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Archive for October, 2007

Sports on Sunday

I started watching the Colts vs. Panthers game earlier and then switched over to the NASCAR race. I fell asleep shortly after the race started (2pm) and just woke up about 10 minutes ago. I love little naps like that. My nap was on the sleeping bag, of course.

I’m hoping my furniture gets here soon because I’m pretty much tired of sleeping on the floor. My back hurts all the time (especially the lower back) and my hips hurt when I try to lay on my side. This is a HUGE problem because I normally sleep on my sides.

I was looking at the houses and apartments that I pass, as I was going to the grocery store earlier. And I’ve decided that if I ever need real estate advice, I’m going to call a few friends back in Vegas before doing anything.

I know that I want to eventually buy a home again, but my wounds are too new and raw from my last experience, so I’ll wait it out until I’m ready.

I have two cases of water sitting in my trunk right now downstairs and I seriously don’t want to bring them up here yet. I’m pretty tired of carrying things upstairs. The movers are going to hate me, I just know it.

I know I’m rambling. I just don’t really have anything spectacular to say. I think I’ll go set up those frames I bought earlier with some pictures.

Until next time….

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I PPH getting snacked on!

I got snacked on again over at NYC Watchdogs!!! WHEEE I love it when that happens and what a great way to start my first Sunday in Kentucky!  He makes a great point about hometowns and I’d have to agree with him.   My hometown is where I do my laundry.   Louisville is now my new hometown.

I am about to go get dressed, take the girls for a walk to expel some of their wired energy, go to the store to get some cigarettes and then come back here and do nothing but a few tubs of laundry.   I bought some towels at BB&B yesterday.

I’ve decided to make my bathroom different shades of brown with some white thrown in here and there.   I bought some tan color and cappuccino colored towels, washcloths and hand towels.    I tried lifting the little floor cabinet I wanted to buy for the bathroom while I was there and there is NO fucking way I’m lifting that thing.   So I’m going to order it online and wait for it to be delivered to me!

I’m going to lay around (or sit in my camping chair cause it’s comfy) all day watching TV and wait for the football games to start.   It’s weird not having my sports on at 10am.   Something else to get used too here on the East Coast/Mid west/South.  I don’t even know what part of the country I’m in, how sad is that?  LOL

Off to walk the girls (after I get dressed of course) and then do my whole lot of nothing today.

Until next time….

Oh my aching back

I went shopping earlier. Holy cow! First I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a shower curtain and a few other things. I went to Target after that and got a few things, including a cute little microwave table/tray for the kitchen. It has two other shelves on it, so I’ll be able to store some of my stuff on there. After those two places, I went to Walmart to get some cleaning things and a Black & Decker cordless drill.

It was a pain in the ass carrying all that stuff upstairs. OY! I’m going to end up getting the best work out of my life living in this building.

I’m taking a break from putting things together and away. I’m having an Amstel Light. I got some salmon from Walmart and mixed some of that up to eat earlier. Yum!

There is a Heroes (1st season) marathon on one of the cable channels here. It’s called G4 and I don’t remember having this channel in Vegas. When I was at BB&B, I got a back cusion type thing to lean against when I’m sitting here on this floor. It seems to help my aching back a bit.

Once I get my desk all set up, I’m going to need a holder for all my pens that I have. I’ll get it eventually. I’m pretty much done doing stuff until my furniture and stuff gets here (whenever that is.)

Off to finish my beer and see what else I can do before I poop out. I need a lamp too cause I’m tired of using the dining room and hallway light for each room.

Until next time…

Here we are again!

I had an emotionally unstable night last night.   The girls are so skittish here, trying to adjust to their new surroundings.   I’ve been trying to be patient with them and I find that each time they get super skittish and start barking at nothing, I get close to tears and broke down last night.

I know that once my stuff gets here I’ll feel more comfortable and stable.  I’m sleeping on the floor, on a sleeping bag.   I don’t know how much more uncomfortable it could get.   My back hurts, my hips hurts, my hands hurt and my head hurts from where I’ve been hitting it constantly.

The two stores I’ve been to so far (Walmart and Target) do NOT carry my coffee.  I’m going to have to find a Kroger’s and go to the Meijer’s around the corner here.  If I can’t find it, I’ll be cruising the internet for it.!

I’m going to try to get all the stuff I brought with us in my car into the closets today.   I want to keep the rooms clear so when the furniture gets here, the movers have room to wiggle, ya know?

I watched Moonlight last night, I need to do my recap over on Fluff.  I may do that a little later today.

Until next time…

What a day!

It’s only 4:36 p.m. as I start this post and I’m ready for a night of nothing but sleep.  I’ve set my DVR for both Moonlight and Women’s Murder Club.  Since they are on at the same time, I’ll only get to watch one, but at least I have cable TV now!

Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is on again tonight at 8pm, so I’ll be watching that.  If I’m still awake, that is.

I made a trip to Walmart this morning to get a laundry basket (I trashed the ones I had in Vegas) and a plunger for the toilet cause it was stopped up.  OY!  I’m tired of leaving this apartment every 2 seconds.

When the cable guy was here, we found that the TV people did not give me batteries for the remote for the TV.  So when he was done setting up the cable, modem and phone, I ran out to Target.

I invested in my first umbrella in I don’t know how long.  It was POURING rain when I went to Target.  While I was there, I got some stuff so I could eat food without having to microwave something.   Yeah, I still need to get one and I’m just being lazy cause I don’t want to carry that up the stairs yet.

The phone was working while the cable guy was here, and when I went to use it by calling my sponsor back in Vegas, it crapped out on me.   I wanted to call my mom too and give her the number, but until it’s working again, I’m not going to bother since she wouldn’t be able to call me anyway.

I am going to call Insight tomorrow and see what’s up.  It may just be that my phone didn’t really have any juice cause it had been unplugged and not on the charger since I left Vegas.  I just set it up this morning and it’s not all the way charged yet.

The girls are curled up on the sleeping bag with me, sleeping.  Chloe is right next to my hip and Josie is at my feet.  I think they are thrilled to have me on the floor with them for once.

Off to watch Charmed and possibly go to sleep.

Until next time…

It’s almost that time of year.

It’s almost the time of year when many of us will be deciding whether we would like a fake tree or a real tree to serve as our Christmas tree.

I have a 7 foot (that I don’t know where I’m going to put) fake, pre-lighted tree that is on it’s way to my apartment with the rest of my belongings.

I love real trees though. I love the smell, I love the idea of having a REAL Christmas tree. I really don’t remember the last time I had a real, live Christmas tree. I found Michigan Christmas Tree Farm online and they have live Christmas trees. They’ll ship them to you.

This means you wouldn’t have to go out to a tree lot and pick one out, try to figure out how to get it into your car, etc. They also sell wreaths and garland too! They have Pine, Fir and Blue Spruce trees available.

It’s almost that time of year to buy your Christmas tree, why not check them out?

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Waking up my first day in Kentucky

I’m sitting in my apartment, in my camping chair wondering “why me, why me, why me.” I was drying my towels that I washed and then started a small tub of my clothes. Cause seriously folks, I’m running out of clean clothes to wear, which sucks!

As the washer and dryer were going, they both just suddenly turned themselves off. Yup, you read that correctly. Turned themselves off. I called the office and she called the maintenance people who take care of the units and found they won’t be here til Monday. I have no clean underwear to wear, so guess what? I get to collect all my quarters and drag my ass and my dirty clothes to the laundry room here in the complex.

This makes me very unhappy cause I really didn’t want to leave this apartment today unless absolutely necessary. The cable guy will be here between 1130 and 230, so I may just wait til after he comes and goes.

My back hurts, my neck hurts and both my hands and wrists hurt. I need to unpack the TV before the cable guy gets here and I also need to set my computer up somewhere, just so he can connect the broadband to something. I’m a little cranky this morning.

As we were driving through Arizona earlier this week, I wondered what kind of Arizona luxury real estate was available. I found quite a few I wouldn’t mind having. But that would mean moving back to the west coast and I’m so not willing to do that.

Looks like we made it

I’m here! I’m in my apartment right now. Have had an exhausting week and I just may sleep for the whole weekend, after taking Miss Monique to the airport tomorrow morning, of course.

I have so much to do around here and I need to catch up on my bloglines. I feel lost not reading blogs and what not everyday.  I’ll have to download all the pictures I took another day.  I’m entirely too tired to do that right now.

We drove for about 10 hours the first day (this included stops) from Las Vegas to Albuquerque. Our second day was a long ass 12 hour day from New Mexico to Tulsa. And then we ended up in a nasty ass, black molded, super bad part of town in a hotel.

Our third day was one of our shortest driving days. We drove from Tulsa to Miss Lucy’s casa in Missouri. And today we drove from Miss Lucy’s to here in Louisville, where I’m sitting in a camping chair, doing laundry of a blanket and towels I purchased at Wally World today.

I’m currently trying to not kill my dogs, as they are going bonkers, playing, growling, running and jumping all over the place. The floors creak in this apartment, so I’m hoping my downstairs neighbor doesn’t hate me too much.

Miss Monique and I went to dinner with Miss Laci and had some Mexican food. I brought home my leftovers, even though I do not have a microwave yet. I have a list of things I’m going to get slowly but surely and after buying the TV I got, I didn’t feel like carrying a microwave up the steep stairs to my apartment.

I’m happy to be here, lots of stress has left me. I took the test today at 2:30. We had a typing test, which I scored 84 on (this is slower than the last time I was tested) and then we had three or four more parts. We had a proof reading section, which I almost failed because I suck at grammar and punctuation (if you haven’t noticed.) The third part was verification of information. We had to look at a name and a number and verify that information on the computer screen. It was weird, but I rocked it out with a 90 something. The fourth and final part was transcription. We had two tapes to transcribe, five minutes each. I scored a 90 and a 95 respectively on those.

I hit my head on my car door twice today, same spot. The second time I did, I saw stars and then had to find where the testing place was. It was easy to find, as I walked out of the garage, there it was! woot! BONUS!

I’m now going to shut the laptop off for a bit, lay down and read my three Sports Illustrated magazines that were waiting for me when I got here. Another bonus!

Until next time…

Here we sit in Tulsa, OK

We made it into Tulsa today.  What a LONG ass day!!!  We are both exhausted and the girls are running circles around the room.   I took them for a walk a few minutes ago.  We are currently waiting on Chinese food to be delivered.  Once we eat, we are going to crash.

Tomorrow will be a better day for us since we won’t have to drive as long as we did today.  It was 9 1/2 hours from Albuquerque and then add on the times we had to stop for gas and/or bathroom breaks for us and the dogs, it turned into a 12 hour day.  OY!

We stayed at a very nice hotel last night in Albuquerque.  And tonight?  We are in the fucking skankiest Best Western I have ever seen.  It’s disgusting.  We found what appears to be black mold on the ceiling of the shower.  What the fuck?   I’m too exhausted to complain to the office right now, we shut the door.  We won’t be showering in the morning, so Miss Lucy will have to deal with some stinky bitches tomorrow when we get to her casa.

We are watching LA Ink right now, which is pretty cool.  I still think Kat is a trainwreck, but I LUFF her.

Off to relax and wait for our food.  Until next time…

Leaving my hometown

Welp, this is it, my friends.   Just a few more hours (or less) and Miss Monique and I will be heading out of Vegas.

I’m leaving behind 38 years of history and memories.  Well, I’m taking the memories with me, but the history will obviously stay here.

Being born and raised in this town, it gives me a bit of heartburn knowing that I’m leaving it once and for all.   I’m quite excited really.

KP is going to help me repack the car and they will be shipping a few things to me.  Once they do that, I will pay them back for whatever it costs.   I made the difficult decision to have the Asian eggshell carved paintings shipped me.  I know that they will make sure they are packed and protected carefully so they don’t break on their way to me.   Cross your fingers.

Currently, with the amount of stuff I have, I don’t have room for the dogs to be comfortable in the back seat.  So it’s time to thin out as much as I can.   KP is going to help me repack the trunk and the backseat and I know he’ll rock it.  He and my brother are awesome when it comes to packing stuff like this.

I am going to shut the laptop down now, go get a shower and then get to packing the stuff and repacking the car.   Here we go people!

Until next time…