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I did it!  I finished the first draft of the Emergency Procedures manual I was working on.  I finished it a little earlier and so I’m taking a 5  minute break and then I’m going to finish preparing drafts for the other 3 buildings.

I’m supposed to meet Boss Lady at the fourth building they manage tomorrow.  I forgot what time I’m supposed to meet her.  Ugh.   I’ll have to call her in a little bit to find out.

I have been miserable all day.  I feel pukey and I’m still having that same problem as earlier (but not as often, thank God.)  I was starting to feel better and then I made some chicken soup.  And then I got worse again.   Once I’m done preparing these drafts, I’m going to lay on the couch the rest of the night.  Oh, and after I call Boss Lady to find out what time I’m supposed to meet her tomorrow.

I’m still stressing over the job thing.  I’m just trying not to focus on the bad.  I am attempting to focus on the positive and currently I don’t have much positive thinking going on in my head.   I’m working on it though.

It’s been raining all day long.  As beautiful as it was to listen to it as I lay in bed earlier, it sucks now.  It’s depressing.  Seriously.  It’s supposed to get cold tonight, down to the single digits.  I’m sure it’s not as cold as it is in other places around the world, but damn it’s going to be cold!

Off to finish working on those drafts so I can do a whole lot of nothing the rest of the evening.

Until next time…

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