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Are you a moped?

I went to the station for coffee this morning, as I mentioned in my previous post. As we were sitting there, it was me, the Cleaning Lady, the Crush and two other co-workers. One of these co-workers will be called The Funny Guy from here on out in this post.

The Funny Guy and The Crush are partners. They ride everyday together and are good friends too.

One day last week, when I was there for coffee, we were talking about sex. Now, as most of you know, I am so not shy when it comes to talking about sex with people I know. Or even on here. I have a very open mind and some of my friends tell me I think like a guy (however that is) when it comes to relationships and sex (maybe that’s been my problem? hmmm).

Back to my point. We were talking about sex and we were also talking about some of the women who work for the same place we do. We specifically were talking about the women who “sleep” their way through a substation or bureau.

Somehow we got onto the subject of being selective when choosing partners to sleep with. Whether on the department or not. They made one comment and I said we could all be a little more selective.

The Funny Guy then says to me….”Well she’s a moped.” I was stumped. I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. So I asked what he meant.

He went on to explain to me that the girl who was the subject of our conversation was a moped. He also said what it meant was that it was fun to ride and you didn’t mind riding it, you just don’t want to get CAUGHT riding it. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

This topic got me to thinking “how many men in my life could I compare to a moped?” Seriously. How many men in my past could I consider mopeds? Looking back now, number 1, I never should have been with them. Number 2, I was ashamed of being with them – how horrible of me to admit that. Number 3, I don’t want anyone in my life to know (save the few exceptions listed below).

WOW!!! That list is long, my friends. LOL. I think back on some of my previous relationships (long and serious or short and sweet) and I immediately think of at least three. A few of them I will take to my grave. No one in my RL will ever know (well save a few close exceptions – Mom, best friends, etc). As far as I’m concerned, they never happened.

And so on that note, I’m going to go take my sheets out of the dryer and go to sleep. Chloe is already sleeping on my bed and Josie is wandering around whimpering for one reason or other. I’ll check it out.

Until next time….

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