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FOAD Thursday

It’s normally my favorite day of the week. I find it oddly calming when I don’t have one particular person to tell FOAD. I find it odd because I’m usually so full of piss and vinegar. More so than I am feeling today.

I’m having some major female medical problems (which I will make a concerted effort to not discuss here anymore.) and I’m feeling all emotionally unbalanced.

I was going to post that I had no one for FOAD. However, after thinking on it, I’ve decided there is an unknown person in Florida I’d like to say FOAD too. For several months, I’ve been reading Pointless Drivel. It’s funny, intuitive and I like the way he writes.

I could never say it as well as the Watchdog could though. Someone at Mr. Fab’s job got him fired for creating a “hostile work environment.” HUH? Mr. Fab created it? I fail to see how that could happen. He said it was because of his blog. Apparently (in my opinion) someone at his work was reading his blog and something made that person uncomfortable. GAH!

Whoever you are in Florida, the one who got Mr. Fab fired, FUCK.OFF.AND.DIE.


9 Responses to “FOAD Thursday”

  • Dramedy Girl says:

    I sooo agree Soda!

  • Goddess says:

    I have always been of the firm belief that you should never tell your friends, family OR co-workers about your blog, no matter how badly you’re dying to. And hey, we all want to.

    But first of all, you want it to be a place you can vent freely, and secondly, shit comes back to bite you in the ass and you don’t even know what the hell you said. People’s feelings are too easily hurt, so it’s best they dont even know whats being said.

    Sorry to hear you lost your job, Mr. Fab. Here’s hoping you find a better one quickly!

  • Goddess says:

    One thing that really surprised me, though, is that they didn’t give him the opportunity to get rid of his blog, instead of firing him. Damn, that seems so harsh.

  • Sodapop says:

    Only 3 people at work know about my blog. my boss, the guy I just recently dated and my buddy SC (Goddesses fave COP).

    However, I’ve cut WAY WAY WAY back on how much I talk about work or the people there. I started doing that after I noticed on my Statmeter that I was getting more and more frequent visitors from a certain IP address.

    I’m surprised about that too Goddess. You would think they would have thrown that on the table as an offer before going to such extremes and firing him.

    I think he will be just fine and find a better job and one more to his liking and pays better!

  • jane says:

    I read about this as well & can’t believe someone did that to him. That’s just so mean-hearted.

  • Nicola says:

    Its outrageous and I am sure it is not legal – would be grounds for an unfair dismissal tribunal in the UK.

  • Goddess says:

    How *is* my favorite Sergeant, btw?;)

  • Sodapop says:

    Goddess, he’s good, enjoying married life from what he tells me. And still yummy to look at 🙂

  • starbender says:

    My favorite day 2–
    –the one who got Mr. Fab fired, FUCK.OFF.AND.DIE