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Archive for September, 2006

Back to reality. Seriously.

HEY THERE!! I’m back, did ya miss me? You don’t have to lie, I know some of you did!

I’ve been home for about an hour and a half, going through mail, e-mail and working on downloading and setting up pictures to post on the flickr badge and email to those people of my friends and family who do not check the flickr badge.

I’ve yet to read any blogs or post on the forums that I visited quite often before my 8 day excursion outta Las Vegas. I’ll catch up in the next few days, I promise.

We drove down to Gardena, CA on Friday afternoon after MH got off work. We didn’t get in til about 7 or 7:30. Time seems to have completely jumbled in my brain. Our hotel room was nice and we were both quite anxious to start the next day.

Saturday we got up fairly early, went to breakfast (after getting lost a little in the area). After breakfast, we made our way to Pier 93 of the Port of Los Angeles. We were quite early, but they let us park and take our luggage to the area where we would board the ship. We boarded the ship a little after noon on Saturday. We wandered a bit and then found an outside bar on the Lido deck and sat there for awhile, drinking our first pina colada (for me) and strawberry daquiri for MH.

We met a great couple from Seattle who were on their honeymoon. They were really cool people. We wandered between our stateroom (waiting for our luggage to get to the room) and the bar where J&J from Seattle were. We hung out with them most of the time on that night.

One misconception people have of me is that I’m a party animal and I love to party. Sometimes, I do. However, I am NOT a party cruiser. I don’t go on cruises to party and get drunk. I go on cruises to relax and enjoy the sun, the ports of call we go too. So we were in our staterooms and asleep fairly early Saturday night.

Sunday was a day at sea, so we relaxed by the pool after eating breakfast. We then went to the Promenade deck (7th floor of the ship, has lounge/chaise chairs and an overhang so we weren’t in the sun) and read. We both read about 3-4 books each. I think MH read 4 and I read 3.

The whole trip was very relaxing and I accomplished my goal of not stressing and not worrying about anything. I’m tired of typing and so I’m going to cut this post short, I’ll post again soon, maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

I have a lot of unpacking to do. I still feel like I’m on the ship (kind of dizzy and it seems as if the room is moving) and I know this will take a day or two to go away.

Watch for the pictures in the flickr badge. There are 167 of them! WOOT. I’ll be downloading them in small batches so as not to freeze up my computer.

Until next time….

Miss me while I’m gone

That’s the ship I’ll be on….

And that’s where the ship is taking me….

I’ll be back around in 8 days.

See ya when I see ya…Until next time….

GDF and Dedication Friday a day early

Every now and then, I’ll sit back, drink a glass or two of wine and listen to new music I download from iTunes. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with one song. One song gets me going. I feel sad, I feel happy and I can just zone out to this one song.

I’ve had 2 glasses of wine, so I’m a little tipsy, I’m feeling fucking awesome cause I’m on vacation until October 4th from work. And I wanted to share this song. I love this song.

The song I’m listening to over and over again is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I heard it the first time on a radio station here in town, Mix 94.1. I love that station too, by the way. Mark and Mercedes in the morning rawks.

Anyway, back to my point. This dedication goes to anyone who is crushing on anyone else. I also found out from this radio station that it’s from Grey’s Anatomy. No wonder I love the song so much, that’s my favorite TV show. I hope you enjoy the lyrics as much as I do.

If he read this blog, I’d dedicate this song to a co-worker of mine. We’ve made it perfectly clear we like each other, yet we both sit and wait while he works through the shit in his life.

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

We’ll do it all
On our own

We don’t need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don’t quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They’re not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we’re told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that’s bursting into life

Let’s waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we’re told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that’s bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see

I don’t know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

FOAD or maybe not.

Today is FOAD Thursday and I realized I have nothing for ya. How can that be? I’ve had one of the most stressful weeks in MY recorded history.

I guess just because I’m stressed, does not mean that anyone pissed me off enough to tell them to fuck off and die.

I haven’t done much this morning. I got up at around 730 and watched my Sportscenter. I’ve made a mental list of all the shit I need to do today to get ready for tomorrow and seriously, I’ve been lazy.

I’ve been reading blogs and spent hours looking for a Myspace comment for a friend of mine. He fussed at me cause I didn’t send him “sexy” comments. Damnit I’ve fixed that!!! Took me awhile to find it, but I found the perfect one!

I’ve watched TV and now I sit here thinking I need to jump in the shower and get my day started. I have to go grocery shopping cause it’s my turn and I want to do it before I leave town.

I’m almost all packed, got one suitcase done and zipped up. I just have some last minute things to put in the 2nd one and then tomorrow after I shower and get ready put my stuff in.

I’m so excited I can hardly sit still and I’m soooooooo hoping I feel better by the time we leave tomorrow afternoon. I’m PMS’n something fierce too, however, the worst of it will be over by the time we get on the ship Saturday (or possibly the latest into Sunday). So I’m happy “it” is here now rather than coming along while I’m on the ship!

I can taste the pina coladas. And I can see the cabana boys serving me and MH our drinks. WOOT!

Until next time…

Are you easy?

Guys Think You’re Easy to Be With… But Not Easy

You’re definitely a flirt – and a good one.
But you also know that you shouldn’t make a move on any cute guy who passes by.
You save your seductive moves for someone who already knows the real you.
That way, your sex appeal is just part of the whole package.

Are you more like Jennifer or Angelina?

You Are Jennifer Aniston

Girl next door with a free spirit.
You’re low key and naturally sexy.
Sweet and approachable, people are attracted to your upbeat attitude.
And even when life doesn’t go your way, you always eventually turn things around.

So tell me how you got here.

I do this every now and then, when I really have nothing else to say or something surprises the shit out of me on how someone finds me. I started blogging on January 8, 2006 at this location. There was no way to “import” from blogsource over to WordPress, so I left that blog intact and just left the URL for this blog over there.

When I first started blogging, I did it as a venting venue for my work and to work through emotions or problems I was having. I recently answered a question on a chat forum on why I started blogging. I realized my answer was not entirely true and so I’ll be heading over there shortly to find the thread to correct myself (or not, I’m doing it here so why repeat myself when almost everyone over there reads my blog?)

I had answered that I started blogging to vent the emotions I felt about my best friend’s death. I found out tonight how wrong I was. I think I started blogging just to start blogging and to vent about other shit going on in my life.

My first post was January 8 and I think I posted 3 times that day. I was wordy, I had some long ass posts over there. My brother got me set up over here on WordPress January 31. Funny that my blogging anniversary is the same as my hire date at my job. 12 years later. Funny.

OK, so why am I bringing this up? Someone found THIS blog from THAT blog. She knows someone I work with and somehow was on that first blog of mine and clicked over here. So she emailed me and asked me to pass a message to this person. How fucking weird is this? Not that she asked me to pass a message, I do that quite often for people I work with. But how fucking weird is it that she found my FIRST blog and then this one second.

After checking my Site Meter stats, it appears she did find this blog first through google. Somehow, she then found the other blog and then clicked from there to here to leave me the message. Hmmmm. Any which way, it got me thinking about what I just typed above this.

Onto the other boring and/or exciting and nasty ways people find my blog.

who may order that prisoners be transported from department of corrections to court in virginia – HUH? I just really don’t fucking get it!

does soda bloat your stomach – well no I don’t, that’s rude to ask. Damn.

thoughts of you make me smile– ahhh how sweet. I don’t know if those are song lyrics I’ve used in post titles or what, but I thought it was cute!

michelle malkin foot fetish – OK well. I read Michelle Malkin almost daily. Foot fetishes I haven’t written about since the last Foot Fetish Friday I did. Months ago. What do they have to do with each other? Someone tell me that. Thanks.

soda pop explosion – I wonder if they mean the mentos into the bottle of soda and then it like explodes up like a geiser?

I then had my regular shitload of searches for Chris Garver of Miami Ink and his Cherry Blossom tattoo, song lyrics from Blue October, Panic! At the Disco and Hoobastank. I also had the normal shitload of searches for San Clemente, Statue of Liberty and pictures of McDreamy. HA!

I also got quite a few searches for the 2,996 Project and Stephen Mulderry (the person I did the tribute for).

Until next time….

dreaming in red, white and blue

I took a 2 1/2 hour nap today. WOOT! That was awesome. But I still feel like ass. The pharmacist said it’ll take a day or two for the meds to kick in. So hopefully? Tomorrow will be a better day for the health thing. I worked only four hours today and my boss sent me home.

He told me to start my vacation early and rest so I’ll get better before leaving Saturday for Mexico. I did not argue, at all. I called the girl who is sitting in for me and she came to sit with me for a few so I could show her anything she may have to do while I’m gone. She’s a nervous wreck, but I believe she will do just fine. My boss is easy to work with. He’s funny, honest and compassionate, so she won’t have problems with that.

I’ve been sitting here since I woke up, watching the Yankees game and switching to the local news off and on throughout the game. The Yankees are losing right now, 3 to 2. Bernie Williams just hit a solo home run. There are two outs in the top of the 6th and the Blue Jays are switching pitchers. Not that you care, but I was reaching for something to talk about.

I’ve been doing very well in my time on the DL (disabled list) from the dating game. I’ve behaved quite well and I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. It’s been since mid July that I decided to remove myself from the “game” of dating and put myself on the DL, I’m benched. And even though there’s a guy at work that I have a “thing” for, I’m behaving myself. I can’t tell you what will happen on the cruise though. What happens on the cruise, stays on the cruise!

I started channel surfing and I’m now watching MTV Hits and Justin Timberlake’s video for Sexyback is on. Quite steamy. But it has nothing to do with the song. Hmmm That’s OK, I love the song and I love me some JT. (that’s enough outta you, no comments from the peanut gallery!)

The two hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight. If I can stay awake that long, I’ll be watching it. And then tomorrow is the season premeire!!! WOOT!!! I love this show and I can’t wait to see it!!! Lost starts in two weeks from tonight and I’m excited about that one too! I need to go get the 2nd season of both shows on DVD. Not on my high priority list, but I’ll get em eventually.

Until next time….

Call me TW. Short for train wreck.

OK, I have a new name, I’m going to plaster it everywhere! I’m a train wreck. That’s all there is too it. I woke up this morning feeling like I swallowed a bunch of sand. Then I noticed my throat was all red and inflamed (yes, I looked in my mouth to check it!). Oh and then my right ear started aching and everytime I’d move my head throughout the day at work, I’d get this sharp pain from my ear down my throat.

I was so cranky at work because of how I was feeling. The day went by quickly though, so that was a good thing! After I worked about 45 minutes later than I normally do, I took my ass to the Urgent Care on my way home. I was thinking that if it’s bacterial they need to put me on a 3 day Z-pack or something cause I leave Friday for my vacation and then Saturday for the cruise. Fuck if I was going to be sick on the cruise, right?

I get in there at around 5pm, sign in, check in, do all that happy horseshit. I then see the Triage Nurse and he takes my vital signs and took a swab of my throat (so the doctor would know if it was an infection before I got back there.) He starts asking me questions and everytime I go to answer him, he interrupts me. I’m surprised he got any information from me cause he didn’t really let me finish any of my sentences. I told him it helps to let the patient finish telling you what’s wrong before asking the next fucking question. Just sayin’. I don’t think he liked me much. He’ll get over it I suppose.

After that, they send me back to the waiting room. As I’m sitting there, I developed a raging headache and started sneezing and coughing. WTF?!? At this point, I’m freaking out cause I’m thinking I’m going to be raging sick on the cruise.

I get called in to wait another 20 minutes in the little room that is not good for claustrophobics. The doctor comes in, she tells me it’s not an infection. WOOT!!! YEEHAW!!! However, I have fluid in my ears, sinus inflammation and post nasal drip (just what you wanted to know!). All of this caused from allergies. Go fucking figure. I knew that wind storm we had last weekend was going to try to kill me. She gave me some allergy meds and nasal sprays and told me to drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest before I leave.

I’m in a bit of a better mood, feel like ass, but my mood is quite cheerful. It could be that I’m taking Thursday off work. So I’ll be off from Thursday until Oct 4th. How cool is that shit? I work tomorrow my regular times and then I’ll be gone gone gone. I’m already tasting the pina coladas!!!

Until next time….

Just another manic monday

It was manic alright. Manic within me. Manic around me. It was busy, it was a pain in my ass.

Mondays are like that it seems. Just about every Monday. I have 3 working days left until my cruise and I’m so looking forward too it.

Keep reading at your own risk. Personal, female health problems and TMI follow. You’ve been warned….

My raging hormones did not help with all the interruptions I had today. I started crying at one point and at THAT exact moment, an officer came in to ask me for help. GAH!!! So he was all friendly, worried, showing compassion. Fucker get away cause you’ll make me cry more. That’s what I wanted to tell him. But I didn’t.

I talked to my ob/gyn today too. When I get back from Mexico, we will be removing me from the meds he has me on and scheduling the surgery. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. I feel like a totally different person. Totally crazy person. And I don’t like it.

On a lighter note, my doctor is quite the funny man. When he returned my call, I told him I had some questions about the pill he had me on and his response was

DR: No, they don’t have E-Coli in them.

ME: HAHA, are you sure? Cause I’m fairly certain I read on the ingredients they were made with spinach.

We laughed for a few minutes and then got into the serious talk. It was a good talk and by the end of the conversation I was feeling better. He told me to hang in there and he’ll take care of me when I get back from Mexico.

We have our bowling pizza party tonight. At the end of each season, since it’s not a sanctioned league and we aren’t playing for money, we have a pizza party with the left over monies.

This pizza place we are going too has GREAT salad stuffs, so I’m not worried about getting sick like I did from Peter Piper! WOOT!

Until next time….

I Need Vacation