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Well that was a waste.

I’m doing a little venting here. But in the big scheme of things, I’m not all that upset. If that makes sense.

I met Boss Lady at 9:50 at one of the buildings. We had some questions for the Building Manager, reference this manual I’m doing for emergency procedures. I got there, asked my questions and then I figured Boss Lady would have something else for me to do. Yeah….not so much.

So I’m home already, working on the manual and re-typing some of the text that I accidentally erased last week. Heh. I’ll get a lot of it done today and then I’m going to the office tomorrow morning at 11am and she’s going to start me on a different project. She thinks I need a break from this manual. I think she’s right. I loathe this manual. LOL

I really don’t why, but I’ve always been fascinated with bathroom vanities. I’m currently listening to my iTunes and typing my ass off is what I’m doing today. YAY for me! At least I can do laundry while I’m working!

Until next time….

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