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Just another manic Monday

I thought I was going to get a break today from the new girl at the station. I had not talked to her all day until about 12:30, she called with a list of questions. I was on the phone with her for 45 minutes because, once again, she didn’t try to figure it out herself. She immediately picks up the phone to ask me, instead of researching the answer herself.

A big part of our jobs as Admin Assistants is to be able to think for ourselves, make independent judgment decisions and basically keep whatever bureau we are assigned floating. I just can’t wrap my brain around her thought processes and so far, she has not been able to wrap her brain around the job processes. I think that she will eventually, but in the meantime I’m struggling with my patience.

That’s enough about work. I had a very busy weekend. On Saturday, I went to that bridal shower and then to a meeting that night, so I was out of my house from 1pm until 10pm. Yesterday, I went to a Las Vegas Wranglers hockey game. Had a great time, we were 6 rows back from the glass. The Wranglers won, so that put my friend MH in a good mood. She has season tickets and so she goes to all the home games. I get to go sometimes when her son or daughter-in-law can not go to the game with her.

I did not get any laundry done at all over the weekend. I’ll be doing one or two loads after work each night this week. Next weekend, I have a 5 year birthday on Friday to go too (a friend in GA) and then Saturday I don’t know what I have down, but I know I do – I have to look at my calendar. Sunday of next week I’m going to a Super Bowl party at a friends house. He works at the station I just left, so he invited me to go. I love SB parties. They are so fun!!

Mom and I talked about the house and as difficult as it is, we decided we need to get out from under the house. Even if the market comes back up and we can re-finance, we would not be able to afford the payments. We can barely afford it now with all our other bills and the like. We will be better off financially (and emotionally) getting a rental for less money and being able to save up for another house in a few years.

It was a difficult decision to make and I don’t think either one of us really want to move again, we love this house. However, it’s going to bankrupt us in one way or another. Financially or emotionally. Not worth it in my opinion.

We are going to start collecting boxes and I’m going to start collecting volunteers to help us move. I will buy pizza and beer (or soda) for the ones who do show up to help. You know how that will go, right? They will say yes, they’ll help and then 50% of them will flake and not show. At least the other 50% will show up and I know of at least three who have said they’d definitely help and I know I can count on them.

Until next time….

One Response to “Just another manic Monday”

  • Fantastagirl says:

    As someone who has moved 10 times in less than 15 years, I would volunteer to help you pack.

    Honestly I like packing, but I hate moving, and unpacking.