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Archive for August, 2007

Anonymous confessions?

It’s amazing what kind of stuff you’ll find on the internet when you’re bored to tears. I’ve been bored most of the day. I’ve done laundry and I’ve remained lazy when it comes to the cleaning and packing I wanted to do.

I guess I’m saving stuff to do when I’m jobless in 18 days. While cruising the internet, I found some Phoenix real estate, that I found interesting. There’s this one house on there for 2.4 million or something like that and it’s in the middle of the desert. Middle of nowhere is what is shown on those photos. But it has an awesome pool and some great interior designing.

I think Socialmoth on Crackbook is dangerous and it’s evil. We “confess” to things we are thinking and feeling. If your friends on there have it, you can see what they post and they can see what you post. However, you don’t know WHO posted what. It’s all anonymous. Anonymous confessions. Yikes.

I’m watching CSI and as entertained as I usually am with this show, I’m bored. I got bored with football too. I know what’s wrong with me and I already called it out on Socialmoth, so I’m not going to give myself away and call it out here too. LOL

I broke some nails while trying to put Chloe’s rabies tag onto her collar. OY, that hurt. Since I did that, I’ve started clipping and filing the nails, so they are not all jagged and funky looking at different lengths. Just tacky.

OK, I’m done rambling for now. Until next time…

Something to snack on

I got snacked on again by NYC Watchdog! I love getting snacked on by the Dawg. I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’ probably because the way he describes is very funny. Go check it out and be careful…you don’t want to shake this bottle of Soda. LOL

I’m awake way too early on a Sunday. I didn’t sleep very well last night either, which surprised me cause I normally sleep really well on Saturday nights. I woke up the first time at 5am, thanks to the girls. I went back to bed for an hour and then let them outside to do their business. I went back to bed at 6:30 and got up at 7am. Ugh.

I have no plans today, other than to do laundry, clean some stuff and maybe pack a few boxes and go through stuff to throw away/get rid of while I do so.

I’m not feeling so odd about my movie tastes. So I like to watch action movies, it’s OK. At least I won’t ever drag a future boyfriend to see a chick flick LOL That has to be a plus somewhere, right?

Is it football season yet? I watched some pre-season games off and on yesterday and I’m anxious. I’m ready for football season. Just sayin’

Damn. Football, baseball, hockey and NASCAR. I also like action flicks, as opposed to chick flicks. I’m quite the catch.

Until next time….

Taste in movies. Am I odd?

OK. I did several things today. I went to eat lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Love their salad bar. After eating, we walked to Best Buy and looked around a bit cause we had about an hour before the movie started.

While at Best Buy, I bought Underworld: Evolution on DVD for $5.99. GREAT buy!! We then went to see Stardust. If you haven’t seen it and you want too, stop reading cause I’m about to ruin it for you.

It’s a fairy tale. It’s a fairy tale love story about a whole different fantasy world. Boy from our world, enters the world of a girl who is actually a fallen star. They fall in love, yadda yadda yadda.

Claire Danes kicks as the fallen star girl. Robert DeNiro rocks as a gay pirate dude. The guy who did the main character started out all geeky like and ended up super hot by the end of the flick. And Michelle Pfeiffer was just awesome, as usual. It was a good, cute movie. It’s very much a “chick” flick.

Therein lies my problem. I have a VERY hard time really liking a lot of chick flicks. I like some. Actually, one or two are some of my favorite movies ever (Under The Tuscan Sun and Must Love Dogs).

However, I tend to watch movies like the one I bought at Best Buy today. I like action flicks. I like to watch people blow shit up, shoot things and just generally kick each other’s asses.

Some of my current favorite movies include, but are not limited too:

The Bourne Ultimatum (I love all three of them)
Underworld: Evolution (I love both movies)
Romeo Must Die (Jet Li is my hero)
The Replacement Killers (Chow Yun Fat is not only one of my heroes, he’s fucking hot)

One of the movies I WANT to see, very badly I might add, is War with Jet Li and Jason Statham.

When I was at dinner after my meeting tonight, one of my friends there looks at me and says:

“You are so not a chick flick kind of girl are you?”

We were talking about Vin Diesel and all the movies he’s been in and I was showing off my mad skills at having useless movie trivia in my head.

After he asked me that, I looked at him with my head cocked to the side and I said that I guess I wasn’t and I’d much rather see something blow up or some great martial arts action sequences than some “boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl doesn’t love boy, boy meets a different girl, this girl loves boy and by the end of the flick, he loves this new girl too type of movie.”

And on that note, I’m going to go find something to do. Maybe I can blow some shit up. Hehe

Until next time….

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A whole lot of nothing

I heard that the Michael Vick trial has chosen their jury. Click here to see it!

I tried to resize the photo to just put it on here, but it kept getting cut off on the side and you couldn’t see the last two jurors on the right. That sucked. So I just did the linky thing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I am all showered and smelling fresh. Going to meet a friend for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. It’s like a buffet, but salads and things like that instead of all that other garbage. After we have lunch, we are going to go see Michelle Pfeiffer in Stardust at 1pm.

I want to see War. That’s the new Jet Li and Jason Statham movie that just opened yesterday. I could do some serious damage to that man (Jason Statham). Yummmmy! And I love martial arts action movies anyway, so I’ll be loving that. Maybe tomorrow or next weekend I can get to see that one. We’ll see.

I also want to see The Bourne Ultimatum again. Just cause I love me some Jason Bourne movies.

I’m feeling better today than I was yesterday. My heart was just breaking after turning in my resignation notice. However, today I’m seeing it much clearer and know that I’m still doing the right thing. I’m really looking forward to the brand new life, brand new city, brand new way of doing things. The slower pace, the green, the four seasons (which we don’t have here in the desert) and the friendly people.

I’m also looking forward to hanging with Laci on a regular basis and then when my friends K & L move there, I’ll have a few more friends. WOOT!

Until next time….

Give me an ice pack and a dark room

I used to get a lot of headaches. Sometimes I still get clusters of headaches. I’ve been told they are sinus headaches and sometimes sinus migraines. They suck ass.

When I do get a headache, they kick my ass and last a few days. Just recently, I had a headache off and on for three days straight. I believe that was last week I was complaining about that.

I like to look up home remedies, maybe some not so mainstream remedies for my pain. However, I found a website this morning and all I can say is, what’s next? Botox for migraines?

You laugh. I wouldn’t. As I was cruising their website, I found a post on their blog for exactly that. I wonder if Botox really works for migraines? Interesting.

Two steps towards my future

I made two giant steps today towards my future in Kentucky. The first step was meeting with PERS to discuss my options.

  • I’m eligible to retire because I have over 10 years in the system.
  • Unfortunately it would be an “early” retirement with some HUGE costly penalities. I would take a 87.1% reduction in my benefits.
  • I’m going to resign instead of retire. Let my retirement money sit there until I’m ready to draw it out. Either at age 60 or whenever I want in between now and then.

The second step I took today? I typed up my resignation memo that goes through my chain of command all the way up to the Big Boss. It goes through my boss, his boss and then two more steps before making to the Big Boss’ desk.

I thought I was going to throw up after step 2. It makes it very final and “real” for me. I went out back and had a cigarette and let myself have a good cry. I think I made my boss cry too, which broke my heart even more.

I’m actually still very teary eyed and I’m letting myself feel the sadness. I’m going to grieve for this job and I know this. I’m going to go through a mourning period where I learn to let go and live with the loss of the last 15 years of my life. And I’m OK with that.

I just didn’t think it would make me as sad as it has. And when I sit and let myself think about it, the only part that makes me HORRIBLY sad is that I made my boss sad. I made him cry and I hurt his feelings. And that, my friends, breaks my heart into little tiny pieces.

He’s been the best supervisor I’ve ever had, at any of the 5 jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve had about 11 supervisors while here at my job and by far, he’s the best. He was also my boss when I worked at Odyssey Records, so I knew we would get a long great. He’s become a very good friend to me and his wife has become a great friend as well. They’ve been very compassionate, caring and always there for me. Hurting him was the last thing I wanted to do, but it had to be done, so I can get on with my life.

I’m ready to cry again. I’m going to go out back, and cry again. I don’t want to cry here at my desk. That’s just totally against my beliefs. Especially around the people I work with now. They’d hold it against me or something.

Until next time…

Look out people, I’m fired up

I’m doing this in bullet points, so I can keep my thoughts on track. Sort of.

  • I’ve tried really hard not to blog about work lately. I’ve focused on co-workers a bit too much
  • I’m breaking my newly implemented rule about not blogging about work.
  • I have less than 3 weeks of work left, think I give a fuck?
  • When I made my decision to leave Las Vegas, I made two appointments. These two appointments were suggested to me from our Payroll section.
  • I made an appointment with our Personnel section to “process out” and I made an appointment with PERS to discuss my leaving and my options with my retirement.
  • I was told by PERS in Carson City that this would be a retirement, because I’m vested with more than 10 years in the system. So this is what I told the girl at Personnel.
  • I go into Personnel today for my process out appointment, I fill out some paperwork, she gives me some other paperwork and I go on my way.
  • Shortly after I left, I got a phone call that this Personnel girl sends out a notification email when someone retires/resigns
  • During this same phone call, I was informed that I’m not allowed retire nor will I get my “retirement credentials” because I don’t have enough time in the system.
  • I told this person on the phone, I would get clarification tomorrow, because Carson City told me it was retirement since I was vested with over 10 years.
  • And then I got angry. I got very very angry. I’m leaving. It doesn’t MATTER whether it’s a retirement or resignation. Seriously.
  • As for the “retirement credentials” I don’t give a fuck. Keep the fucking cheap ass flat badge and funky ID badge you were going to give me.
  • The girl at Personnel got fussed at by several people. Why? She had nothing to do with it. She went by what I told her PERS told me. Leave her alone.
  • I have less than 30 days left and I’m likely to speak my mind pretty soon. They won’t like it.
  • I love my job and I love my boss. I hate the way the place is run. I hate the politics. I hate the backstabbing. I hate the “playing favorites”
  • When I first promoted, I got nothing but shit for the first 2 years. And then I got to work with my current boss and he kicks ass.
  • Today’s events after I left personnel have solidified my decision to leave. Any questions I had in my head are fucking gone.
  • This post may not make any sense to anyone but me and that’s OK.
  • They (I don’t really know WHO they are) are trying to make this fantastic move of mine into something horrible. Who cares HOW I’m leaving. I’m fucking leaving. Who cares if I’m retiring or resigning? I’M FUCKING LEAVING.

OK, I think I got it out. If not, I’ll post again. Fucksticks. I think what upsets me the most is that they gave this girl at Personnel a ration of shit for doing her job. How fucked up is that?

Until next time…

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Where did that Mack truck come from?

Cause that fucker hit me square in the head without any warning. My whole body hurts. From the top of my head down to the tips of my toes.

It could be from the activities of yesterday, or the 3 beers I had while calling in for the Scandalous Bitches radio show and subsequent watching of the Yankees game. I can’t tell which reason it is. Maybe a combination of both.

I have a 2pm appointment with Personnel to discuss my retirement/resignation. I’ve filled out the application for the apartments, just waiting on an email back for some clarification on one of the forms they sent me to fill out. It asks for current apartment complex information. I haven’t lived in an apartment in 4 years. I emailed her and asked for clarification on how to handle it.

I have a 10am appointment tomorrow with PERS to discuss my retirement/resignation. I don’t know what to call it yet and I won’t until after that meeting tomorrow.

The New Friend and I got along quite well yesterday. We will probably see each other again before I move. I have a feeling that, if given the chance, he could become needy and a bit more clingy than I would like right now. So, going completely out of my Libra characteristics, I’m remaining a bit distant for now.

I do NOT want to end up with a stalker right before I move. However, I do have to say, at least I’ll be moving soon and then he wouldn’t be able to find me. Nor would I have to worry about “running” into him somewhere in this town.

I’d go into more detail about yesterdays activities, however, mom and Slobokan (my brother) read this blog and personally, I just think my sex life is something they do not need nor want to know about. Ya know?

Until next time….

How about a game of golf?

I’ve never played a game of golf in my life. Besides the miniature golf over at Scandia. I have lots of friends here at work, who do golf though. They love it. Some of them crack open a 12 pack and drink it all by the 18th hole.

In my quest to please my friends and be their care taker (OK, end sarcasm here), I found a place to get cheap golf balls. At least, I think they are cheap. I wouldn’t know where to start the comparison shopping on something like this. So for all my golfing friends, there ya go!

I’m having a hard time concentrating here at work. I just don’t want to be here. It could be that I have a date this afternoon and I’m a little nervous about it. I met him on Mate1 and we’ve chatted a few times here and there. Cross your fingers for me he’s not some serial killer or something, k? I really want to get some action, no strings attached, before moving in October. This guy might provide me that!

I found out this morning that someone in Staff tried to throw ME under the bus. ME! My boss went off on him. And then his boss went off on the guy too. Jerk. I have less than 30 days left, don’t they know I’m not skeered of them anymore? I’m tempted to burn some bridges, and I’m trying very hard NOT too!

Until next time….

I tiny bit of TMI

I’ve decided I need a safety utility knife to break down boxes and the like when I start unpacking once I get to Louisville. I will probably be able to use it when I start going to the storage shed here to clean it out. I’m going to go through all those boxes and get rid of a lot of stuff.

My grandmother’s china and crystal is in the shed, so I’m going to make sure I take that with me to Kentucky. Everything else is up for debate. I’ll be able to break the boxes down easier with that handy utility knife. That website has lots of other cutting tools too. Interesting.

Since I’ve made the decision to move to Louisville, things seem to be moving quite quickly for my friends K & L, who are also moving there. We thought they’d be moving AFTER me, but it turns out one or both may be moving at the same time. K got a call from his company and they have an opening right now.

He’s going to try to work out a bit of a delay to get things ready to go. If he can time it, he’s going to go when I do, that way he can help me move. I’ll have a roommate for a short period of time until his wife and daughters can get down there, but that’s OK. And even if it’s L who goes there first, will be staying with me until he can get down there. They are a little overwhelmed and I can’t say that I blame them. They made the decision to go and now suddenly it’s happening a little faster than they originally thought it would or even wanted. I just keep reminding them to breathe.

I’ve had a total of four bloody noses today. The latest came when I was watching Dirty Dancing and like a dork, I started crying when Baby was talking to her dad while he was sitting on the deck. After that scene, I went to blow my nose and here comes all this blood gushing (just what you wanted to know, I know). It didn’t stop for a good 20-30 minutes. I went onto Webmd to find how to make it stop. Did you know the old wives tale of leaning your head backwards is WRONG?

They say to lean it forward and pinch it with your thumb and forefinger. So that’s what I did. After trying, for 10 minutes, with my head tilted back. Swallowing all this blood (yummy!).

I’m now sitting here feeling funky and all clogged up. I really want to blow my nose, but I know that if I do it will start bleeding again. Not going to happen.

Now that I’ve given you way too much information about me and my bloody noses, I’m going to go watch Dirty Dancing again. There’s a marathon on Encore. Woot!

Until next time…