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The sports post

I went to a hockey game last night. Our local team, the Las Vegas Wranglers kicked ass most of the regular season and they are into their 2nd round of the ECHL playoffs. The Wranglers were trailing in the series to Idaho 3-1. Last night, the Wranglers forced a game 6 back in Idaho by shutting out the Potatoheads. I mean the Steelheads 4 to 0.

As for the NHL, I don’t have a team that I am a huge fan of. I follow a few teams here and there. During these Stanley Cup Playoffs Semi Finals conference, Buffalo is playing the NY Rangers (I do follow the Rangers sometimes). The Sabres (Buffalo) are leading the series 2 to 0 so far. The New Jersey Devils are playing Ottawa (uhh don’t know the name of their team LOL) and Ottawa is leading the series 1 to 0.

Detroit is playing the San Jose Sharks. San Jose leads the series 1 to 0. Anaheim is playing Vancouver and their series is tied at 1.

The Yankees are sucking ass and I’m getting really mad. They are still my fave team, don’t get me wrong. I’m so NOT jumping off this bandwagon. However, when one of the best teams in baseball history is 8 and 13 on the season so far? That pisses me right off. Fuckers.

The pitching needs to improve, the pitchers need to get off the DL and the hitters need to hit. Now, I have to say their hitting has been very good as of late and I’m trying not to complain about everything concerning this team. DAMNIT START WINNING!!!!!!!!!! that’s what I’m trying to say. Oh, and Mariano Rivera has got to STOP being owned by Varitek. Fuck. Varitek is an awesome hitter and he OWNS Rivera. Always has. So why. Why, I ask, does Torre put Mariano in the game to pitch against Varitek? When they are already losing I might add. Fucking 11 to 4. What the fuck?

The NFL Draft is this weekend. Oakland is looking to improve their offense a bit and took QB JaMarcus Russell. There have been six other picks as of this post. Calvin Johnson, WR, is going to Detroit. Cleveland took Joe Thomas, OT; Tampa Bay took Gaines Adams, a DE from Clemson. Levi Brown, OT from Penn State is going to Arizona; LaRon Landry, FS, is going to Washington and Adrian Peterson, a running back from Oklahoma is going to Minnesota.

I’m waiting to see what/who Green Bay does/picks in this thing and they are #16 in this first draft. I got a long fucking wait for that to occur. LOL

Over in the NASCAR Nextel Cup series, Jeff Gordon is sitting #1 in points after the Subway Fresh Fit 500 from Phoenix. Tony Stewart jumped two spots in the points standings and is now sitting #7 with 994 points and -332 from the leader.

OK, I’ve touched on all four sports that I watch.

Until next time….

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4 Responses to “The sports post”

  • Monique says:

    This has nothing to do with sports lol — have you seen Shear Genius on Bravo??? LOVE IT! Watched it for the first time today. I could watch Bravo 24/7.

  • NYC Watchdog says:

    It’s only 21 games into the season… there’s like 140 more to go… don’t worry.

    Although I do agree that WAY too many players are on the DL so damn early.

  • Sodapop says:

    Monique, no I haven’t watched that one. I have so many shows set for the DVR, I can hardly keep up with them as it is hahah I’ll check it out one of these days!

    Dawg, you’re right, there are over 130 games to go and I need to be a little more patient. But damnit, I want them to win EVERY game.

    And then today’s game the pitcher gets hit in the knee with the first pitch. GAH!!!!

  • Mr. Fabulous says:

    They won yesterday. Happy now? LOL