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I made it. I can’t believe it!

I made it! It’s done! I did not think I would make this blogathon all the way through. It’s the first time I’ve participating in something like this and I was completely unprepared.

Thank goodness AFAN had their website, so I could snatch some information from there and use it to my advantage. Thank God for girlfriends who were just as punch drunk as I was sitting in that chat room over on Stickam.

Thank you to all of my sponsors, Slobokan, Mr. Fab, Monique, Laci, Tense and several others I will be sure to mention when my mind is cleared of it’s cobweb affliction.

Thank you to the girls who hung out just to hang out, even though they weren’t participating in the blogathon themselves, they helped us.

I have so much more to say, however, being that I am so beat down in energy and brain power, I’ll save it for after I get some sleep!

Thanks for hanging around with me tonight. Thanks to all my sponsors, commenters and my chat room girls.

I’ll do a more detailed recap on everything after I get some sleep today. I enjoyed myself at the same time as lost my mind near the end of this thing. I shut my webcam off earlier cause I felt like crying. As soon as I turned it off, I started balling like a baby. Five minutes later, I was giggling like a silly little girl.

If anyone posts a comment and you don’t see it right away, it went into either the moderation folder or the spam filter. I’ll fish them out after I wake up from some sleep

Gotta love it!

Until next time….

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