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It was a midnight, a silent twilight

My shopping list consisted of 3 things. Bounce dryer sheets; bucket of Oxyclean stuff; feminine hygeine stuff. Sounds like a very easy shopping list, right? Yeah OK….I walked out with 2 bottles of Merlot (Kendall Jackson), a 12 pack of Molson Ice beer, some Lean Cuisine dinners, a Digornio pizza for one, the three things on my list, Marie Clare magazine, protein bars, and another bottle of Woolite (for good measure).

First and foremost, I learned I should not ever shop when I’m hungry. Oh, and I got some popcorn too. And again, I went to Walmart on a Sunday. What the hell was I thinking? Sheeeesh Actuall I don’t think I was thinking. I’m still feeling crappy physically but mentally and emotionally I sure feel good!

The Yankees won today. That would be after almost losing it. They were ahead 6 to 0 and by the end of the 9th it was 6 to 5. Barely won that one. How could they let the Royals almost come back to win? The Royals! Aren’t they as bad as the Cubs are (if not worse)?

I also have a new obsession in the music area of my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not abandoning Hoobastank just yet. Blue October. I just can’t find the words on what I think of their music. I purchased and downloaded the “Foiled” album. Don’t give me a hard time, I did it the right way and I purchased it. I can be a bit of a straight lace. So what? OK, back to Blue October. I’ve listened to 4 of the songs on this album so far and I love love love love it. I really like the voice of the lead singer. It’s oddly hypnotic in a way. I don’t know if that made sense. For those of you who are as into music as I am, you’ll understand haha.

Until next time…. 😛

6 Responses to “It was a midnight, a silent twilight”

  • Stephanie says:

    ARGH! I know all about going to the grocery store hungry. I just went earlier this week and bought stuff I wouldn’t normally buy (cookie dough, TWO! cartons of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia). Ridiculous.

    Actually, you are not the only one stalking blogs. It has become a new past-time of mine as well. Great story – I was checking out Wil Wheaton’s blog (He was Wesley Crusher on Star Trek – The Next Generation and the movie Stand By Me)and thought I would just e-mail him. Well, he e-mailed me back:-0 I was so surprised! It was really great and made my day. So now I’m looking to see what other teen idols from the 80’s and 90’s have their own blogs.

    I really need to find a job…..:-)

  • Sodapop says:

    I’ve been reading Wil Wheaton’s blog for awhile now. He is so one of my crushes I had in the 80’s/90’s. Loved him in Stand By Me (yeah, I just dated myself hahaha)

    Kevin Smith of Jay and Silent Bob, as well as director of Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, etc etc has a blog, called My Boring Ass Life. is the URL. He’s funny!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    Cool I’ll defintely check it out. I’m sort of new to the blogging universe but I’m thinking I should start up my own. I can go on about all the random thoughts in my head and my love for Jon Stewart. He’s so brillant!

    You probably then know that a sequel to Clerks is coming out this summer…I guess Dante and Randall still work at the convenience store and video store after more than 10 years…I just assumed that they would have eventually become IT guys by now – you know?

  • Sodapop says:

    I think you should definitely start your own blog! What do you have to lose? It’s fun! And it can be therapeutic too! hahaha

    Kevin Smith talks about the Clerks II premiere at Cannes. They got a standing ovation that lasted 8 minutes. 8 minutes! Can you believe that? haha

    It’s an awesome blog, be sure to read some of the archives “Me and my Shadow” or something like that there are nine parts – it’s about Jason Mewes struggle thru addiction and eventual recovery. It’s an awesome story.

  • andrena says:

    nice site…came through BOTB…good luck!

  • Wendy Wirth says:

    You know I’ve always heard you’re not supposed to go grocery shopping while hungry, but I can’t shop UNLESS I’m hungry. I honestly can’t think about food, unless I’m hungry.
    But I’m wierd that way.