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I can be such a dork

I’ve been without one of my meds since Monday because I’m a dork and forgot to call it in. It’ll be ready for me tomorrow after I get off work. Less than 24 hours to go and I’ll be right as rain.

I have felt weepy all day long and I couldn’t figure it out until part of the day had gone by. I went to the gym and the endorphines from the workout seemed to have helped a bit. Until I tried to log on. Neither my desktop nor my laptop were/are working. I spent 2 fucking hours trying to figure out what’s up with the DSL.

Well guess what folks? Mom has a computer in her office. Why in the world would I spend 2 hours trying to get online when all I had to do was come in here and log on? She has cable modem, so it wouldn’t even be the same thing. *sigh*

Some people are being passive aggressive at work and I hate them. I just loathe them. I wanted to meet a few of them out at the bike rack after school and start boxing.

My protective instinct when it comes to my boss is very strong, much like it is with my family. When people start talking shit about him without good cause AND the shit they are saying is untrue, I have a HUGE HUGE problem with that. He’ll take care of himself, I know cause he’s good like that. But damn, I just wanted to punch them all in the face. Fucktards.

So I’m sitting here in mom’s office, watching CSI and the girls (the dogs) are at my feet, much like they do to mom when she’s in here on her computer. They have been driving me CRAZY tonight and I think it’s so much more blatant cause I’ve been without my meds.

I can’t wait til I get off work tomorrow for two reasons #1 – I’ll get my meds. #2 – It’s Friday and I won’t have to look at those people at work and pretend.

I’m ready for bed now.

Until next time…

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