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everyone’s watching to see what you’ll do.

The weather people say we are going to be having thunderstorms today, tomorrow and possibly into Sunday. OK. I was just outside and there are no clouds to speak of. I wonder where these thunderstorms are coming from? It’s monsoon season so I’m sure at some point this afternoon, we will see the clouds. Until then, I’m going to think the weather people are full of shit. It’s 101 degrees outside, 25% humidity and a dew point of 60 degrees. The air is very heavy.

I’ve been making my rounds to blogs and sites I haven’t been visiting a lot lately. I feel like a chump. Normally, no matter what’s going on in my life, I tend to visit my fave blogs. I’ve been feeling very selfish lately. Selfish as in I want to do what I want to do. Now. No waiting. Seriously. Who wants to WAIT to do what they want to do?

Speaking of that, we called the finance person about the piggy back loan for the refinance. The bank she was going to go through went out of business and so everyone (not just us), who had aps in at that bank, had to scramble and go to one of the other two banks. So we’ve been slowed down by the politics of banks closing and whatnot. We’ve been impatiently, but patiently waiting. If that makes sense. Even if it doesn’t make sense to you, it made sense to me. HA!

I’m watching Man On Fire. Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. Great flick. Sad, but great. I’ll be changing the channel soon cause I dislike the ending. That brings me to another thought. I dislike movies with shitty endings. Case in point, Pay It Forward. I loved that movie up until the ending. I hated the ending and in turn, I ended up hating the fucking thing.

I’ve been finding it difficult to stay off my pity pot because of how I’m feeling. I’m getting a ring around my ass from sitting on it the last two days. Must get off that thing soon. Right now though? I’m going to go nap!

Until next time… 😎

Update: not even 20 minutes after posting this, I went outside for a cigarette and guess what has made an appearance? If you guessed storm clouds, you get the prize! The prize? Nothing really, just knowing that you guessed correctly. No need to call me a dork, I already know I am a dork.

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