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Archive for May, 2006

I would do it all again, I just want you to know

I had lunch today with an old friend (see previous post about Myspace). Went to a cute little bar and grill type place that happens to be right around the corner from where I work. How cool is that? They had really good food too, so that makes it a bonus!

Had a great time with my friend. We have not seen each other in many years (I am not going to even try to guess how long it’s been). I had forgotten how much I enjoy his company. He makes me laugh. I like to laugh.

I’m watching ESPN right now, cause the Yankees are supposed to be playing the Tigers but it’s rained out. Tino Martinez is an announcer on here now. Or they are just interviewing him. For those non-Yankees fans, Tino Martinez was the 1st baseman before Jason Giambi. He went back to the Yankees for his last year in baseball and then he retired.

Since signing up with Myspace, I’ve gotten into contact with 4 people from Multicomm days and I’ve sent messages to like 4 others. Nail girl is from these multicomm days too, so I need to let her know about that myspace thing.

It’s sometimes odd looking at my old friends and talking to them. I look back at all the decisions I’ve made to get to where I’m at today. My friend (Nando) that I had lunch with today remembers when I was just beginning my gambling days. He remembers the denial phase. OK what’s odd about that, right? Well, I joined GA in 2001. The last time we hung out where we would talk about anything was around 1994 or 1995. That’s how odd it is. Yet, at the same time it seems quite normal cause he seems to remember everything. Yeah, that’s what I said.

He’s much like my brother that way, they remember e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. from way back then. I barely remember some of the people. Very few people do I remember clearly. We hung out for years and yet now, it seems like it was just one little blurb of my life.

Until next time…. 😛

Simple or true

A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator
and helps himself (and doesn’t feel even the least bit weird shutting your ‘beer/Pepsi
drawer’ with her foot!)

A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your

A simple friend doesn’t know your parents’ first names. A real friend has their
phone numbers in his address book.

A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early
to help you cook and stays late to help you clean.

A simple friend hates it when you call after they’ve gone to bed. A real friend
asks you why you took so long to call.

A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks
to help you with your problems.

A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail
you with it.

A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. A real
friend calls you after you had a fight.

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them. A real friend expects to
always be there for you!

How do you see life?

I was not going to post again, cause I’m on my way out the door for my GA meeting…but I took this meme (quiz) and I LOVED LOVED LOVED the picture of it so I had to post it.

How do you see life?

Life is all about balance. Darkness can’t be without light, and light can’t be without darkness. You see everything through different angeles to gain perspective over situations. You act rather rational and people can find you stiff and/or emotionless due to this. Life is not really that good to you, yet it’s not so bad. Like everything else, you need to balance it in order to find peace.
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Why why why

Yesterday, I posted about Rex and finding out that the date of his death was the same as the date my friend Todd died. Rex and I met through a BBS called Multicomm back in the early 90’s.

What I did not post last night, was that I also found a Myspace group with a bunch of people that I used to hang out with. I know I’ve mentioned MultiComm on here before and this “group” on myspace is a few of the old “users” of this BBS. So I go to reply to someone in the forum chat and guess what? Have to be a member of Myspace to do that.

I thought about it for about 10 minutes. I hate Myspace. I’ve always hated Myspace. It’s evil incarnate and I would rather die than become a member of it. However, if I do NOT become a member of it, I may not be able to contact my old friends who are on it (like Lockheed and Nando.) *sigh* You can see where this is going, right?

I did it. Good God, someone shoot me. I joined Myspace last night just so I could get in touch with old friends. I guess that IS the main purpose of Myspace and I’ll be using it accordingly. I’ve already emailed one old friend and have been in contact with two others since joining it.

Have you ever wondered why the hell people talk to you in the bathroom? I know I read this on another blog recently and I’m having trouble remembering who posted about this.

I walked into the bathroom this morning and right after I entered the stall, someone says “Soda, is that you?” Good God, who wants to talk to me while I’m peeing? Seriously. She proceeds to hold a conversation about fucking nothing. Talked for the whole time I was peeing and then walked out right after I flushed. What the hell? Go away, shut up and leave me alone!!!

Until next time… 😛

How did this happen?

This post started without a title….why? Well that would be because wordpress was doing something strange to my post titles and giving me some kinda funky error. I am really computer illiterate so I removed the two posts I had set to pop up and left a message for my brother. God Bless Slobokan. I don’t know what I’d do without him and I am 100% positive he figured out what’s going on with this stuff….cause suddenly? the error messages are not there anymore…So I’m throwing credit over to my brother!

I’ve been tagged….Tagged by what/who, you ask? Welp, Laci tagged me on a little meme going around. It’s also her birthday so go wish her a Happy Birthday!!

I have to list 6 odd things about me. It’s really not that easy. Cause I think all of my oddities are quite normal. For me that is hahaha

1. I have to read a certain amount of blogs every day or I go a little bonkers (it doesn’t mean I comment on them every day tho.)

2. When I am at work, things have to be a little less than organized in order for me to feel comfortable and to find stuff.

3. I am always listening to music and relating the lyrics to someone or something in my life.

4. I refuse to get a new picture for my driver’s license. the current pic on there is me about 40 pounds heavier. I want to remember where I don’t want to go back too.

5. I’ve been going to the same manicurist for 16 years. I won’t let anyone else touch my toes or fingers after she quits in July.

6. I do not keep my money in my wallet. It’s strewn throughout my purse. A little bit of a pain in the ass sometimes but I hate using the wallet for anything other than holding my DL and other cards.

OK that WAS DIFFICULT!!!! And I’m really not going to tag anyone, but if you feel like doing it, feel free to grab the idea and comment so I know to go read your 6 odd things 🙂

Until next time…. 😛

Something odd

On June 27, 1999, a very good friend and my ex-boyfriend Rex Brian Mackay died at the age of 26 from a massive coronary (I can’t spell worth shit). On June 27, 2005, my very best friend Todd Dengler died of a massive coronary (there’s that spelled incorrectly word again).

How odd is that? I was just reminded of the day Rex died today and I kind of freaked out. 6 years apart. Rex was an awesome person and you can see some pictures and a website that was dedicated to him way back when here. There are some old pictures of him there … also some pictures of the two of us together.

Rex and I had a very tumultuous relationship from the beginning. We went from loving each other to hating each other to loving each other yet knowing it would never work between us. We were very good friends at the time of his death. He was living in Kentucky with his mother and his stepfather at the time of his death. The doctors told his mother that his thyroid was bad (I can’t remember if it was hyper or hypo thyroidism) and that caused him to have the massive heart attack. 26 years old.

Rex had a child with one of the girls he dated. She put it up for adoption and now Rex’s mother has been trying to find the child. I gave her name and phone number to the brother of the child’s mother recently (did that through a few friends still in contact). I hope she is able to find her grandchild and find some sort of closure in the death of her son. I know she suffers and I know she grieves horribly for the loss. She calls me every now and then and inevitably will start crying.

She tells me all the time how she had thought of me as the closest thing to a daughter in law Rex would ever give her. I find that oddly comforting at the same time as kind of freakish.

Until next time…. 😎

A whole lot of nothing

I became quite confused today on Blog Explosion. I like to vote on the BOTB’s and as I was scanning through the current battles, I noticed one that looked EXACTLY like a blog I read on a regular basis. So I click on the battle to vote for her and guess what? It’s not her at all, it’s just someone with the SAME EXACT template, graphics, colors, etc. WTF?! Was it supposed to be that way? Does she know about this? I then found out that her template is a free one, so anyone else can use it if they want. I’m not confused anymore hahaha

I was invited to a Memorial Day BBQ for today, but chose to stay home. I’m still feeling crappy and going through that shit I shouldn’t be going through cause of the surgery (OK, I’m only a litte bitter haha). I watched the Yankees/Tigers game and am now watching the CSI marathon on Spike TV. I used to dislike this show. I started watching it once and ever since, I’ve been addicted to the super fakeness of this show hahaha

And since I really have nothing else to say….I’m putting this little blogthing here. I almost went with the Penis Name Generator…but mom reads this blog so I went with Which of the X-men are you?

You Are Cyclops

Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.
You are a commanding leader – after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them.

Power: force beams from your eyes

At least I got the hottie outta the group


Thank you

Never forget the sacrifice.

on these hands and knees I’m crawling

The actor who plays Henry Gale on Lost is on Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit right now. This is the episode “Ritual”. He plays a similar slimy character hahaha Could just be that I’m prejudice against Henry Gale….or whatever that fucker’s name is. And with that being said, I’m really surprised no one has tagged my blog with the “profanity” label yet on BE hahahaha

So I searched high and low on the internet for tattoo ideas. The one thing that is definite and 100% going to happen are the cherry blossom flowers that I get surrounding the tat.

That’s the only 100% thing I have nailed in my head. The next thing I wanted to focus on was the rest of what I wanted (duh). I thought about Asian Kanji – whether Japanese or Chinese like these four:

I like the purple “tranquility” and the red outlined “love” symbols the best.

I was then searching for something like the asian fan, however I changed my mind mid search cause I found this awesome faery/fey picture:

I didn’t like the face/body of this faery but I do like the position she’s in and the butterfly effect of her wings….that led me to think I could have the artist (as long as they are a good artist) change the body/face to this faery:

And now I just need to decide exactly how I want it put together. And I could possibly change my mind in like 5 seconds after posting this. I’m good at changing my mind, it’s what I do. I’m a Libra and I’m highly indecisive and fickle when it comes to stuff like this.

I’ll keep searching and thinking, but I must tell ya, I’m leaning towards the anime like faery in the position of the first one with cherry blossoms surrounding her and the asian symbol for tranquility. I hope everyone has been having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget to thank our armed forces for what they do. Whether I agree with the war in Iraq or sending our troops to other parts of the world or not, I will always 100% support and thank our troops for what they do.

Until next time…. 😀

It was a midnight, a silent twilight

My shopping list consisted of 3 things. Bounce dryer sheets; bucket of Oxyclean stuff; feminine hygeine stuff. Sounds like a very easy shopping list, right? Yeah OK….I walked out with 2 bottles of Merlot (Kendall Jackson), a 12 pack of Molson Ice beer, some Lean Cuisine dinners, a Digornio pizza for one, the three things on my list, Marie Clare magazine, protein bars, and another bottle of Woolite (for good measure).

First and foremost, I learned I should not ever shop when I’m hungry. Oh, and I got some popcorn too. And again, I went to Walmart on a Sunday. What the hell was I thinking? Sheeeesh Actuall I don’t think I was thinking. I’m still feeling crappy physically but mentally and emotionally I sure feel good!

The Yankees won today. That would be after almost losing it. They were ahead 6 to 0 and by the end of the 9th it was 6 to 5. Barely won that one. How could they let the Royals almost come back to win? The Royals! Aren’t they as bad as the Cubs are (if not worse)?

I also have a new obsession in the music area of my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not abandoning Hoobastank just yet. Blue October. I just can’t find the words on what I think of their music. I purchased and downloaded the “Foiled” album. Don’t give me a hard time, I did it the right way and I purchased it. I can be a bit of a straight lace. So what? OK, back to Blue October. I’ve listened to 4 of the songs on this album so far and I love love love love it. I really like the voice of the lead singer. It’s oddly hypnotic in a way. I don’t know if that made sense. For those of you who are as into music as I am, you’ll understand haha.

Until next time…. 😛