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Cause it’s all about Kenneth Cole!

One of these days, I need to purchase some new luggage. Not anytime soon, mind you, but I like to get a head start and look at stuff. I found some GREAT Kenneth Cole luggage at the Luggage Source. One day, I will be able to afford some of the luggage listed on that site.

I just love Kenneth Cole. I love his shoes especially. It’s a shame really that Josie chewed my fave black pair of KC wedge sandals and then Chloe chewed my fave tan colored KC wedge sandals. And I can’t find replacements in my size. I got them both off e-Bay and I have yet to see that one style ever again in my size. It sucks really.

I also wear Kenneth Cole perfume; Black. It’s yummy! Wearing it right now.

I’m still recovering from the Blogathon. My body feels all “off” if that makes sense. I’m sure it does to my fellow Blogathoners. My eyes are heavy and tired, my neck and back are quite sore and my let me tell you about my wrists….oh wait. I already did. Ugh. I’m slowly feeling better each day and that’s what matters, so I’m trying to focus on that.

Until next time….

3 Responses to “Cause it’s all about Kenneth Cole!”

  • NYCWD says:

    I had no idea Kenneth Cole made perfume.

  • Sodapop says:

    NYCWD, Just cause I know you want to know….Kenneth Cole has a few perfumes and/or colognes out there. For both men and women. He has Black and then he also has Reaction, and I believe there is one more that I’m forgetting 🙂 Black is the best.

  • Montchan says:

    I used to love Kenneth Cole, I had a friend who worked at one of the stores. Life was good. But recent practices of KC really ticked me off. ALL of their items are made in China now. ALL. For pennies, and for which we pay more than pennies. And sadly Coach is going down the same path, too. And if I have to pay 500 bucks for a purse, it better be made somewhere else than China, me thinks…