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End of the day

I almost went a full day without posting. Actually, I believe I went longer than 24 hours. How does that happen? I have a very full day. I left my house at 6am for work (as I do every weekday). I worked from 7am until about 1pm when I left to go to my doctor’s office.

I didn’t get great news at the doctor’s office, however, I’m optimistic that the new treatment plan I’m on will help. If it doesn’t, I go back in 2 months and we are taking care of it permanently.

After I left the doctor’s office, I was going east on Russel towards the 215 so I could go get my prescription filled before bowling. As I’m sitting at the light, with my earbud for the cell phone in my ear, talking to mom, I decided to open my dr. pepper bottle. As I’m opening the bottle and talking to mom (mind you, I’m at a complete stop), I get rear ended. Fucking Dr. Pepper EVERYWHERE in my car. It’s exploded all over me, right down my shirt, all over my face and all over the interior of my precious (Mr. Fab, my precious is bigger than yours!). So I cuss and tell mom I’ll call her back. I hang up, throw the car into park, get out to assess the damage.

The man gets out and immediately contrite. Apologizing, asking if I was hurt, etc. I call 911 as I’m looking at both cars. Dispatch says they’ll send a unit. So we pull off to the side of the road (so we don’t get hit AGAIN). We start chatting and looking at the cars. After awhile, it was apparent the cops were a little busy and so we did a driver’s exchange. We exchanged our information, business cards and the like. After joking about having dr pepper all over my car, he offers to buy me a car wash so I can get it taken care of. How sweet is that? Do you really think I turned it down? Fuck no I didn’t. I took that $20 and ran to the nearest car wash so they could wash off the soda from my dashboard, my windshield, my passenger seat, my center console.

The damage on the car? Minimal at best, can barely see that it got hit. Which, I have to say is VERY lucky for this man. Anyone of my friends here in Vegas will tell you I’m obsessed with my car. It’s my baby. Dark blue in color, tinted windows, super hot rims/wheels, leather interior. *sigh* Have I mentioned how much I love my car? There’s a picture of it on my flickr badge for Christ’s sake.

Back to the story, I go to the car wash, get it all detailed nice and pretty (it needed a bath anyway) and then head to bowling. I bowled my fucking ass off. 162, 153 and 147 were my scores for the evening. I have NEVER bowled like that. EVER. It was a great ending to an emotionally dysfunctional day.

I picked up my prescription so I can start taking it tomorrow morning first thing. Same time every day! WOOT!

Until next time….. 😎

2 Responses to “End of the day”

  • Laci says:

    Weren’t we just talking about accidents the other day?


    Glad it’s not worse than it was! Whew!

  • Sodapop says:

    Yes, as a matter of fact we were and strangely, the first thing I thought about was our conversation during the blogathon hahaha