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100 Things About Me

As promised. Here are the 100 Things About Me I posted during the Blogathon in 10 different posts.

I’ve broken it down into sections of 10-20 different things.

Things I’d like to do before dying.
1. I’d like to travel Europe, the United Kingdom and parts of Asia (specifically Thailand, Korea and Japan)
2. I’d like to travel the Caribbean, on a cruise ship – for more than 7 days.
3. I’d like to become financially stable and be debt free (this one is happening sooner than I think)
4. I’d like to become a photo journalist and do freelance work on the side of whatever career I’m in.
5. Find the man I’m going to marry and have a healthy relationship
6. Lose about 10 more pounds and get into better shape than I already am in
7. Get laser hair removal on my legs, bikini area, underarms and upper lip. I’m tired of shaving, waxing and plucking.
8. Finish my dental work I need done and then take care of my investment.
9. Learn more about web design, CSS and HTML
10. Always be there for my friends when they need me.
Random facts about me
11. I have two dogs, Josie and Chloe. Josie is a 7 year old Yorkie and Chloe is not a year old yet and she’s a Chihuaha/Dachsund mix.
12. I have three six tattoos.
13. The first one is an ivy vine surrounding the ankle with two red roses, one on each side of the ankle. 2nd one is Chinese for “brave one” on my right shoulder blade and the third is a huge tribal design on my lower back.
14. I want got three more tattoos. Japanese Hiragana for “Love” on the inside of my left wrist, Japanese Kanji for Tranquility on the inside of my right wrist and a purple butterfly landing on a cherry blossom on my left shoulder blade.  
15. I live in Las Vegas Louisville, KY and I just moved here in October.  I’ve always wanted to leave Las Vegas and so I’m finally letting myself do it.
16. My life is very good, I have a lot to be grateful for and I strive to keep that in mind every day.
17. I went to Las Vegas High School and graduated 1987. I was the third generation in my family to do so.
18. I worked for the local police department for 15 years and was the third generation in my family to do so.
19. On July 30, 2007, I will recognized 6 years in Gambler’s Anonymous.
20. I drive a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta and it’s my favorite car ever.
I believe
21. I believe in a Higher Power, whom I choose to call God.
22. I believe in myself and the recovery I’ve gained in almost six seven years.
23. I believe in love and believe it’s out there somewhere waiting for me.
24. I believe in the good of others, whether they choose to see it or not.
25. I believe that my God would never bring me to a place without walking me through that same place.
26. I believe in compassion, compromise, monogamy and trust in a relationship.
27. I believe I’m becoming a better person every single day with the help of GA and my Higher Power.
28. I believe my friend Todd, who passed away in 2005, watches over me and guides me in some of my decision making processes.
29. I believe strong friendships can be nurtured and grow, whether online or in RL.
30. I believe for the last 6 years, I’ve had a very wonderful life and I look forward to continuing with the happiness.
I dislike
31. People who think they are better than you and me.
32. People with no common sense
33. Mean people who do and say things to be mean just because, for no real reason
34. Stupid people who continuously breed. Just.stop.the.madness.
35. Judgmental people who judge me and others for things we do and say. I only have one judge and when I die, I’ll answer to Him.
36. The drivers in Las Vegas. God they suck. They are rude, cut ya off and then flip you off cause you honked at them to let them know you were there. Fucksticks.
37. Men who try to take advantage of my emotions on any level. It’s mean and just not right
38. Men who are “happily” married, yet want to have sex with me. Huh? I don’t get that.
39. People who are two faced. Just stop. No point in it. If you don’t like me, don’t be
friends with me or pretend to be friends with me. I can see through it
40. That song Rehab by Amy Winehouse. It makes me suicidal listening to it and I just want to gouge out my eyes. I hate it.
Just stuff
41. I’m left handed
42. That makes me right brained
43. I love Dr Pepper but I’m not allowed to drink more than 2 a day. If that.
44. I’m in the best shape of my life. I feel healthier than I ever have.
45. I have carpal tunnel and tendinitis in both hands
46. I have red hair and green eyes
47. I am currently trying to grow my hair out and it’s pissing me off LOL
48. 2007 is the first year I participated in the Blogathon.
49. I started blogging January 7, 2006 over at Blogsource.
50. The Soda Stand was created January 31, 2006.
51. My favorite music includes Hoobastank, Lifehouse, Trapt, Linkin Park, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Sugarland, Akon and Eminem.
52. I used to work at Odyssey Records from 1987 to 1992.
53. I worked at a 7-11 from May of 1992 until October 1992.
54. I was working 2 jobs from August 92 to October 92. I was at 7-11 full time 2pm to 10pm and Metro police from 8am to noon.
55. I am almost always listening to music. In my car, at my desk at work, when I’m laying in bed, when I’m working out.
56. I can relate a lot of songs to my recovery and/or my disease.
57. I’m going to see the Yankees play the Angels in August and I’m quite excited about that.
58. So far, my favorite vacation spot is the Mexican Riviera on a cruise ship.
59. I love my family and my mom is one of my best friends
60. I treat everyone with respect for who they are and don’t expect them to change for me.
My fave smells
61. Men’s cologne (specifically Polo, Obsession and Drakkar)
62. A freshly showered man – just something about that.
63. A man during sexual activity. Hmmm mmm mmm
64. Vanilla candles burning
65. Coffee brewing
66. freshly baked bread
67. anything cooked with garlic in it
68. freshly baked cookies
69. Patron silver tequila (I know – I’m crazy)
70. Black by Kenneth Cole
Just stuff, part 2
71. I was born in Sunrise Hospital there in Las Vegas.
72. I lived in Boulder City, NV until I was 11 and then we moved to Vegas.
73. I went to Andrew Mitchell Elementary and Garrett Jr. High in Boulder City
74. I went to Fremont Jr High for one year – 8th grade – in Vegas
75. I graduated from LVHS, as previously mentioned.
76. I started working as a runner for an attorney when I was 12 or 13. After school, I would walk to work cause it was just up the street.
77. I worked for that attorney until 1987. December of 1987 is when I went to work at Odyssey Records
78. I worked at Leatherby’s ice cream in 1986 during my Junior year of high school.
79. I’ve had a total of 5 jobs in my life
80. I’ve never had to job hunt until now.  And I do not like it.
Things I’d like to see happen when I move
81. I’d like to find a nice 2 bedroom 2 bath that isn’t too too expensive. This, just in case mom doesn’t like Georgia, she can come to Louisville with me.
82. I’d like to find a kick ass job that is flexible, professional and fun.
83. I’d like to find a great group of friends to hang out with.
84. I’d like to get settled within 6 months, even with the adjustment of living in a new place
85. I’d like to be a season ticket holder for the Padres local AAA team.
86. Go to my first NFL game ever and see the Chargers Packers play.
87. Have friends come visit me
88. Go to lots of GA meetings and start making friends there.
89. Start getting pedicures and manicures regularly again – I’d have to find a nail girl tho.
90. Take the furbabies to the beach and introduce them to the Atlantic ocean
Self awareness at it’s best
91. Sometimes I’m too blunt and honest and I think it shocks people into silence cause they don’t know how to handle it.
92. My life is an open book on this here blog, except a few things here and there I have no intention of sharing.
93. I’m learning to respect myself more and more everyday.
94. I continuously make sure that what I’m doing is for the right reasons and keeping my side of the street clean.
95. I’m learning to NOT taking someone else’s inventory (judgmental)
96. I’m learning to look in the mirror and think “Hey, I like who you are today. Hey, I like how you look today.”
97. I believe in second chances for people who have made poor choices in their lives
98. I believe love is worth taking risks every now and then, no matter how many times I’ve been hurt in the past.
99. I do, however, let my past experiences influence my current experiences.
100. I’m going to miss my friends here in Vegas when I move. Not cause I won’t ever see them again, just cause I won’t be able to see them at the drop of a dime.

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