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So many gates in life are open, waiting for us to walk through them – Unknown

Every now and then I read the spam stuff that Akismet stops from getting into the comments section of my blog. I had a great laugh this morning as I read them before deleting them all….I found these two of special interest:

I only drink to make other people interesting. Now that’s my kind of thinking! In looking at the URI and IP, looks like an anti-aging pill.

But it just so happens that when you’re in the public eye, everything gets reported. Hmmm OK, thanks for the info! This was from a penis enlargement company.

I had a FABULOUS weekend. My friend (we’ll call him Lock) got to town Friday afternoon. I’ve already told ya how my Friday night was hahaha. Saturday we just hung out at the park and had some BBQ. I was home and in bed by 11pm on Saturday.

They left yesterday afternoon after a few of us had lunch. We met at the Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. The place is in the Fashion Show Mall. When I first arrived there, I parked in the “yellow” parking area under ground, where our other friend told me to park. I go up the escalators and I’m by Robinson’s May. I go in there to find a restroom and mistakenly walk through the shoe department. TONS of Reaction by Kenneth Cole shoes. YIKES! I avert my gaze and keep walking. I make it back out without giving in to the urge to buy some Kenneth Cole shoes (also, they didn’t have the kind I was looking for!)

We we figure out where our lunch spot is and it turns out it’s on the OTHER side of the mall, so we truck on down there. We had a great time at lunch. Lock and his s/o left after lunch and I went home to do laundry and absolutely nothing the rest of the day. Which is what I did!

I got my vehicle serviced this morning and then went to work. Another fun day in paradise! One year ago today, it was a Sunday and I talked to my best friend for the last time. Todd and I talked for a long time that day. He was in good health, he felt awesome and he was happier than he had been in years. Throughout the past year, I have changed considerably from how I was before he died. My personality shifted, my emotions went a little bonkers for a really long time.

Until next time…. 😛

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