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Latest google phrases

You’d think I had nothing better to do today but blog. I guess I don’t. I don’t really have the energy levels for much more than I’ve done today. Which is almost nothing.

I did, however, make my gym appointment today with “E.” He was shocked I was there. My appointment was at 11am. When I drink, I don’t sleep. I didn’t really sleep last night. At all. I guess it didn’t help that I didn’t get home until almost 1am.

Anywho. The most searched phrase on my blog? “I just hate how it sounds” It’s lyrics to a song called One Thing by Finger Eleven. I used the phrase once as a blog title.

The second most searched phrase on my blog? feel the rain on your skin” or “no one else can feel it for you” those are running close for second. Both are song lyrics from Natasha Beddingfield’s “Unwritten”

The third most searched phrase on my blog is stephen mulderry Stephen is the person I did my 9/11 tribute for back in September.

A few other searched phrases:

sexual experiences every man and woman HUH? I have no idea where this one came from. I must have done one of my lists from iVillage or

shaun dreisbach who the fuck is that? I’ve gotten quite a few searches for this person. I don’t know who it is.

sodapop or soda stand that’s me and you’re at the Soda Stand.

henry prendes I will forever be haunted by this search phrase. I only posted about him once (for a full post) and then mention him here and there. Especially when I get a lot of searches for him.

Those are the top 8 searches that have brought people to my blog lately. Interesting, confusing and not quite as dirty as it has been in the past. I guess that’s a good thing!

The Red Sox hit four home runs in a row. Four hitters each hit a solo shot over the green monster. WTH is that all about? The game is currently tied because Derek Jeter (yummmmy!) just hit a solo shot.

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