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Taking a break

I’m taking a break.  I’ve been at it off and on all morning, unpacking, arranging boxes by room, etc.   I’ve found most of my boxes of clothes, there are still a few I need to find in that room full of boxes.  LOL

I need to take a break later and go to the store.  I need picture hangers, a power strip for the TV, cable box and the DVD player I just unpacked.  I also need a vacuum and some Windex.

My arms hurt from the workout I’m getting moving these boxes all over the apartment.  It’s awesome having my stuff.   I feel more comfortable in this chaotic mess of boxes right now than I have all week long since getting here.   I’m washing my sheets and pillow cases, so I can make the bed in a bit.

I’m still searching for the living room lamp that is somewhere in that room of boxes.   My ladder and my ab lounger are outside on the deck for now.  Still need to arrange the living room to my liking, but I’ll get there.   I’m working on my bedroom first.

Back to work I go!!!

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