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In a good space

It’s Friday!!!! Woohoo! Although I’m off today, I feel like I worked a whole shift. I filled out an application/resume thing online for a government agency. It took me 45 freaking minutes to complete it!! It’s for an opening in Louisville. It’s Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm with weekends and holidays off. Cross your fingers for me! After doing that online application process, I then paid all my bills online except one. And only that one is getting mailed cause their website sucks and I couldn’t get registered.

Several years ago, I used to have a great pair of slippers that Josie chewed. I’ve been thinking I need another pair for when I get to Louisville. The weather doesn’t requite slippers here, even in the winter I just wear my socks in place of them. I’m thinking the weather in the winter there will requite a new pair though. The website I found has lots of cute pairs of slippers. I may purchase one soon.

My Shutterbuggin’ with Sodapop looks phenomenal. Thanks to my brother, of course. I’ve posted a lot of stuff over there already. Why don’t you go check it out?

Getting that new theme over there makes me want a new one for here at The Soda Stand. I’m going to look around. I had a design chosen from istock, but I don’t know if I want to have my brother doing something with it or not. I really like it, but don’t know if I “LUFF” it, ya know?

I’m watching the Fantastic Four on cable right now. I’m thinking of going to lay on the couch and maybe take a nap. I’m off today. Actually I’m off work until Wednesday. I took Tuesday off cause I have a dentist appointment in the morning. She’ll be preparing a tooth for a root canal and that always freaking hurts me. I don’t know why that novacaine affects me the way it does, but I get icky after that.

I have no plans most of the weekend. Sunday I have a BBQ/pool party I’m going to during the day and then that speaker meeting at 6pm. Yeehaw!

Until next time…

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