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Blogathon, Sportscenter and coffee

I got up this morning at 630. 30 minutes later than I wanted too, however at least I was up before 7. The Blogathon started this morning and I wanted to show my support to Laci and the other blogathoners.

Throughout my day today, I will be surfing the blogathon blogs and supporting them with comments and the like. There’s a button on the Blogathon webiste “Surf” and it will let you surf all of the blogs participating today. Go visit them!

Sportscenter has kept me company. I love the fact that it’s on so early in the morning to give me something to watch! And of course, I’ve got my Vanilla Nut coffee by my side as well.

I won’t go into detail talking about this next thing, but I have a doctor’s appointment Monday for all the problems I’ve been having. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and it’s just my body adjusting to what they did back in April for the surgery. I’m feeling a little better today than I was yesterday. When I start noticing a slight improvement, I’m happy. That means it’s not going to kill me and that’s always a good thing!

Have a nail appointment today. It’s my last with Nail Girl. I’ll be getting a pedicure and a fill on the nails. In about a month I’m going to soak off the acrylic on my nails and then figure out what to do about the pedicures. 🙁 Kind of makes me sad really. 16 years of going to see her every 2 weeks. I’ll have to make a “date” with her for coffee and/or meals every 2 weeks so I don’t go through withdrawals from seeing her.

Until next time… 😎

5 Responses to “Blogathon, Sportscenter and coffee”

  • Leigh says:

    Hello! I am a blogathon-er and I think it’s really nice that you’re getting up early to support your blogger friends and surfing. Thanks! 🙂

  • ANO says:

    Any kind of support is always appreciated!

  • erika says:

    yay! thank you for being so cool and supporting us blogathoners. ooo that sounds crappy huh. yah! and i love you layout

  • Sodapop says:

    Leigh: thanks 🙂 I wanted to participate but procrastinated on getting signed up and picking a charity…I’ll be doing it next year.

    ANO: absolutely!

    Erika: thanks 🙂 I like it too!

  • willo keays says:

    Uh oh! I almost forgot! It’s time for my HIJACK THE BLOG TREASURE HUNT CLUE!

    It kind of fits the whole theme to my blogathon: