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Some final thoughts

When I woke up this morning at around 11:30 and started getting my wits about me again, I realize something quite funny. I feel worse right now than I do when I go out drinking all night. Go figure!

I had a fabulous time with the Blogathon last night. By the end of it I was a hysterical mess of goop, but damnit I made it all 24 hours!

There are a few people I want to thank. They either sponsored me or sat up with us in the chat room on Stickam!

Laci loo
Tense Teacher
Kentucky Girl
Lucy (my tequila twin!)
Heather showed up for a bit too
J even showed up for a bit!
Melanie was in and outta the room and had her own chat room going with some other
The Duckster

Yoshi had me thinking during parts of the night with his movie trivia games. Kept me awake during parts of the ‘thon when I thought I’d lose it.

Thank you for all the comments, the emails of encouragement and all the company last night my friends. Without you I would not have made it!

There were a few people who were noticeably absent though. Fucksticks. Missed a good time is what you did.

And on that note? I’m going to go get some water and wake up! I’ll be going through the 100 Things About Me posts today to condense them into one post.

Until next time…

4 Responses to “Some final thoughts”

  • All in all, it was fun, wasn’t it? Well done!

  • Sodapop says:

    Tense – Oh definitely I had fun. I think it was an experience to remember and I’m glad I did it 🙂 Thank you and well done to you too!

  • Lucy says:

    It was such a blast!!! I was fucking HAMMERED by the time I logged off. But, true to the myth of drinking good quality liquor will not hurt you, I was not hungover this morning!

    We ought to do that more often – even when there isn’t a ‘Thon going on!! 🙂

  • Da Duck says:

    you’re welcome, even though I was only there for ½ a second. I came back but my computer froze up (cuz it hates me) and I couldn’t get it to start back up properly.