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Two weeks from today

Two weeks from today I will be a basket case. Why, you ask? Where have you been? Two weeks from today (September 13) will be my last day at the job I’ve had for 15 years.

I hired onto this place as a temporary office assistant, doing criminal history data entry. I worked 19 hours a week. I was one of the first “testers” for a system that they wanted us to use for crime reports and their additional paperwork. The system sucked ass. I told them so. They didn’t listen to me. We still use an upgraded/updated version of this program.

It still sucks ass.

I shortly thereafter started working 40 hours a week (still a temp) doing warrant validation. I liked this. I then hired on full time January 8, 1994.

I’ve grown up on the department. I was 22 when I first hired on. I’ve had some of the best times of my life while working here. I’ve also had some of the worst. There are several people that I have worked with over the years who influenced me to promote up through the ranks of the civilian side of things.

I was only tempted once to test for the academy and become a commissioned officer. And then I realized I’d be quite fucking dangerous with a gun on my hip. And now that they have taser guns? Forget it. I’d have a IAB complaint every week.

I could see me pulling the taser trigger cause some asshat did something stupid. I think stupid people should just stop breeding. It’s dangerous, annoying and down right rude.

I started my other blog, I’ve named it Shutterbuggin’ with Sodapop. I’ve done an “add on” domain to my c-panel and my brother walked me through every single step.

I would be so freaking lost without my brother. I use his hosting as well.

All I have to do over at Shutterbuggin’ is find a design that I like and have my brother install it LOL or walk me through it. I guess I could take some initiative here and learn how to do this shit myself. However, if I did that, I wouldn’t get to bug my brother as often as I do now. And that’s what little sisters live for, ya know? We live to annoy our big brothers. Cause we can and we know it.

I also signed up that blog for Pay Per Post. It got approved immediately, however my Google and Alexa ratings are at zero, so I’m not qualified to take any assignments yet. I’ve added Shutterbuggin’ to my Blog Explosion account and am waiting on admin approval for that. Need to get some traffic over there.

I found out that the State Prison of Kentucky (except dangerous felons and death row) is located in La Grange, KY. I got this information from Laci, thanks Miss Laci for letting me know that I now have a stalker in the state prison system. Whether working for the system or stuck in the system. Ugh. I’ve never had a stalker before. I don’t know whether to be scared or thrilled. I guess I’ll reserve judgment for if/when this person comes back to this blog.

And now I’m going to find some cool recovery related stuff to post over at my other blog.

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