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It’s here! It’s here!

I got my stuff! WHEEEEE The movers showed up last night between 5 and 5:30. They were here until 10pm. OY! My 2nd room is full of boxes and my living room and dining area is overrun with furniture I don’t know what to do with at this point. LOL

Once I start emptying out the 2nd bedroom of boxes, some of these things (bookshelves, foot stool, etc) can go into that 2nd bedroom.

The big couch would not fit in the apartment. They tried several different ways and for about 45 minutes to fit it in here. The only place it fit was in the hallway, wall to wall, stuck. Through tears I made the difficult decision of giving it to one of the movers. Before anyone freaks out, let me just say I freaked out enough for all of us, OK? I don’t need lectures and I don’t need to get yelled at. This has been an extremely difficult and exhausting week as it is and the decision about the couch was hard enough on me without anyone fussing at me.

I could have left it in the hallway until I figured out what to do with it, but guess what? Not only was it causing a fire hazard, taking up the whole hallway, I would have had to crawl over it (as would the girls) to get to the bathroom and my bedroom and back.

I’m currently trying to make this as easy on me emotionally and physically as possible. I have bruises from head to toe from sleeping on the floor. I have swollen fingers and wrists that hurt most of the time, my back is still sore and my hips still hurt. But I got to sleep in my own bed last night and THAT, my friends, was sweet indeed.

So now I deal with the smaller couch and ottoman. It actually leaves me quite a bit of room in here, once I figure out how to set it up to my liking. I have a coffee table and an end table (I haven’t found the mirror top to it yet though, which bugs me). I will figure this out and I will make this place my own. I already feel more comfortable just having my stuff here.

When the sun comes up, I’m going to start on the boxes and I will be starting in my bedroom. They say to start with one room, make it your own and go from there. My bedroom is my sanctuary and I will make sure it’s done first.

I made a new friend here in the complex. A 15 year old girl who happened to be downstairs while I was with the girls, waiting for the movers. She’s very nice and she’s offered her assistance in unpacking and arranging things. She has also offered her services in dog sitting when I get a job. That will be nice and I will consider having her come over while I’m at work to walk the girls. She wants me to meet her mom, which I think is awesome, cause her mom is my age. So I may be making a new friend my own age!

I’m sitting here drinking coffee, wishing my body would stop hurting, but feeling good that my stuff is here. I again missed a meeting last night, but that was due to the movers still being here.

I helped them unwrap the furniture and I put the tables (coffee, end, and dining) together. They were quite impressed! They charged me $75 extra for the stairs and before paying that, I checked the contract to make sure I had not already PAID for the stairs thing. I know I told them back in Vegas when they picked up my stuff, so I needed to make sure I had not already paid. Seems this company likes to nickel and dime ya for the little things and I’m beyond unhappy with the company in general. The movers from yesterday were quite nice and almost freaked out when I started crying about the couch. LOL Poor guys.

OK, off to drink my coffee, get some breakfast and begin my day.

Until next time…

3 Responses to “It’s here! It’s here!”

  • Rita and Gang says:

    Glad to hear your stuff made it. Too bad about the couch. Hopefully you will find a good one there. Have fun unpacking. Off to school I go. Talk to you soon. and Thanks for the help with the names on my pics.


  • LUCKY LADY says:


  • Sodapop says:

    Rita: thanks 😀 and no problem on the name thing.

    Lucky Lady: So far, I am quite happy here, just a little stressed with the move and what not. No, they did not take my cashier’s check. I’m going to be going up to Rushville, IN today to re-deposit it.