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Back to reality. Seriously.

HEY THERE!! I’m back, did ya miss me? You don’t have to lie, I know some of you did!

I’ve been home for about an hour and a half, going through mail, e-mail and working on downloading and setting up pictures to post on the flickr badge and email to those people of my friends and family who do not check the flickr badge.

I’ve yet to read any blogs or post on the forums that I visited quite often before my 8 day excursion outta Las Vegas. I’ll catch up in the next few days, I promise.

We drove down to Gardena, CA on Friday afternoon after MH got off work. We didn’t get in til about 7 or 7:30. Time seems to have completely jumbled in my brain. Our hotel room was nice and we were both quite anxious to start the next day.

Saturday we got up fairly early, went to breakfast (after getting lost a little in the area). After breakfast, we made our way to Pier 93 of the Port of Los Angeles. We were quite early, but they let us park and take our luggage to the area where we would board the ship. We boarded the ship a little after noon on Saturday. We wandered a bit and then found an outside bar on the Lido deck and sat there for awhile, drinking our first pina colada (for me) and strawberry daquiri for MH.

We met a great couple from Seattle who were on their honeymoon. They were really cool people. We wandered between our stateroom (waiting for our luggage to get to the room) and the bar where J&J from Seattle were. We hung out with them most of the time on that night.

One misconception people have of me is that I’m a party animal and I love to party. Sometimes, I do. However, I am NOT a party cruiser. I don’t go on cruises to party and get drunk. I go on cruises to relax and enjoy the sun, the ports of call we go too. So we were in our staterooms and asleep fairly early Saturday night.

Sunday was a day at sea, so we relaxed by the pool after eating breakfast. We then went to the Promenade deck (7th floor of the ship, has lounge/chaise chairs and an overhang so we weren’t in the sun) and read. We both read about 3-4 books each. I think MH read 4 and I read 3.

The whole trip was very relaxing and I accomplished my goal of not stressing and not worrying about anything. I’m tired of typing and so I’m going to cut this post short, I’ll post again soon, maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

I have a lot of unpacking to do. I still feel like I’m on the ship (kind of dizzy and it seems as if the room is moving) and I know this will take a day or two to go away.

Watch for the pictures in the flickr badge. There are 167 of them! WOOT. I’ll be downloading them in small batches so as not to freeze up my computer.

Until next time….

6 Responses to “Back to reality. Seriously.”

  • NYC Watchdog says:

    Welcome back SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy did I miss you…

  • Vinny says:

    I was on my way out of Marina Del Rey (about a stone’s throw from Gardena) on Friday afternoon. If only I had known, huh?

    Oh well… Glad to see you’re back. I missed FOAD Thursday this week 🙂

  • Denise says:

    Welcome back! I’m on my way to see your pictures…

  • Sodapop says:

    Thanks WD, I knew you would miss me! 😉

    Vinny, I love Marina Del Rey! Let me know next time you are out this way (even in Southern CA – I love it there ya know) I’m sure with Wednesday being my first day back to work, I’ll have a fun filled FOAD this week!

    Denise, thanks 🙂 I’m downloading more pics this morning!

  • Vixen says:

    Welcome back!!!!! Sounds like you had a nice, RELAXING vacation. WOO HOO! Hey, how many cabana boys butts dija pinch for me? Huh? Huh? 😉

  • stephanie says:

    I’m so glad to hear you had a great vacation and that you were able to get back in touch with yourself (no, I didn’t mean that as dirty as it sounded 🙂

    Welcome back!! I missed ya!