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My new toy

My cell phone plan is almost up, so I usually upgrade to a new, sleeker, more fun toy..I mean cell phone.

I went shopping on Sprint’s website and ordered my new toy, I should get it within a few days. Once I get it, I’ll get it activated and then will be able to use it.


It has a Qwerty keyboard that slides out, like the Sidekick and it’s just bee ooo ti ful! Dontcha think?

I can’t wait to get it so I can play with it! I love new toys like this. At least it will give me something to do for a day or two after I get it. heehee.

With my luck, it will arrive right after my furniture and I’ll have to choose between unpacking and playing with the toy. I can multi task though, so I’ll play with both!

I forgot to mention it’s a Rumor by LG.  It comes in white or black.  I chose the black, just cause the white seems that it would get dirty really fast and easy.

Heroes is on tonight!  WHEEEEE

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