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OH am I in trouble now.

This afternoon, I was looking at the paperwork for Quest Diagnostics, to see what they wanted to test for. And I got this wild hair up my ass, so I called the doctor’s office to find out if I needed to fast before going. I did not.

I put my shoes on and ventured over to the closest QD to get the blood taken. It was 8 miles away. Not bad for around this place, considering I live in the middle of nowhere.

I walked into the QD office and there were 3 ladies sitting behind the counter, one guy standing with them and not one single person in the lobby. WOOT!!!! It’s my lucky day. I had even brought a book with me, in case it took forever.

One lady took my form and my information and then entered it into the computer. The guy called me back to take my blood. I’d try to spell the name of their profession, it starts with a P and ends with a T and I call them vampires.

The male vampire puts the thing around my upper right arm and gives me a little ball to squeeze. Fun for me. He took four things of blood and by the end of it, I thought my right arm was being torn off. Is that normal? I don’t think that’s normal.

When he was done, he put the little cotton ball on my arm and taped it up for me. I left and came home. Within an hour, my right arm hurt so bad I could barely move it. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to lay down on the couch.

At this point it’s about 430 or so this afternoon. I just woke up at 7:55 pm. I’m in so much trouble. I have NO idea if I’ll be sleeping tonight. Since I slept about 3 hours off and on while on the couch, I’m afraid I won’t sleep tonight. I suppose I will find out when I go to bed in an hour, huh?

My arm is feeling a little better, except it hurts to bend it. I can lift it again and the pain is not a constant like it was when I lay down. I hate vampires who do this to me. They fucking kill my arm for 45 seconds of blood letting. GAH!!!

Until next time….

3 Responses to “OH am I in trouble now.”

  • NYC Watchdog says:

    Mmmm… no phlebotomists aren’t supposed to make it feel like your arm being ripped off. I bet he didn’t undo the tourniquet when he had flash in the tube. Still… 4 tubes sounds like alot.

  • Mr. Fabulous says:

    Those people are notorious for being bad sticks.

  • Sodapop says:

    Watchdog, I thought he was supposed to undo the tourniquet sooner than what he did. Yikes it hurt like a bitch!!!! Four tubes was def. a lot, they are testing for vitamin deficiencies and testing my white blood cell count.

    Mr. Fab, yes they are! I’ve lucked out and for the most part over the last few years did not have a “bad” stick from them. Until yesterday.