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List of things to do

  • Call Insurance company to get renter’s and car insurance switched to Kentucky (in process right now, waiting on Agent to call back)
  • Call Embarq and cancel phone service in Vegas (emailed them, waiting to see what their response is)
  • Figure this fricking car registration thing out
  • Find a DMV office to get my Kentucky driver’s license
  • Put TV stand together (the ones coming from Vegas are too small for this TV so I got a new one)
  • Organize this mess on the floor (bedding, sleeping bag, pillows) for the day (in case the movers get here today)
  • Take the girls on several walks
  • Hang a few of the pictures I got yesterday at BB&B
  • Check out the Louisville government website for more jobs to apply for
  • Check for jobs to apply for
  • Pay the bills that are stacking up that I either brought with me or have arrived here
  • Call Chase bank because I’m a geek and opened an account with them on my laptop and forgot I needed to print something.  OY
  • I think that’s it.  I’m probably forgetting something, but I’m sure I’ll remember eventually.

3 Responses to “List of things to do”

  • Goddess says:

    KENTUCKY?! What in the world did I miss? I thought you were moving to San Diego.

  • Sodapop says:

    Goddess: You need to go back to the archives to about ummmm August…that’s when I changed my mind on the location of where I was going. Cost of living is cheaper and it’s closer to the family 😀

  • Goddess says:

    Ok, will do. And I expect you to keep me informed about any hott Kentucky cops…LOL!