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I hate it when my memory fails me

All day yesterday, I went about doing my thing and thinking to myself “what am I forgetting today?” or “I’m supposed to be somewhere.” And then I just said fuck it and went about my day.

I went to the gym, I went shopping for shorts (have I mentioned I do not own ONE pair of shorts that fit me?) since it got up to 97 officially yesterday. Today will be no cooler. After shopping, I went to my meeting at 6pm. It was the last meeting there cause it’s shutting down. The owner/management of the complex didn’t renew the contract and gave the room to the company next door. How nice of them.

I got to said meeting and one of the girls says to me “Hey, Sodapop, why weren’t you at the picnic today?” DOH!!!!!!!! That would be what I was forgetting all day long. Figures.

Everyone knows I’m a NASCAR fan. And even fewer know that I’m a Tony Stewart fan. My brother, Slobokan, has a GREAT post about some comments Tony made on his radio show. I’m a few days late in reporting about this post, cause I’m a horrible blog reader and commenter. I only do it about once a week or so.

I don’t know that I would have called him a coward, however, I do know that I’m disappointed he retracted his statement. Fucking NASCAR officials probably threatened him behind closed doors and that’s why he retracted them. We’ll never know.

The Yankees won a game yesterday. HOLY SHIT!!!! I was quite happy about that! The first pitch of the game, the pitcher gets hit in the knee with the ball after it was hit. WTF? If any team has worse luck than the Yankees with pitching, please point it out to me.

I joined a Fantasy Baseball league, for shits n giggles. I set up my ranking of players and then I’ve pretty much ignored the team. Then, Mr. Fab (who is in the league as well) emails me and asks me if my team is the Peppers. I say yes, blah blah blah been ignoring them, blah blah blah. Mr. Fab proceeds to tell me they are in first. WOW! I’ve ignored them and they are in first. How cool is that? Guess I set up my player rankings the right way.

It’s the first time EVER I’ve joined a fantasy league and I really just had/have no idea what to do with it. heehee Makes me giggle they are in first.

Off to find some food and then slowly get ready for my appointment with “E” at the gym.

Until next time…..

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