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Archive for April, 2007

Just another manic monday, or will it be?

So the Embarq DSL went down again last night. Figures, eh? I’m keeping track of what days and how long it was down. I don’t know if it’s still down right now, I’ll find out later. Fuckers. I’m going to end up with a week for free. WOOT! I love free shit.

Ever have one of those weekends where you feel like you were busier on your weekend than you were during the work week? *sigh* I feel like I got no rest. I was constantly doing something it seems.

Friday was the carpet cleaning and rearranging of furniture and then the hockey game. Saturday was the gym and shopping and then the meeting. Sunday was the gym and then laundry ALL FUCKING DAY! 8 hours of laundry folks. That is what happens when you let your extra sets of sheets and towels sit in the hamper for awhile. It’s all done and folded and put away now.

I got to watch quite a bit of sports, so that’s always a good thing for me. I watched some Yankees games (even though they lost most of the games I watched); I watched some NASCAR; I watched some NHL playoffs and I watched some of the NFL draft.

I have to find a bunch of report covers before tomorrow. I was supposed to get them last week and I fucking forgot. Speaking of forgetting things. I seem to be forgetting to take my meds in the mornings. Ready to see what meds I’m on?

Lexapro (GAD and Depression)
Ativan (Anxiety)
Chantix (quit smoking)
Pepcid (get lots of heartburn due to the anxiety)
Lots o vitamins

That’s all I have to remember to take on a daily basis. So why is it that on the weekends, I tend to forget. I took them this morning already so I’m good to go for today. But damn, these are some pretty important meds that I am forgetting to take.

I need to find a supplement for memory loss. Seriously. It’s beginning to concern me greatly that I keep forgetting to take these meds. Even up to the point where I procrastinate (cause I kept forgetting) to get one of them refilled.

The Las Vegas Wranglers lost their game last night in Idaho. They have been eliminated from the ECHL playoffs. Which sucks. MH and I were looking forward to there being a game 7 tonight at the Orleans. We were going to skip bowling if that happened.

Speaking of bowling. Tonight is our last night until June something. I need to find out for sure. We are going to have the same team as this season. Oh, BTW, we came in 1st this season. WOOT! helps that two of our bowlers (KP and MH) are AWESOME bowlers, while mom and I are just mediocre. We improve each season, so that’s a good thing!

I’m going to be at a loss on Monday nights as to what to occupy my time. I’ll probably start going to the gym and a meeting on Mondays, just to keep busy.

Until next time….

I hate it when my memory fails me

All day yesterday, I went about doing my thing and thinking to myself “what am I forgetting today?” or “I’m supposed to be somewhere.” And then I just said fuck it and went about my day.

I went to the gym, I went shopping for shorts (have I mentioned I do not own ONE pair of shorts that fit me?) since it got up to 97 officially yesterday. Today will be no cooler. After shopping, I went to my meeting at 6pm. It was the last meeting there cause it’s shutting down. The owner/management of the complex didn’t renew the contract and gave the room to the company next door. How nice of them.

I got to said meeting and one of the girls says to me “Hey, Sodapop, why weren’t you at the picnic today?” DOH!!!!!!!! That would be what I was forgetting all day long. Figures.

Everyone knows I’m a NASCAR fan. And even fewer know that I’m a Tony Stewart fan. My brother, Slobokan, has a GREAT post about some comments Tony made on his radio show. I’m a few days late in reporting about this post, cause I’m a horrible blog reader and commenter. I only do it about once a week or so.

I don’t know that I would have called him a coward, however, I do know that I’m disappointed he retracted his statement. Fucking NASCAR officials probably threatened him behind closed doors and that’s why he retracted them. We’ll never know.

The Yankees won a game yesterday. HOLY SHIT!!!! I was quite happy about that! The first pitch of the game, the pitcher gets hit in the knee with the ball after it was hit. WTF? If any team has worse luck than the Yankees with pitching, please point it out to me.

I joined a Fantasy Baseball league, for shits n giggles. I set up my ranking of players and then I’ve pretty much ignored the team. Then, Mr. Fab (who is in the league as well) emails me and asks me if my team is the Peppers. I say yes, blah blah blah been ignoring them, blah blah blah. Mr. Fab proceeds to tell me they are in first. WOW! I’ve ignored them and they are in first. How cool is that? Guess I set up my player rankings the right way.

It’s the first time EVER I’ve joined a fantasy league and I really just had/have no idea what to do with it. heehee Makes me giggle they are in first.

Off to find some food and then slowly get ready for my appointment with “E” at the gym.

Until next time…..

The sports post

I went to a hockey game last night. Our local team, the Las Vegas Wranglers kicked ass most of the regular season and they are into their 2nd round of the ECHL playoffs. The Wranglers were trailing in the series to Idaho 3-1. Last night, the Wranglers forced a game 6 back in Idaho by shutting out the Potatoheads. I mean the Steelheads 4 to 0.

As for the NHL, I don’t have a team that I am a huge fan of. I follow a few teams here and there. During these Stanley Cup Playoffs Semi Finals conference, Buffalo is playing the NY Rangers (I do follow the Rangers sometimes). The Sabres (Buffalo) are leading the series 2 to 0 so far. The New Jersey Devils are playing Ottawa (uhh don’t know the name of their team LOL) and Ottawa is leading the series 1 to 0.

Detroit is playing the San Jose Sharks. San Jose leads the series 1 to 0. Anaheim is playing Vancouver and their series is tied at 1.

The Yankees are sucking ass and I’m getting really mad. They are still my fave team, don’t get me wrong. I’m so NOT jumping off this bandwagon. However, when one of the best teams in baseball history is 8 and 13 on the season so far? That pisses me right off. Fuckers.

The pitching needs to improve, the pitchers need to get off the DL and the hitters need to hit. Now, I have to say their hitting has been very good as of late and I’m trying not to complain about everything concerning this team. DAMNIT START WINNING!!!!!!!!!! that’s what I’m trying to say. Oh, and Mariano Rivera has got to STOP being owned by Varitek. Fuck. Varitek is an awesome hitter and he OWNS Rivera. Always has. So why. Why, I ask, does Torre put Mariano in the game to pitch against Varitek? When they are already losing I might add. Fucking 11 to 4. What the fuck?

The NFL Draft is this weekend. Oakland is looking to improve their offense a bit and took QB JaMarcus Russell. There have been six other picks as of this post. Calvin Johnson, WR, is going to Detroit. Cleveland took Joe Thomas, OT; Tampa Bay took Gaines Adams, a DE from Clemson. Levi Brown, OT from Penn State is going to Arizona; LaRon Landry, FS, is going to Washington and Adrian Peterson, a running back from Oklahoma is going to Minnesota.

I’m waiting to see what/who Green Bay does/picks in this thing and they are #16 in this first draft. I got a long fucking wait for that to occur. LOL

Over in the NASCAR Nextel Cup series, Jeff Gordon is sitting #1 in points after the Subway Fresh Fit 500 from Phoenix. Tony Stewart jumped two spots in the points standings and is now sitting #7 with 994 points and -332 from the leader.

OK, I’ve touched on all four sports that I watch.

Until next time….

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Computer problems? Or not.

A few days ago, I lost connectivity on my two computers. The desktop and the laptop were suddenly not connecting to the internet. I called Embarq (like I mentioned before) and they said it was my equipment.

I almost blew a fuse. However, I tried to play around with the desktop first, to see if I could get it working. Nothing.

So today, before disconnecting everything on the computer and taking it to a Geek Squad to look at – I called Embarq ONE MORE TIME, just to see.

Apparently there is an outage in my area and every customer in this area is effected. They have no estimated time of when it will be back. So that means I have no estimated time of when I’ll be on the internet again.

Mom will most likely let me use her computer every now and then, but my withdrawal symptoms have already started, even as I type this from mom’s computer.

I miss my Twitter and my DIST and everything in between. At least I don’t have spend money on getting that shit tested. Just have to wait it out.

At the end of the outage, I get to call the business office and get a discount on my next bill. 3 days of this shit and they had me thinking it was MY equipment. Fuckers.

See ya when I see ya.

Until next time…..

Embarq sucks ass

OH, look at that. It’s FOAD Thursday. I totally forgot about this day. Until just this very second when I typed in that blog post title. But I’m not going to tell them to FOAD, cause they could be right. I just think they suck ass.

Since yesterday afternoon, the DSL modem I have (or actually it could be my computer – but we’ll go with the modem, k?) stopped working.

All lights are on, it even shows a bit of activity and it’s not connecting. I’m thinking it’s the modem, which effects the wireless things I have from Netgear. Cause the laptop isn’t working either.

I called Embarq and they told me it was my computers. So I’ll take most of my day tomorrow trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with my computer. I still think it’s Embarq. Just go along with me here, OK? LOL

I left work today at noon. I was ready to lose my mind. I went straight to the pharmacy and picked up my prescription. *sigh* I am feeling so much better right now. I cried from the time I left work until I got to the pharmacy.

I got back to my car and took the pill immediately. I didn’t even want to wait until I got home to take it. I’ll make sure I never do that shit again. I think it was withdrawal of some kind cause it was like I was having an anxiety attack. It sucked. But it’s fixed now.

So the passive agressive people have been confronted and there was a great coming to Jesus talk. It was sweet watching it go down too.

We are getting the carpets cleaned tomorrow morning. The guy will be here between 8 and 8:15. So I need to move a bunch of stuff around tonight after I get home (I’m going to help my boss’ wife with something at 6 and will get home around 9pm or so) and then again in the morning.

When he’s here, we are going to lock the pups outside, so they don’t get under his (or our) feet. He’s cleaned our carpets before, several times for me. He’s the brother-in-law of a co-worker of mine from years ago.

Does anyone else watch Workout? Monique mentioned it once to me and so I’ve been watching it ever since. I’m addicted to the drama in these people’s lives. It’s like a train wreck you just can’t stop looking at. LOL

I wonder if I should switch back over to Cox cable modem (yeah, my mind just went from thinking of Workout to thinking of the computer/modem problems I’m having)

Until next time….

I can be such a dork

I’ve been without one of my meds since Monday because I’m a dork and forgot to call it in. It’ll be ready for me tomorrow after I get off work. Less than 24 hours to go and I’ll be right as rain.

I have felt weepy all day long and I couldn’t figure it out until part of the day had gone by. I went to the gym and the endorphines from the workout seemed to have helped a bit. Until I tried to log on. Neither my desktop nor my laptop were/are working. I spent 2 fucking hours trying to figure out what’s up with the DSL.

Well guess what folks? Mom has a computer in her office. Why in the world would I spend 2 hours trying to get online when all I had to do was come in here and log on? She has cable modem, so it wouldn’t even be the same thing. *sigh*

Some people are being passive aggressive at work and I hate them. I just loathe them. I wanted to meet a few of them out at the bike rack after school and start boxing.

My protective instinct when it comes to my boss is very strong, much like it is with my family. When people start talking shit about him without good cause AND the shit they are saying is untrue, I have a HUGE HUGE problem with that. He’ll take care of himself, I know cause he’s good like that. But damn, I just wanted to punch them all in the face. Fucktards.

So I’m sitting here in mom’s office, watching CSI and the girls (the dogs) are at my feet, much like they do to mom when she’s in here on her computer. They have been driving me CRAZY tonight and I think it’s so much more blatant cause I’ve been without my meds.

I can’t wait til I get off work tomorrow for two reasons #1 – I’ll get my meds. #2 – It’s Friday and I won’t have to look at those people at work and pretend.

I’m ready for bed now.

Until next time…

Self analysis

I do a lot of self analysis. Right or wrong, it’s what I do. I have come to realize in the last month or so that I let my friend’s opinions and judgements of me form my own opinion and judgements of me.

So in the last month, I’ve been working on NOT letting that happen. I’m a good person and I like to have fun, no matter where I’m at or what’s happening around me. I’m happy with who I am and I love my life today.

It has been no secret that I’ve had an issue with men in my life. I’ve poached and I’ve done some one night stands and I’ve done some crazy shit. The only thing I don’t like about my past is that I poached. Poaching is when a woman goes after another woman’s man. I strive not to do that today and so far I’ve succeeded.

I’ve been single a long time and only date here and there. Most of my ‘dating’ has started out sexually and either ended or gone from there. Right or wrong? Who cares? I believe that as long as I’m doing what I feel is right for me, it shouldn’t matter how it starts. If it’s going to happen it’s going to happen the way it’s supposed to happen. Whether it starts out sexually or romantically.

Beginning a relationship of any kind, whether it turns serious or just remains Friends with Benefits, can be scary, exciting and a little intimidating. Especially when it just comes out of the blue.

I’ve noticed most of my FWB’s or any other kind of relationships have started with some flirting, hitting on each other, lots of rehtoric between the two. It has never started just out of the blue. Until recently, when I was at a party and hanging out with someone. We talked a lot and got to know each other quite well.

This person and I have known each other for almost 2 years. We never really got to know each other. We never flirted with each other, we never hit on each other. Needless to say, something has started between us. Where is it going? Who knows?

At this point, I’m enjoying the fact that there were no expectations and no preconceived notions of what was going to happen next. We never exchanged phone numbers the night of the party, so on Monday, I took it upon myself to let the bold portion of my personality shine through. I went to where he works and left my phone number in his mailbox.

I figured he would either call immediately, or when he returned from working at the River Run. I really didn’t expect anything from it because I knew we were both still “reeling” from the fact neither one of us saw this coming.

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon and it was him. He let me know he had received my note and we talked for about 25 minutes. He said he will call me this week if he gets a chance while down in Laughlin or will call me when he returns to Vegas.

Seriously. Nobody saw this one coming. Nobody would have ever expected this to happen. But it did and it has. So what do I do with this? I let it occur the way it’s going to occur. I take no control over any of this situation. It’s going to happen naturally and the way it’s supposed too. It is what it is and I’m ready to go with the flow of it.

And of course, one or two of my friends I have talked too have grilled me and want me to grill him for more deeper information. OK, kids. It’s a little early in this “relationship” to be fucking grilling someone. I’ll find out information as we go along. If something pops up that makes me uncomfortable, I will back off.

One or two of these friends have also fussed at me for having a one night stand. Who are they to judge me for that? I’m single. I don’t have anything to lose and I like sex. Awwww I get it. Men are allowed to do that, but I’m not allowed cause I’m a girl. That whole double standard comes to the forefront. Fuck that. People can think whatever they want to think about me or this situation. I’m enjoying it and I have no regrets, no guilt.

OK, once again, I open my diary for all of you to read. Take what you like and leave the rest!

Until next time…

This is what I wanna be

I’ve been channel surfing the music stations on Cox Cable. Channels 900 something thru 940 or something like that are all music. No videos, just music.

I just turned it on to R&B Hits. New Edition’s song Mr. Telephone Man is on. I LOVE New Edition. I’m singing along.

I don’t think I could begin to put into words the type of day I had today. It was a very good day, all around. I got to work and my boss and I worked on the initiative he’s been assigned.

We went to a meeting after that and I was out of the office the rest of the day at more meetings.

Every Tuesday, there is a meeting and certain bureaus do presentations. It was our turn today and we fucking rocked the house. It was kick ass. They were quite impressed (as they should have been). The people who did the presentation from my bureau were passionate, funny and full of life. They liked that.

I returned to the office at about 3pm to get my stuff together and leave. The boss fussed at me for even driving back to the office, but I had to get my gym bag and a few other things I had there.

I got a phone call today that just put me over the top on my mood. I was quite happy to hear from the person. I need to find a name for them while on this blog. When I think of something, I’ll let ya know.

The workout went well with “E,” even though he’s upped the weight on all my strength training. I knew it was going to happen eventually to where he did it consistently. It was getting a little easy for me on the last weight amount, so he upped it and told me to keep it there even when I’m not working out with him.

I don’t see him again until Sunday at 11am. So I’ll be going to the gym on my own the rest of this week (except Thursday).

I went to the grocery store after the gym and got some artichokes, fruits and salad stuff. I cooked an artichoke all by my lonesome. Actually, I had to call mom at work and ask her how to do it, but I did it! WOOT!

I’m now getting ready to go to bed and watch TV cause my body is a little sore from the work out and I’m tired as shit.

Until next time….

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Mondays. Blah blah blah

I’ve been busy today! I actually did some projects for someone that works here. It kept me busy most of the morning. And after lunch I was bored to tears.

Tonight is bowling and it’s position week. We have been in first for awhile and I believe we maintained that position last week. Just have to see who we are playing tonight.

I hope my whole body soreness will not get in the way. My abs are killing me so everytime I move, even the slightest bit, it hurts. That’s what happens when you go to the gym withOUT your trainer and work your abs the way he’s shown you and THEN have an appointment with him the NEXT day and you’re hung over trying to do the abs work he wants you to do. *sigh*

My legs hurt from the work out as well. He thought since I was hung over that I did not do my regular cardio (20 min on the elliptical, 15 on the bike and 3 on the stair master) but I had done all but the bike. So he put me on the stair master AGAIN for 3 minutes. I felt like my legs were burning and my lungs were burning too. It sucked.

This week is the Laughlin River Run so I won’t get to see the guys when I go for coffee tomorrow or Wednesday morning. I’ll get to see the Cleaning Lady though and catch up with her. I’m sure she’s going to question me about the party on Saturday. I just have to keep telling myself, what happened at the party, stays at the party. LOL. She won’t like that I’m not gossipy about it though. Guess she’ll get over it. She likes to gossip and talk about everything that happens. There are some things she doesn’t need to know. Kind of like my mom. There are certain things mom doesn’t need to know bout me, know what I’m saying?

I have found the tattoos that I want and I have decided on the placement of said tattoos. Now I just need to save the money up (once I find out how much they will cost) and I know who I’m going to have them done by.

The Love symbol is in the Hiragana script and will be vertical on the back of my neck starting right above the shoulders. The Tranquility is in the Kanji script and will be vertical on the outside of my right ankle. If you click here you’ll see them.

Until next time….

Latest google phrases

You’d think I had nothing better to do today but blog. I guess I don’t. I don’t really have the energy levels for much more than I’ve done today. Which is almost nothing.

I did, however, make my gym appointment today with “E.” He was shocked I was there. My appointment was at 11am. When I drink, I don’t sleep. I didn’t really sleep last night. At all. I guess it didn’t help that I didn’t get home until almost 1am.

Anywho. The most searched phrase on my blog? “I just hate how it sounds” It’s lyrics to a song called One Thing by Finger Eleven. I used the phrase once as a blog title.

The second most searched phrase on my blog? feel the rain on your skin” or “no one else can feel it for you” those are running close for second. Both are song lyrics from Natasha Beddingfield’s “Unwritten”

The third most searched phrase on my blog is stephen mulderry Stephen is the person I did my 9/11 tribute for back in September.

A few other searched phrases:

sexual experiences every man and woman HUH? I have no idea where this one came from. I must have done one of my lists from iVillage or

shaun dreisbach who the fuck is that? I’ve gotten quite a few searches for this person. I don’t know who it is.

sodapop or soda stand that’s me and you’re at the Soda Stand.

henry prendes I will forever be haunted by this search phrase. I only posted about him once (for a full post) and then mention him here and there. Especially when I get a lot of searches for him.

Those are the top 8 searches that have brought people to my blog lately. Interesting, confusing and not quite as dirty as it has been in the past. I guess that’s a good thing!

The Red Sox hit four home runs in a row. Four hitters each hit a solo shot over the green monster. WTH is that all about? The game is currently tied because Derek Jeter (yummmmy!) just hit a solo shot.

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