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So tell me how you got here.

I do this every now and then, when I really have nothing else to say or something surprises the shit out of me on how someone finds me. I started blogging on January 8, 2006 at this location. There was no way to “import” from blogsource over to WordPress, so I left that blog intact and just left the URL for this blog over there.

When I first started blogging, I did it as a venting venue for my work and to work through emotions or problems I was having. I recently answered a question on a chat forum on why I started blogging. I realized my answer was not entirely true and so I’ll be heading over there shortly to find the thread to correct myself (or not, I’m doing it here so why repeat myself when almost everyone over there reads my blog?)

I had answered that I started blogging to vent the emotions I felt about my best friend’s death. I found out tonight how wrong I was. I think I started blogging just to start blogging and to vent about other shit going on in my life.

My first post was January 8 and I think I posted 3 times that day. I was wordy, I had some long ass posts over there. My brother got me set up over here on WordPress January 31. Funny that my blogging anniversary is the same as my hire date at my job. 12 years later. Funny.

OK, so why am I bringing this up? Someone found THIS blog from THAT blog. She knows someone I work with and somehow was on that first blog of mine and clicked over here. So she emailed me and asked me to pass a message to this person. How fucking weird is this? Not that she asked me to pass a message, I do that quite often for people I work with. But how fucking weird is it that she found my FIRST blog and then this one second.

After checking my Site Meter stats, it appears she did find this blog first through google. Somehow, she then found the other blog and then clicked from there to here to leave me the message. Hmmmm. Any which way, it got me thinking about what I just typed above this.

Onto the other boring and/or exciting and nasty ways people find my blog.

who may order that prisoners be transported from department of corrections to court in virginia – HUH? I just really don’t fucking get it!

does soda bloat your stomach – well no I don’t, that’s rude to ask. Damn.

thoughts of you make me smile– ahhh how sweet. I don’t know if those are song lyrics I’ve used in post titles or what, but I thought it was cute!

michelle malkin foot fetish – OK well. I read Michelle Malkin almost daily. Foot fetishes I haven’t written about since the last Foot Fetish Friday I did. Months ago. What do they have to do with each other? Someone tell me that. Thanks.

soda pop explosion – I wonder if they mean the mentos into the bottle of soda and then it like explodes up like a geiser?

I then had my regular shitload of searches for Chris Garver of Miami Ink and his Cherry Blossom tattoo, song lyrics from Blue October, Panic! At the Disco and Hoobastank. I also had the normal shitload of searches for San Clemente, Statue of Liberty and pictures of McDreamy. HA!

I also got quite a few searches for the 2,996 Project and Stephen Mulderry (the person I did the tribute for).

Until next time….

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