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like a bullet to your brain

In searching for a post title this evening, I am watching Pure Country, on digital cable. Toby Keith’s I Wanna Talk About Me video is on right now. I love that video. I laugh everytime I see it. Jason Aldean is on now with his Hicktown video. He’s a hottie. Yes, I’ve known it for awhile, I just thought it would be nice if I pointed it out for you. Wasn’t that cool of me to do? You’ll notice I chose a Ricky Martin song. Why Ricky Martin you ask? Well cause he’s hot. And I like this song. I don’t care that he’s gay. Or that there are rumors he’s gay. Seriously. He’s hot and he can move. It’s almost criminal the way he moves. Damn.

Hey, have you gone here lately? Laci is still going strong at the blogathon. I’ve been visiting a few other bloggers as well. Trying to stay up as late as I can to keep them company and support them.

Josie likes to take her cookies outside. Not a problem normally. She usually brings it back inside with her. Well sometime today she left a cookie out in the backyard and there was a fuckton of roaches all over it. She tried to pick it up. I told her no. She chased a few roaches (thank goodness she didn’t catch one) while my mom and I picked up the cookie. It was about a quarter gone. The roaches were munching on it. GAH! Have I mentioned I hate bugs? Of any kind. I’m scared shitless of spiders, doesn’t matter how small they are. They freak me out. Roaches I just think are dirty and gross and feel like they are diseased creatures. I see no purpose for roaches. Really. Seriously.

Until next time… 😎

3 Responses to “like a bullet to your brain”

  • Laci says:

    You freaking ROCK!

    Thanks for staying up with me for most of the ‘Thon! *muah*

  • Sodapop says:

    thanks Laci 🙂 And you’re welcome! It was fun. I just wish I could have finished it out with ya. Next year definitely!!

  • Wendy Wirth says:

    As if I didn’t know Jason Aldean is HOTTTT. Have you read either of my two blogs lately? And I’d take him over Ricky Martin any day.
    Actually I was discussing that with a friend, we were watching the CMA Music Festival that was aired on Mon (7/24), and a couple chicks won a contest to go to NY to see Kenny Chesney in concert and then meet him, and then he flew them back (cause they were from Nashville) to the CMA Music festival in his private jet. And I was saying if I had the choice between hanging out with Kenny or Jason, there would be no contest there, Jason would always be the one.
    Plus, I think (I could be wrong) he looks like the cop that lives across the way from me. But seeing as I don’t have a pic of this cop, no one really knows but me.
    Sorry, that was long.