will make me wait for any significant amount of time haha

I started my laundry earlier…yeah, that would be the laundry I have NOT done since before surgery hahaha I got the clothes done now I’m going to start on the linens and towels and such. *sigh* At least I’ll get it done before going back to work tomorrow. Should be a fun filled week, we have a bunch of changes coming on the 6th so I have to hammer out all the details between now and Wednesday or Thursday. Along with all my other work. My 3rd thru 8th arm will be emerging to help me do this amount of work that I have.

So we should be signing the refi paperwork next week sometime. We are going to have some extra – but not enough for a pool. Which is fine with me, it was something I “wanted” but I wasn’t counting on it. So with the money we will be able to pay some of our bills AND get a new air conditioner unit AND landscape the backyard and front yard to our liking. Mom is going to find the CCR’s for me so I can start making contact with the HOA to figure out what we can and can not do in either yard. It will be my first interaction with the HOA except to pay the monthly fees. I’m hoping it’s a positive experience cause I’ve heard some horror stories about some HOA’s and I’m just not looking forward to fighting with them over something like this.

Once all that is said and done, I will have some extra $ so it’s time to decide what I want to do .. I need some ideas on vacation spots. I’m leaning towards a beach somewhere…but if I get a great idea (basically a hair up my ass) I’ll go somewhere else hahaha And I don’t want anywhere in California cause I can always go there on the weekends – only 4 hours away. I’m looking for a little farther from home….
What are your favorite vacation spots around the country? Or even out of the country?

Until next time …. 😛

I’m not afraid to tell you how I feel about you

Comparing apples and oranges. How can one do this? Well let’s see….you can say that sports athletes are cry babies cause you get shot at on a daily basis in your line of work and all they do is “pull a finger”. So one must sit and wonder, how egotistical can one be? Right? I had this conversation with someone today that I met in one of the law enforcement chat rooms on Yahoo chat. This person HATES sports. With a passion. Anyone who has spoken to me for five minutes or less knows that I’m a HUGE sports fan. I love sports. So this person told me today that they can not stand sports and think that the athletes are big whiny babies. So then he made the above comparison, that this person gets shot at daily and doesn’t get paid jack shit while the sports athlete pulls a finger and gets paid millions of dollars. So I pointed out Joe Theisman getting his leg bent backwards with the bone sticking out. I pointed out Taylor’s neck/back injuries. I pointed out all the other injuries a sports athlete can get and this guy laughed at me. L.A.U.G.H.E.D. at me. So I told him he’s entitled to his opinion and we need to change the subject cause all he was doing was trying to piss me off (actually he DID piss me off). So then we agreed to not talk sports anymore….and then he goes and tells me I need a life cause if all I can do is find sports to watch – I’m boring or some shit like that. At this point, I’m paraphrasing cause I’m pissed off. P.I.S.S.E.D. off. I don’t give a flying fuck that this guy doesn’t like sports. Who cares? So why is it so important that *I* do like sports? He seems to just rag on it … ALL THE TIME. Here’s my thoughts on this: acceptance is a beautiful thing. I can accept the fact that this guy doesn’t like sports (personally? I think he’s gay if he doesn’t like sports of any kind). Anyway, so he doesn’t like sports. Who cares? I certainly don’t. And I certainly won’t be making fun of him or poking jokes at him for not liking sports. So anyway, he compared being a sports athlete to being a cop. WTF?!?! is that? So at one point he said that athletes are egotistical …. I laughed at him and said “and cops aren’t?” I work with 116 of them…they are all egotistical and think their shit don’t stink at some point or another.

Onto lighter things! I slept wonderfully! I didn’t even have any of those disturbing dreams….if I did…I don’t remember! So there was nothing to put in my dream journal this morning when I woke up. I wonder if that means I’ve worked through whatever it is my mind was trying to work through? Hmmmm dunno. I have to say I love sleep and laughter. Amazing how healing both can be for me.

The NFL draft is on again today. I’m watching part of it until the Yankees/Blue Jays game comes on at 10am. I just went to two websites to check the status of both Sheffield and Hillenbrand and there is nothing listed…Hillenbrand had a CAT scan as a precautionary measure…that’s where they left it…Shef is day to day…that’s where they left that. Maybe there will be more during the game. We’ll see 🙂

Until next time…. 😛

you say I only hear what I want too

Earlier today, before I left to go get my hair done, I was watching the Yankees game….yeah, yeah I know Vinny – blech 😉 Anyway, the score was 9 to 6 at the time…Sheffield hit a single and was running to first base….he collided with Hillenbrand of the Blue Jays….they were both removed from the game …Sheffield has a contusion (WTF is that?) on his left wrist and his knee…Hillenbrand suffered some kind of injury to the back of his head (he was kicked/kneed by Sheff during the collision)…. Sheffield is day to day right now….I’ll be checking on the Blue Jays guy tomorrow. Here’s the story from

There was a degree of relief in the Yankees’ clubhouse after their 17-6 win over Toronto at Yankee Stadium on Saturday. An injury to right fielder Gary Sheffield in the fifth inning didn’t appear to be serious.
“His wrist is a little sore,” Yankees manager Joe Torre said, adding that the veteran slugger is day-to-day and might even be ready to face Toronto on Sunday. “So we’ll have to see how that is tomorrow. He had the wind knocked out of him.”

Sheffield suffered a contusion on his left wrist and another on his right knee after colliding with Blue Jays first baseman Shea Hillenbrand while running out a bases-loaded single. Both players had to leave the game and Hillenbrand suffered an injury to the back of his head and was sent for a CAT Scan.

Sheffield was running out a bases-loaded single to the right side of the infield in the fifth inning when the collision took place. A throw from Toronto second baseman Aaron Hill caused Hillenbrand to lean over and reach for the ball toward the foul line. The upper right portion of Sheffield’s body became entangled with Hillenbrand’s left leg and both players crashed to the dirt.

“So far he says he’s all right,” said Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi, who talked to Sheffield after the game. “I don’t know what the X-rays or anything else said, but he said he feels all right. So that’s big for us.”

Sheffield picked up two RBIs on the hit.

Until next time…. 😛

Yes, but why is the rum gone?

“They give ya cash…which is just as good as money.” OK…I laugh my ass off each time I see this commercial…it’s an AFLAC commercial and Yogi Berra is getting his hair cut there at the barber shop and he makes that statement near the end of the commercial. It’s so stupid it’s funny and it got me thinking about stupid shit that I say sometimes.

Have you ever wondered who your Celebrity Love Match would be? I found this quiz on Pointless Drivel (one of my favorite new reads). My celebrity match? L.O.V.E. him!!! My other matches were Samuel L. Jackson (love him!) John Travolta (woohoo!) and Dave Matthews (WTF?) Here’s my match:

I’m watching the Yankees game now. I got irritated with the NFL Draft cause Matt Leinart got Arizona Cardinals. WTF?!?!?!? Oakland had a shot but chose a safety instead. What the hell? Leinart is an awesome quarterback and it just irritated the shit outta me that he got stuck with Arizona. Hopefully, with his talent and maybe added onto the talent of the trainers and coaches and such, he will help turn Arizona around. I might even look into going down there for a football game…just so I can see him play. I’ll log onto ESPN later and find out the whole draft results and maybe post some commentary at a later time. Right now, I’m enjoying this high scoring game of the Yankees/Blue Jays…it’s right now 9 to 6 bottom of the 5th. Yankees have one on and one out with Bernie Williams at the bat.

Today….I’m getting my hair done at 2pm and I have a meeting at 6pm. Looking forward to both. I’m going to talk to my hair dresser about perms. I’m tired of spending 20 minutes drying my hair. Sometimes 30 minutes…depending on the way I’m styling it. I have so much fricking hair it’s amazing. If I perm it, I would not have to worry about blow drying…at all….ever…unless I got a wild hair up my ass and wanted to straighten it. I dunno, something for me to decide. Damnit I hate decisions. Don’t you know that Libras are HORRIBLY indecisive. Actually, for the most part, I’m very decisive. Just on piddly shit on how I’m going to do my hair makes me quiver with indecisiveness.

So my dreams have not been as disturbing the last few nights as they had been for two weeks. That’s a good thing, right!? I’ve decided that starting tonight, I’m going to start to keep a dream journal. Next to my bed so when I wake up either in the middle of the night or in the morning, I can write down immediately what I remember from my dreams. As undisturbing as they have been the last few nights, they’ve still been odd. Dreaming of people I haven’t seen or talked to in ages or dreaming of people I work with – that I have no interactioin with.

Until next time…. 😛

take what’s left of me

I got the bill from Shell/Texaco yesterday….I held my breath and I opened it….almost $200 for one month’s gas!!! HOLY CRAP! I looked at it and 2 of those fill ups were from when I was in California…total $50.62…so realistically speaking – It was still only $150. too much in my eyes, but what am I gonna do? Not pay it? Yeah, not an option really. It’s disgusting really

I got my Site Meter up and running and I was checking it out this morning. I haven’t had a lot of visitors since I installed it and that’s OK…but in the last 12 hours since I installed it? Google has referred me three times for foot fetish word searches. HUH? At first I was like “what the hell is that for?” and then I remembered I put in my last post about Foot Fetish Friday … so there you have the word play on that haha A lot of people google song lyrics I’ve noticed so I have a few of those on there too, since I put song lyrics in the post titles. Interesting stuff on these stats hahaha

OK, so I read on an article called 10 Things All Single People Should Do. So…if you are single….make sure you do these 10 things….

1. Travel alone.
Whether youre trying to find your way through the Paris Metro or the London Underground, haggling over a painting in Mexico or choosing where to bed down in the Badlands, traveling by yourself builds a confidence you simply cant get any other way. In an unfamiliar place, you have to make decisions by yourself, for yourself every day, which will build a self-reliance youll always treasureeven when you become part of a twosome. (I’ve done this! I wandered New York City by myself on several occassions!!! My friend I was staying with had to work so I just wandered everywhere! took the subway a few times, went to Times Square, went to Yankee Stadium, Rockefeller Center….I LOVED it!)

2. Wallow in the ache of a broken heart.
Oh, the pain. The agony. The pints of Ben & Jerrys in front of the cable TV. Yep, getting dumped is beyond awful, but guess what? It’s the only way that you’ll develop the empathy you’ll need to be a better partner in a relationship. Because if you’re sensitive to the grief someone else has caused you, you’re less likely to do the same to anyone else. So, consider this painful milestone a lesson in karma that’ll serve you well as you travel through your dating days. (yeah…I’ve done this one too…hated it…but I wallowed hhaha)

3. Spend a weekend with a married couple your age.
On lonely nights, its common for single folk to envision marriage as a cozy scene from a J. Crew catalog. But spend 48 hours with a real couple and youll learn that in between the snuggling and pet names comes growling, bickering, silent treatments and maybe even a slammed door or two before they ultimately compromise. It will show you what married life is like, warts and all, so you wont over-idealize the two-becomes-one phenomenon again. (well if I felt that marriage was a cozy scene, I’d feel that way…I’m quite content not being married, thank you very much…I may want to get married in the years to come…but now? no thanks! too much drama for me….not all single people WANT to be married or even feel that “twinge” of wanting to be married)

4. Dont come home all night.
That’s right, wild thing. Crash on a friend’s couch, take your friends up on that offer of a last-minute trip… Once you have a mate, you can’t just take off on your own without explanation. And, truthfully, you won’t want to. So if you don’t have someone you have to call and check in with every few hours, take this opportunity to check out! (ahhh yes I’ve done this before too!)

5. Stand up for a cause you care about.
Whether you volunteer to help register voters for the next election (why not start early?) or convince your neighborhood or apartment complex to start recycling, get fired up over an issue while you have the time to devote to it. It will remind you that while, yes, finding your soul mate is pretty darn important, there are other issues at stake in the world that could use your help. And besides, the big-heartedness youll be cultivating is very attractive. (hmmm I’m looking back on my life and I do believe I have done this before….I get fired up over a lot of issues, but I doubt that’s what they are talking about hahaha)

6. Have a real adventure.
Learn to fly a plane, surf some big waves, or start your own business. Give yourself a high by doing something just for you, just for the experience without having someone at home worrying about you or nagging you not to. Oh, and one more gift with purchase: Think about how much fun you’ll have telling your next date about your daring experience. (hmmm no, haven’t done this…may have to look into it tho!)

7. Learn how to take care of yourself.
Being solo should’nt keep you from cooking for yourself, so learn how to make an impressive meal for one (even if its mac and cheese with your own three-cheese spin). While you’re at it, learn how to back up your computer hard drive and sew on replacement buttons. Youll feel strong and self-sufficientand you’ll be well armed with skills to share when you are in a relationship. (Sometimes I think I’m too good at this one haha)

8. Buy something hugely impractical just because you love it.
Once you’re in a relationship, you’ll start thinking about your partner before you purchase pricey items not just “Will he or she hate it?” but “Is this where I want to be putting my money if we’re saving for a wedding?” The single life means a single bank account and an excuse to blow a wad of cash without (some of the) guilt. So, make yourself happy and buy something you crave, whether its an expensive vintage movie poster or a macked-out mountain bike. (Oh I think I’m entirely too good at this…but I have to say there’s a trend here – they make it seem that all single people are moving towards marriage. why is that?)

9. Develop a hobby.
Learn to woodwork, play acoustic guitar, speak French, DJ on turntables, or make digital short films for fun. Of course you can (and should) still have hobbies when youre dating someone, but your solo time is prime time to devote yourself to something that makes life more interesting for you and makes you more interesting to others. (Does learning about the blogosphere count as a hobby? It seems to take up most of my time when I’m away from work nowadays)

10. Be completely, utterly, wholly single for at least three months.
Hop-scotching from one relationship to the next can do you a disservice. Why? Because youre never more ripe for self-reflection than when you’re on your own and the more you know yourself, the more likely you are to find someone who’s right for the real you. (Yeah…have done this a lot….)

Until next time…. 😛

GDF or FFF – decisions, decisions

So I was trying to decide which Friday to participate in….either Get Drunk Friday (that’s where we get drunk and blog while drunk…) OK – so I only had one glass of wine…maybe I should have another – then I might have more to say hahaha Oh, Foot Fetish Friday. I didn’t feel like taking another picture so here is that picture I took on Sunday when I shopped my ass off 🙂

I have had nothing to say…most of the day….I’ve not really talked to anyone but my mom, TB and KP … KP caused he called me. TB cause I called her. I went to the office today to pick something up and I didn’t even really talk to the coworkers who were there. Why? I’m feeling very “quiet”. I have found when I have a lot of shit going through my head (like I posted about yesterday) I get very quiet. I like to talk about my problem with a few select people and then shut up and let it happen. In the transition time from being talkative to being ready to just let the situation unfold naturally, I go thru a phase where on the outside I’m calm and quiet and on the inside, I’m still battling with whatever it is going on. So I shut up. I get quiet about the situation and I do not bring it up. In order for me to not bring it up, I need to not talk to certain people in my life. Nothing against them. At all, I love them all very much. But currently? I’m not ready to rehash and rehash what’s going on inside my head. Only serves to make my blood pressure go up and make me want to run and hide.

On a lighter note, I got a site counter/stat thing put on my blog today. Figured that shit out myself, thank you very much. hahaha It’s starting today and so it’s already recorded my two visits back to my page hahaha I’m silly like that, I’ll visit a page several times a day, looking for new posts or new comments. I sometimes lurk on blogs, where I don’t comment. Ever. E.V.E.R. Maybe I’ll just start commenting on stuff…who knows…maybe when I’m feeling like not being quiet 🙂

Until next time…. 😛

Hey Boston? Watch out! Here they come!!

So I’m watching Sportscenter. What’s new. I went to to see what time the game starts and then looked at the Extra Innings channels to see what channel the game is on and guess what? I’m screwed out of a Yankees game tonight. That irritates the shit outta me. I pay a lot of money to get all the Yankees games and I sucked it up when they blacked out the west coast team games cause they claim us as their market. But they are playing Toronto tonight, why is that one not on? *sigh* I’ll just have to get Gameday going and watch another game on TV.

Boston…they are coming after ya. One game behind….Boston is 13 and 9 and the Yankees are 11 and 9. 1st and 2nd. What’s new with that? Absolutely nothing. New York and Boston are always running 1st and 2nd it seems like hahaha The talent on both teams is comparable and I think it’s going to be an interesting season 🙂

Here’s a few pictures to either drool over or print and throw darts at hahahah

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez while playing for Team USA

Gary Sheffield. Can you say yummy?

Until next time…. 😛

Sports Illustrated and nets.

I’m sure there’s all kinds of stuff I could talk about from the latest issue of Sports Illustrated (SI). SI comes weekly to my mailbox. I got it today. For years, the first thing I do with that SI is go to the back and read Rick Reilly’s column. He’s an incredible writer and there have been many times I’ve laughed and many times I’ve cried while reading his article. This week? It’s about nets. Not basketball nets, not tennis court nets, not even the New Jersey Nets. It’s about mosquito nets. Mosquito nets? In an issue of SI? WTF? So being the curious type of person I am, I read the article. From top to bottom. Twice. The obsessive compulsive part of me coming out hahaha

Rick Reilly has never asked for anything that I have seen in his columns. Never. He’s asking this time.

“….nearly 3,000 kids die every day in Africa from malaria. According to the World Health Organization, transmission of the disease would be reduced by 60% with the use of mosquito nets and prompt treatement for the infected. Three thousand kids! That’s a 9/11 everyday”

That’s a direct quote from his article. Rick Reilly is asking all of us sports fans to go to the website of the UNFoundation. It costs approximately $10 for one net. That one net would cover a family of four and would last four years. Per the website and per Rick’s article, if that’s four kids covered by a net – four kids live that day. We can all do the math on how that would work out and such.

Take this post for what it’s worth – making you aware of something that is definitely an epidemic and hopefully can be stopped. Rick’s donated $20,000 already to “Nothing but Nets.” If you go to the above website, you’ll see the spot to click for Sports Illustrated’s Nothing But Nets. So I’m sure we’ve all figured out what Rick is asking….he asks in his article that each of us donate $20. That’s two nets. Possibly 8 kids living for another day. In this article he says “If you have ever gotten a thrill by throwing, kicking, knocking, dunking, slamming, putting up, cutting down or jumping over a net, please go to” the website I listed above “and donate $20. BANG! You might have just saved a kids life.” I did. My day is done – I’m going to go enjoy a glass of wine now.

All of the listed information was taken from Rick Reilly’s “Nothing But Nets” article in the latest Sports Illustrated and from the UN Foundation website.

Thanks for reading this!

Until next time…. 😀

she gets the top bunk and I’m sleeping on the floor

Have you sat there for hours searching for something to post on your blog? Have you wondered how detailed you should be about your personal life? Should you talk about your love life? Should you talk about your interactions with people and specifically get into it on the post? Should you name your friends by name? Should you name your boyfriend (or girlfriend or spouse) by name? Should you get into details about what goes on inside your head and home and work and be OK with it? When I started this blog, I decided that no one of my living friends would be mentioned by name – unless by accident. I would use their initials or think up a nickname for them. And I’ve stuck to that. Most of my friends read this blog so they know who I’m talking about when I mention certain people. the Marine, RC, MH, etc etc. There have been a few people at work call me and say “hey, I found this on the internet…..” and it turned out to be this blog. I don’t mind people knowing who I am and I don’t mind people knowing who my friends are. I just wonder how detailed I should get. And I think I’m quite happy with the detail I put into this blog so I won’t be changing the format of that anytime soon.

I’ve been home since about 2pm this afternoon. My class got out at 1:30pm and I came straight home. I have since not moved off my couch, but to go potty and go outside for a cigarette. Oh, and I opened the box I had waiting for me. My I-Pod and a book I ordered were in there. I have a lot of shit going around inside my head and I struggle with the decision on whether to post about it specifically. I’ve always believed that if I’m questioning doing something – it’s not the right thing for me to do. Now…if I could just follow my own fucking advice…I’ve been struggling with a decision that I have to make concerning someone in my life. I’ve procrastinated about making that decision. I’ve tried praying, putting it in my God box AND I’ve tried talking about it to all my friends. I’ve heard all sides of the equation. I’ve heard opinions from “get the fuck out of it” to “maybe you need to give it a little more time to work itself out.” What have I done? I’ve sat and I’ve waited. I’ve waited for this person to do something. This reminds me of the song by Staind – Right Here. So instead of actually forcing myself to make a decision…I’ve done nothing. Sometimes I wonder if that’s a choice in and of itself. If I do nothing, am I making a choice? If I sit and I wait to see what happens, how much do I let myself put up with? What was that? Of course we haven’t talked about it. Are you crazy? Then I’d REALLY have to deal with the shit hahaha this person has enough shit going on in their life to where they don’t need to deal with my neurotic bullshit. Or is it really bullshit? So again, I sit and wait for this person to tell me what the fuck is going on. Will they? Who knows. Maybe if they do – I’ll blog about it.

So….instead of making myself deal with what’s been going on, I’ve been “comfort” shopping…It started (where I noticed it) right before my surgery. The week before the surgery as a matter of fact. Ever since MH and I got back from California. I can pinpoint the day and the time it started. Sunday the 9th, after we got home and I dropped her off at home, I went online. I ordered something. Two days later, I ordered more stuff. Clothes, lingerie, shoes, books, an I-Pod. The first book I ordered was Breakthrough Dreaming: How to Tap The Power of your 24 hour Mind. This was (justified in my head) to help me figure out my disturbing dreams I had started having the week before my California trip. I then purchased a cute little babydoll top from Victoria’s Secret. I ordered some Antonio Melani shoes. I then ordered a book by Laurel K. Hamilton – the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. I also pre-ordered the next one in the series. I ordered an I-Pod too – those three/four things came from I’m currently waiting for something from The Body Shop At Home – from that facial party I had. OH and let’s not forget all that money I spent at Target last weekend when I forgot to get the body wash I needed, but managed to spend quite a bit of money on shoes and a DVD I don’t really fucking need.

Financially, I can afford the payments on the credit cards. But I worked hard to get it to where I did not owe all that much on those God forsaken things and now…here I am – slowly building it back up…Nowhere close to the limits, but the pattern and the behavior will lead me there. Now that I’ve called it out – maybe I can nip this shit in the bud and force myself to deal with whatever is really going on inside of me and I can stop trying to comfort myself and make myself feel better by shopping…

On that note, I’m going to the iTunes store to fill up my new iPod. Go ahead and laugh, it’s OK cause I am laughing my ass off for typing that and I refuse to remove it cause that’s exactly where I’m going…to buy more music for my iPod Nano.

Until next time…. 😛