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Call me TW. Short for train wreck.

OK, I have a new name, I’m going to plaster it everywhere! I’m a train wreck. That’s all there is too it. I woke up this morning feeling like I swallowed a bunch of sand. Then I noticed my throat was all red and inflamed (yes, I looked in my mouth to check it!). Oh and then my right ear started aching and everytime I’d move my head throughout the day at work, I’d get this sharp pain from my ear down my throat.

I was so cranky at work because of how I was feeling. The day went by quickly though, so that was a good thing! After I worked about 45 minutes later than I normally do, I took my ass to the Urgent Care on my way home. I was thinking that if it’s bacterial they need to put me on a 3 day Z-pack or something cause I leave Friday for my vacation and then Saturday for the cruise. Fuck if I was going to be sick on the cruise, right?

I get in there at around 5pm, sign in, check in, do all that happy horseshit. I then see the Triage Nurse and he takes my vital signs and took a swab of my throat (so the doctor would know if it was an infection before I got back there.) He starts asking me questions and everytime I go to answer him, he interrupts me. I’m surprised he got any information from me cause he didn’t really let me finish any of my sentences. I told him it helps to let the patient finish telling you what’s wrong before asking the next fucking question. Just sayin’. I don’t think he liked me much. He’ll get over it I suppose.

After that, they send me back to the waiting room. As I’m sitting there, I developed a raging headache and started sneezing and coughing. WTF?!? At this point, I’m freaking out cause I’m thinking I’m going to be raging sick on the cruise.

I get called in to wait another 20 minutes in the little room that is not good for claustrophobics. The doctor comes in, she tells me it’s not an infection. WOOT!!! YEEHAW!!! However, I have fluid in my ears, sinus inflammation and post nasal drip (just what you wanted to know!). All of this caused from allergies. Go fucking figure. I knew that wind storm we had last weekend was going to try to kill me. She gave me some allergy meds and nasal sprays and told me to drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest before I leave.

I’m in a bit of a better mood, feel like ass, but my mood is quite cheerful. It could be that I’m taking Thursday off work. So I’ll be off from Thursday until Oct 4th. How cool is that shit? I work tomorrow my regular times and then I’ll be gone gone gone. I’m already tasting the pina coladas!!!

Until next time….

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