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Let’s focus on the solutions instead of the problems

First, let me say my recap of Heroes is up over at Fluff, go check it out.   I LUFF that show!

I got a call from the movers last night.   They were in Nashville, TN and said they would be here either later this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  Awesome!   And then he proceeded to tell me that they will NOT accept the Cashier’s Check Miss Monique and I searched for a Wells Fargo for 2 days for.  What.the.fuck.

He told me it was in the contract; cash or Post Office Money Order ONLY.   I lost my mind.  I freaked out.   I could have SWORN the foreman of the moving company told me on the 19th that when my items arrived, I could pay by cash, money order OR cashier’s check.

What would happen if they DON’T take it?  Will Wells Fargo let me re-deposit it?  How am I going to pay those fucksticks for my stuff?  I emailed mom and my brother and then mom called me.   I talked to my brother, who was standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME, when the foreman told us how to pay the balance.   I got confirmation he had included cashier’s check in there.

So I cried myself to sleep last night.   In the light of day (barely cause the sun doesn’t come up til almost 8am here.  Strange, huh?) I feel a little better and I’m focusing on the solution, rather than the problem.

I’ve got a call in to someone at Wells Fargo to find out what I can do IF the moving company will not take the CC, no matter what.   I’m waiting until about 7am PST to call the company and complain, bitch, argue if I have too, to get them to take the cashier’s check.

IF they still refuse the check, I will go over to Chase and withdraw the money from my savings (ugh that gives me heart burn) and pay them in cash when they get here with my stuff.

I’m pissed off, I’m upset and I’m scared I’m going to be out the money on the CC.  I’m waiting for Wells Fargo to get back to me on it and I’m hoping they will let me re-deposit the thing into my checking account.

If they WILL re-deposit it, I will be taking a road trip up to Indiana because the closest Wells Fargo to me is 91.33 miles away.  Joy.

On the bright side, I should be getting my stuff today or tomorrow and that makes me quite happy!!!!   I’ll be able to sit on a couch instead of the floor.   I’ll be able to sleep in my own fucking bed, instead of the floor.   I’m focusing on that today instead of the movers being dickwads about the payment.

Until next time…

One Response to “Let’s focus on the solutions instead of the problems”

  • What.The.Hell? A Cashier’s Check is guaranteed funds just like a money order. That doesn’t make a lick of sense. Whatever you do, get a receipt! I wouldn’t trust those fucktards with cash. Something sounds really damn fishy.

    But on the flip side, I’m really glad that you are getting your stuff!