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Archive for February, 2007

Stupid is as stupid does

When my boss asks me to do something, I normally do it right away or make sure that it gets done when it’s time to get done.

For instance, if my boss were to tell me to notify him of any and all significant events at the time they occur and not wait until the next day, that’s exactly what I would do. I would notify him immediately of whatever the event was about. If I was told my communication skills needed a little working on, I’d do what I could to improve them.

Someone was given those instructions about a month ago. They didn’t do what they said they would do. They are leaving our bureau.

Have you ever noticed that some people who go to the gym are just there to try to get laid? Or they are so young, they are just there to check everyone out and meet someone. I go to the gym to get in shape. I normally put my iPod headphones on, blast some Linkin Park or Hoobastank and get to work.

I don’t go to socialize. I don’t go to check out the guys. I don’t go so they can check me out. I go cause I want to better my health and this will do it. I was annoyed today at the gym cause I’ve noticed a trend of younger adults who just wander and wander around the gym until they find/see someone they want to flirt with. So they will stop (and sometimes it’s next to me and the machine I’m working at) and start giggling and flexing. GAH! Makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

I went to the gym today and FORGOT my iPod at my office. F-O-R-G-O-T. So I had to listen to these little twits flirting and giggling. Normally, I barely hear them cause of the blaring Linkin Park song in my ears.

I went to the hospital to visit my friend, she’s feeling much better and was released earlier this evening. It turned out to not be anything very serious and it’s treatable and very common. We are all relieved.

I went to Souper!Salad! tonight with some girl friends. It’s a salad buffet type place. It was pretty good! It’s cheaper than Sweet Tomatoes. Even though I like Sweet Tomatoes’ atmosphere better, S!S! wasn’t too bad.

I got home and found I had sold 7 more DVD’s on e-Bay so I printed up the labels and I’ll be taking them to the post office tomorrow. They have a machine where you can ship your own stuff. No more waiting in that long ass fucking line on my lunch hour!

My boss is going to California tomorrow to meet with some Hollywood peoples. I jokingly told him to bring Gary Dourdan back with him. Cause ya know, I want one (of Gary Dourdan that is). If you don’t know who Gary is:
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After I jokingly said that, my boss told me not to be surprised if he does say something. He said that he is going to tell the producers “this is not a done deal until Gary comes back to Vegas to hang with my girl for a day or two.” I laughed. Seriously? Like he would do that, right? (Can you “hear” or “see” fear in the typed word?)

I’m now going to go to bed cause it’s late and I have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn.

Until next time….

Manic on Monday

As I was going to bed last night, I had one of those moments where you remember something extremely important you were supposed to do during the day and you never did. Cause you just let it slip your mind and it never even re-entered your mind until you were going to bed.

I had a horrible case of that last night as I was going to bed. I was near tears cause I felt so horrible. A friend of mine is in the hospital for some tests and I had said I’d go visit her yesterday. I didn’t go visit her, I didn’t even fucking call her. I remembered she was in the hospital as I was walking into my bedroom to go to bed. GAH!!! I’m a horrid friend and I could just kick myself in the ass for it. I feel horrible and I will be calling her later this morning begging for forgiveness.

Have you noticed how fucking creepy it is to watch Sara and Grissom on CSI? That just creeps me out. The way they look at each other, the sly comments, etc etc. It’s just plain fucking creeps me out.

I watched most of the NASCAR race yesterday and I watched all of the Oscars yesterday. All of this was while I organized this Dungeons & Dragons card game that I have. I’m going to sell it on e-Bay. During this time, I’ve decided I hate D&D. Whatever possessed me to play it back in the day is beyond me. Then again, back then, I wasn’t trying to organize the fucking cards into “sets” ya know?

The name of the game is Spellfire. It’s a role playing game (obviously. DUH!) That I used to play back in the mid 90’s with some friends. I’ve lugged them from place to place I’ve moved and I’ve not played the game since the late 90’s. I went online to find a listing of the “sets” and found it off of (that website fucking rocks BTW).

I took almost 2 days in organizing these fuckers cause of course I didn’t have them in any kind of order over the years. The decks and extras were in the exact same condition from the last time I played the game.

I found the Oscars to be a little on the boring side most of the night, yet I loved Ellen as the host. She rocks. I was extremely happy for Melissa Etheridge (she’s one of my fave singers ever) for her win.

My boss is sick today so he won’t be going to work. Another day of me finding stuff to do. Owell, I’ll keep myself busy I suppose!

I’ve got bowling tonight too. Since the boss is not here, I may sneak out early to go to the hospital to see my friend this afternoon before going to bowling. We’ll see how the day goes.

Until next time…

Silent Sunday

Newport Beach at Sunset April 2006

Some kind of wonderful

If you have not watched the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, stop reading now cause I’m about to ruin it for you and tell ya what happened.

I sat on these thoughts for two days. I watched the third episode in the Grey’s Anatomy “epic” three episodes of the last few weeks. I sat on the edge of my seat. I cried like a baby and like I lost one of my friends. I also laughed my ass off and felt my heart warm from seeing Denny.

From day one, when I started watching this show (which was the first episode BTW), I felt a connection to this show. I love the actors. I love the characters. I can relate to each of the characters in a different way. Sometimes, when I’m listening and watching Meredith and her inability to have a healthy relationship, I am reminded of myself.

That is neither here nor there. On to what I’m thinking about. This episode showed the finale of three episodes. Meredith was struggling with the fact that her mother was lucid one moment and the next was lost in her disease of Alzheimer’s.

While on the dock at the tragic ferry boat accident, Meredith gets knocked into the water by the patient she is working on. At the ending of the last episode, Meredith gives up and lets herself sink. She wakes in a room with Dylan (the hottie bomb squad dude who blew up) and Denny (the hottie heart patient Izzie fell for last season). She asks them if she’s dead, they tell her yes.

A lot of this episode focused on Meredith not admitting that she gave up. Denny, Dylan, Bonnie and the nurse who used to work with Ellis all are in her “afterlife” trying to get her to admit she gave up. Bonnie gets mad and ends up bleeding from her wound that killed her several times. Each time, Meredith frantically tries to help her.

Denny and Dylan argue over the way to get Meredith to admit and accept what happened. Denny finally gets her to admit she gave up and at one thought to herself “What’s the point?”

Denny admits to Meredith that every now and then, he and Izzie are in the same place in the hospital at the same time and he can feel her. He gets all teary eyed and it’s very heart warming.

Meanwhile, back inside the real hospital, Meredith’s friends are beside themselves on what’s happening to her. Cristina takes it the hardest and ends up buying one of everything at 99 cent store and then going to Joe’s bar and getting drunk. Burke finds her there later and tells her that if Meredith dies and Cristina is in the bar when that happens, he does not see her coming back from that. He tells her to go say goodbye to her friend.

Izzie is being judgmental and bitchy about George’s marriage to Callie. She even goes as far as telling Callie that their marriage doesn’t mean anything. Callie informs Izzie that she’s there and Izzie needs to get used to it. If she doesn’t? Izzie will just be someone George “used” to know. I loved that scene.

Near the end of the show, Izzie half-heartedly apologizes to George, who ends up walking away. Earlier, he told her that she keeps taking his friendship away by the way she treats Callie. He tells her that if he did make a mistake, he’s going to need her and she continues to take that away. I love that George is sticking up for himself and Callie. It’s awesome. I think Izzie is being a major bitch when it comes to that.

Derek, in the meantime, goes to see Ellis (Meredith’s mother) and accuses her of “breaking” Meredith. Tells her nothing Meredith ever did was good enough for her and that’s why Meredith is the way she is. Addison pulls him out of the room and Derek starts to cry. Addison tells him he is not allowed to break down right now. There’s still hope.

A few minutes later, an alarm sounds from Ellis’ room and Derek goes racing in to see that she’s crashing. Derek frantically tries to save her life and tells her that she will not die on him. Not today.

Shortly after Ellis crashes, she makes an appearance in Meredith’s “afterlife.” Denny tells her to go, run. Meredith and her mother start walking towards each other and Ellis tells her daughter “You’re not supposed to be here.” Meredith says neither is she (Ellis). Ellis hugs her daughter and tells her she is anything but ordinary and then tells Meredith to run.

Richard, Miranda and Burke are all ready to give up on Meredith when Cristina comes in, looking disheveled and heartbroken. She holds Meredith’s feet and tells them to try again. No one moves. Cristina screams them to try one more time. They do and amazingly, Meredith’s heart starts to beat.

Meredith wakes up to Cristina leaning over here and crying. Cristina tells her she and Burke are engaged and then says “Thank you for not dying.” Meredith kind of smirks/grins at her and Cristina sits next to her. Izzie, George and Alex come running to watch through the window.

I have completely left out the stuff going on with Alex. He found that pregnant Jane Doe on the docks. She woke up thinking he was her husband, she has amnesia. She doesn’t remember anything. Alex seems to have a real liking of this chick and takes a special interest in her case and her. It’ll be quite interesting to see where they are going with it.

At the end of the episode, Derek is standing in the doorway of Meredith’s room when she wakes up. He goes to her and climbs in bed with her. Outside of her room, Addison and Sloane are standing and watching. She tells Sloane that Derek never felt that way about her. Sloane informs her that Derek may not have, but he did.

She tells him that if he can go 60 days without having sex with anyone, including her, she would be willing to give their relationship another go. He tells her that she is on and if he can’t have sex, neither can she. She slyly retorts something about and ‘who in the world would I be having sex with?’ And then it cuts to Alex. Coincidence? I think not.

At the end of the hour, I was blowing my nose, and thinking what a great show. And then they show Izzie walking out of the hospital and she suddenly stops, smiles and closes her eyes. They show Denny standing next to her with the same expression on his face. Izzie then continues to walk down the hall. They show Denny walking the opposite direction and then he fades into the hallway.

There were no previews for next week, so obviously they are taking at least a week off from new episodes. I can’t wait to see what develops with George, Callie and Izzie. It will be fun watching it!

Until next time….

The history of the Serenity Prayer

I was thinking about the Serenity Prayer this morning when I woke up. Don’t know why. As a result of that, I decided to look up the history of the prayer. I went to Wiktionary and for all information here. I’ll put my own thoughts outside of the blockquotes.

The way I know the prayer goes like this:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

The Serenity Prayer is the common name for an originally untitled prayer written by the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr in the 1930s or early 1940s.

Niebuhr seems to have written the prayer for use in a sermon, perhaps as early as 1934 (the date given in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, 16th edn., ed. Justin Kaplan, 1992, p. 684), perhaps in the early 1940s.

Elisabeth Sifton’s book The Serenity Prayer (2003) quotes this version as the authentic original:

God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

The earliest verifiable printed texts so far discovered are an approximate (apparently remembered) version in a query in the “Queries and Answers” column in The New York Times Book Review, July 12, 1942, p. 23, which asks for the author of the quotation; and an answer to in the same column, in the issue for August 2, 1942, p. 19, where the quotation is attributed to Niebuhr and an unidentified earlier printed text is quoted as follows:

O God and Heavenly Father,
Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; the courage to change that which can be changed, and the wisdom to know the one from the other, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

This is very interesting. This is part of the history of the Prayer that I never knew. I knew who was credited with writing it, but I did not know about the different versions as stated above.

The prayer became widely known when it was adopted in modified form by Alcoholics Anonymous; an AA magazine, The AA Grapevine, identified Niebuhr as the author (January 1950, pp. 6-7), and the AA web site continues to identify Niebuhr as the author (see External Links).

The prayer is reliably reported to have been in use in Alcoholics Anonymous since the early 1940s. It has also been used in Narcotics Anonymous and other Twelve-step programs. The Alcoholics Anonymous version omits some of Niebuhr’s text:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

This is where I know of it from. Not AA but GA. It’s interesting to read all of this history about it.

I also decided to look up the three main words of the prayer. The ones that I focus on when I’m reciting the prayer after a meeting.

1. The state of being serene.
2. A lack of agitation or disturbance.
3. A title given to a reigning prince or similar dignitary.

1. the quality of a confident character not to be afraid or intimidated easily but without being incautious or inconsiderate
2. the ability to do things which one finds frightening

1. An element of personal character that enables one to distinguish the wise from the unwise.
2. A piece of wise advice.
3. The discretionary use of knowledge for the greatest good.
4. The ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way, especially to different situations from that in which the knowledge was gained.
5. The ability to make a decision based on the combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive understanding.
6. (theology) The ability to know and apply spiritual truths.

Interesting stuff if you ask me.

Until next time…

FOAD Thursday and a recap of my week

Did you doubt I would participate this week? I have a whole week’s worth of angst built up just for today.

As everyone knows, Las Vegas recently played host to the NBA All-Star Game and the festivities surrounding that. There were “jam” sessions and “meet” the players sessions and all kinds of hooplah associated with it.

I think NBA players getting involved in the community (some helped Habitat for Humanity build a house) and other things is awesome and they should be applauded for their efforts in bettering our community. The economic benefits to the community were huge too.

Overall, the weekend was a success. There were a few problems here and there (you know what I mean, like shootings and stabbings and fights) near the end of the weekend.

I worked overtime in the command post for this event. I worked swing shift Friday through Monday. I had originally planned on taking Monday off, due to lack of major activity. After working 3pm to 10pm for three nights, I was tired. It wasn’t super hard on me, but it was hard nonetheless after working 7am to 4pm for the last 4 years.

However, early Monday morning proved to be our busiest time during the weekend. We had 3 separate shooting incidents throughout the valley, with at least 2 of them being NBA related. When I say NBA related, I mean NBA activities were occurring at those locations at the time of the shootings. I got called in to work the command post again at 6pm on Monday night.

I was there until 1am Tuesday morning and nothing happened. We had a few traffic things and NHP got into a vehicle pursuit, which we helped with the apprehension of the two suspects.

My FOAD is in no way, shape or form, directed at the NBA or it’s players. This FOAD is directed at the fans who came to town thinking they would get into the game or the other activities without having bought tickets.

This FOAD is directed to those gang members who came from all over the country just to cause shit on our streets. To the shooters of each incident over the weekend, to the people who were rude to the service industry workers, the thugs who refused to pay their bills, tip their servers, obey the law and generally respect our city…..FUCK OFF AND DIE.

To the asshats who came here with the sole intention of causing problems on the Strip and in other areas of our town (you know, the topless clubs), FUCK OFF AND DIE.

I’ve done a lot of thinking and analyzing on this and I’ve decided actually having a NBA team here in town would not be a bad thing…however, I hope the NBA All-Star game never comes back to this town. Not because of the players or the NBA itself, but because of the element of crime it brought with it.

I have a few FOAD’s for terratorial co-workers too. I sit at my desk for 9 hours in a day and I have enough work to keep me busy for maybe 4 of those hours. Being the cool person that I am, I asked them what I could help them with. They all held onto their work like I was asking them for their first born. Good Lord. So I let them keep it all, if they want to work their asses off for nothing – fucking let em. Fuckers. I did, however, take away one duty from each of the 3 and they can fuck off and die if they don’t like it.

As the Admin Assistant, I’m the lead clerical worker. Numero uno for the support staff. I like to work, I don’t like sitting around with my thumb up my ass just because some people I work with don’t want to give up their work.

Did I mention some of them work overtime to finish their work? WTF?!?!?!?!?! No wonder they don’t want to give it up, they want the money. Fuckers.

My puppy peed on my bed again. Fucker. She’s a bitch. I’m mad at her. She’s no longer allowed to sleep on my bed. Period. I sure hope I don’t give in cause she’s a cutey patootey and I don’t want to give in.

Until next time….

I’m not here for your entertainment

OK actually, I am. However, I just heard this song on my way home from the gym and I really liked it. Now I have some come back lines for when I get hit on in bars. I really like Pink anyway. And it helps she has a super hot husband.

My day was good, I was beat all day but it wasn’t a bad day at all. I didn’t get to the post office like I wanted too, but that’s OK. I’ll do it on my lunch hour tomorrow. I have a few more to get ready for shipping anyway, so I can do it all at once.

The fliers are in the box on the For Sale sign out front. I grabbed a few and I’m going to send them to the area commands at work and ask them to post them. I’ll actually make sure to send it to the academy because we get a lot of recruits from out of town who buy houses right after they graduate the academy.

I’m now going to go lay on the couch and watch Without a Trace. I worked my ass off in the gym and I deserve it. It was my first visit to the gym in two weeks. Holy cow am I going to be sore tomorrow!

Until next time…

Back to normal?

I’m hoping today is the start of me getting back to normal. I’ve been a big fat whiney baby the last few days and I’m so over that.

I’m ready to get the day started at work and get some shit done there. I’m ready to go back to the gym after not going there for 2 weeks due to being sick and then my funky schedule over the weekend. I’ll be going to the gym after work today. I’m so looking forward too it!

On to the positives of working nights this past weekend. I worked 21 hours overtime the first 3 days of the holiday weekend. And then on Monday I worked 7 hours and that will be double time since it was a holiday. That’s going to look GREAT on my check!!!

During the weekend, there was lots of activity where I worked, people yelling across the room, fussing at each other and about the traffic. Traffic was horrendeous the whole weekend, none of us lost our senses of humor tho, so that’s a good thing!

I’m ready for my normal schedule to resume and I hope I don’t have to work hours like that again anytime soon.

Until next time…

I think I’m getting old

I got off work this morning at 1am and I slept until 10am. It’s now almost 6pm and I feel like I have not slept in days. I feel horrid!

I think I’m getting old. I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 10pm. That didn’t seem to be too bad, even though it was a little hard on my body staying up past my bedtime. Last night was something else though. I didn’t go in until 6pm and then stayed until 1am when the Chief working the Post told me I could go home. I love her.

I have done a lot of nothing today, I watched Lost and CSI from last week and then watched 24 and Heroes from last night. I love Heroes. That show fucking rocks. 24 is one of the best shows ever.

I’ve sold quite a bit more on e-Bay. I need to go to the post office to ship it all. GAH! Didn’t I just do this? hahaha I have about 15 more packages to ship out. Oh well. I suppose it’ll be worth it to get rid of the shit I’m selling AND to make some extra monies!

Our house is officially on the market. Real Estate Lady came over today to take pictures and put the lock box out front. I will flip my lid if people try to come in this house when we are here without calling us first. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen, but it’s something I thought of while laying around doing nothing today.

I am going to go back to the couch now. I need to continue doing nothing. Oh, by the way? I’m glad the NBA All-Star weekend is over. I hope the All-Star game never comes back here. I know that it generated a lot of revenue for the city, however, I’m glad it’s gone.

Until next time…

Thugs suck

Because of this:

Police were called to the Minxx Gentleman’s Club, on Wynn Road near Tropicana, early Monday morning after reports of gunfire.

Witnesses say a fight broke out over money and at least three people were shot. We don’t know yet the extent of their injuries.

Police were also called out after shots were fired inside a parking garage at the MGM Grand. It happened around 4 AM.

One person was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the hip. Metro Police are questioning up to half a dozen individuals about this shooting incident.

I have to work AGAIN tonight. I’m quite irritated really. I was so happy I was going to have one day off in the middle of my 11 day work week. Well that got canceled cause of the thugs in this town who don’t know how to keep their guns and their mouths to themselves. Fuckers need to be hung up by their short and curlies.

I woke up at 6am today and I got the call at 7:30. I have to go in at 6pm unless things settle down and completely go away. If I get the call that I don’t have to go in, I will be super happy. If I don’t, I’ll only be happy when I get my paycheck cause today will be double time since it’s a holiday.

It’s early, but I’d like to send out a Fuck Off And Die to the thugs who came to town with the NBA All-Star weekend festivities. Go home and shoot people in your own town.

If they were local thugs, I’d like to send the same FOAD to them and tell them to get the fuck outta this town. You’re not cool. You’re not “all that” and you certainly aren’t above the law.

OK, done venting for now.

Until next time…