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This is how it happened.

I got up fairly early yesterday. Once mom got up, she walked me through how to make her famous stuffing for the turkey. I cubed the bread, got the other stuff ready (like you thought I’d reveal that recipe!), and took a break.

Turkey got stuffed, thrown (not literally) into the oven. A few hours later, I made the mashed potatoes and brocoli. Mom did the sweet potatoes and gravy. We were set to eat. It was yummy and we’re both still alive, so that’s a huge plus I’m thinking.

My alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. I got outta bed, took a shower, got ready for work and took the long trek into the office.

I packed up what was left of my office decorations and did some work (as little as possible). Boss got to the office, found out it was a holiday for us and sent me home. I was home by 11am.

Now that you’re done reading this boring post, I’m going to go watch this Miami Ink marathon on TLC. I love me some tattoo shows.

Until next time…

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