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Just another manic monday, or will it be?

So the Embarq DSL went down again last night. Figures, eh? I’m keeping track of what days and how long it was down. I don’t know if it’s still down right now, I’ll find out later. Fuckers. I’m going to end up with a week for free. WOOT! I love free shit.

Ever have one of those weekends where you feel like you were busier on your weekend than you were during the work week? *sigh* I feel like I got no rest. I was constantly doing something it seems.

Friday was the carpet cleaning and rearranging of furniture and then the hockey game. Saturday was the gym and shopping and then the meeting. Sunday was the gym and then laundry ALL FUCKING DAY! 8 hours of laundry folks. That is what happens when you let your extra sets of sheets and towels sit in the hamper for awhile. It’s all done and folded and put away now.

I got to watch quite a bit of sports, so that’s always a good thing for me. I watched some Yankees games (even though they lost most of the games I watched); I watched some NASCAR; I watched some NHL playoffs and I watched some of the NFL draft.

I have to find a bunch of report covers before tomorrow. I was supposed to get them last week and I fucking forgot. Speaking of forgetting things. I seem to be forgetting to take my meds in the mornings. Ready to see what meds I’m on?

Lexapro (GAD and Depression)
Ativan (Anxiety)
Chantix (quit smoking)
Pepcid (get lots of heartburn due to the anxiety)
Lots o vitamins

That’s all I have to remember to take on a daily basis. So why is it that on the weekends, I tend to forget. I took them this morning already so I’m good to go for today. But damn, these are some pretty important meds that I am forgetting to take.

I need to find a supplement for memory loss. Seriously. It’s beginning to concern me greatly that I keep forgetting to take these meds. Even up to the point where I procrastinate (cause I kept forgetting) to get one of them refilled.

The Las Vegas Wranglers lost their game last night in Idaho. They have been eliminated from the ECHL playoffs. Which sucks. MH and I were looking forward to there being a game 7 tonight at the Orleans. We were going to skip bowling if that happened.

Speaking of bowling. Tonight is our last night until June something. I need to find out for sure. We are going to have the same team as this season. Oh, BTW, we came in 1st this season. WOOT! helps that two of our bowlers (KP and MH) are AWESOME bowlers, while mom and I are just mediocre. We improve each season, so that’s a good thing!

I’m going to be at a loss on Monday nights as to what to occupy my time. I’ll probably start going to the gym and a meeting on Mondays, just to keep busy.

Until next time….

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