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A little randomness on my part

My brother and SIL will be celebrating their anniversary soon. In a month actually. I’ve been trying to think of what kind of anniversary gift to get for them. I found these canvas photo things, and think they are a great idea for gifts.

They look pretty cool and after reading some of the remarks by customers, it may be something I look into for my brother and SIL. We’ll see. Even though I guess it would be silly of me to post about that here, considering they both read my blog. I’m such a dork.

My brother and SIL will be married 10 years coming up in a little over a month. I hope they don’t mind, but I’m calling it out. They met online. In a chat room. And then they both relocated so that they could be together. How cool is that?

They now have three energetic, beautiful little boys. My nephews. I pink puffy heart all of them.

My wrists are killing me. KILLING.ME. Did I make that clear enough? I moved the computer so that it wasn’t so hot in the room while doing the blogathon. Little did I realize putting it on the table, that it would instead kill my wrists. I guess it’s better than melting throughout the blogathon.

Did I mention I’m still recovering from it? I was in bed by 8:30 last night and most likely asleep quickly thereafter.

Until next time….

One Response to “A little randomness on my part”

  • Angel says:

    Those canvas photo things are a great idea. I clicked on the link that you provided and spent about an hour there looking at them. I’m thinking about ordering one for my anniversary next year. I’ve always wanted a canvas painting of us.

    Also, my husband and I met over the internet. 🙂 Sometimes, it does work out.