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Archive for March, 2008

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Teaching consistency

Tonight’s topic at the meeting was remaining teachable.  I love that topic.  I know that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.   I love it when I’m like a sponge and soak up knowledge that others have to share and the lessons I’ve learned are fathomless.

Someone got a 2 year coin today in GA.   I shared that this person teaches me consistency.  He is always at the Monday night meetings.  Doesn’t matter if he’s late because of work or traffic, he’s there.  Every.single.week.   His dedication to the program and the consistent ways he shows it are awesome indeed.

I’ve learned a lesson of gratitude today.  One that I wish I had not learned.  My dear blogging friend Lisa, of Clusterfook has had a rough road lately and it’s still rough ahead for her.  Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.  

I’ve decided I need to do something.  I don’t know HOW to do it, so I’m going to lay it out here soon and ask my blogging buddies for some counsel.  Just not in this post.  Cause it’s going to be in a password protected post.  It will be the same password as the last few.   If you want it, let me know and if you are a regular reader of this blog, I will give it to you cause it’s not about anyone in the blogging world.

My stomach is upset.  It was an eating meeting tonight and someone brought meat balls in this fabulous sauce that I just had to dip some chips into.  Ugh.  Yeah.  Not liking that decision I made LOL

I have a very long today since I went in an hour early and then straight to my meeting after work.  I just got home at 9pm.  That makes it a total of 13.5 hours I was out of the house.  I dislike that.

I’m going to go cuddle my dogs.  I suddenly feel like I need that.

Until next time…


I dislike Mondays so much that I am willing to boycott them.  Forever.  Whoever invented this “work” week needs to be drawn and quartered. 

The only good thing about this work week is that at the end of it, I get to see mah bitches for the weekend.  Miss Lucy and Miss Monique are traveling in for my baptism and then we are going to do a sleep over type weekend with Miss Laci.   I have NO idea where we are all going to sleep, but I need to charge the thing for my air mattress.  For at least 12 hours before they get here. 

I did most of my laundry yesterday, including some blankets so the bitches have something to throw over themselves while sleeping.  I did not, however, really clean the apartment like I had wanted too.  Good thing they are coming to see me, rather than pick apartment my housekeeping skillz.  Ya know?

I didn’t really leave the house except to go to church and go pay rent this weekend, so I did not make it over to the other side of town to the cemetery to see Rex, nor did I go take a picture of Penile Rd.  

I slept pretty good last night.  I was in bed and asleep by 9:30 and think I only woke up once to wander the apartment.  I then woke up when my alarm went off at 6am.  Even though I haven’t moved from the couch until now, I’m going to be going into the office a little early.

Since I don’t get hourly, I have a few hours from last Tuesday to make up and then I want to make up the time that I’ll be taking on Friday.   I figure if I work a half hour earlier, or if I can get in there an hour earlier, each day this week I’ll get it made up fairly quickly.  I’ll be missing one full days pay on this coming check, since I took last Thursday off. 

I am always worried about having enough dog supplies for my girls. Especially now that money is even tighter than 3 months ago, I have to watch the food levels and what not. I have to make sure I have chew things for them too during the day so they continue to NOT destroy my apartment.

Today is a long day since I’ll be going straight to a GA meeting after work.  I’ll be happy when I get home and into bed.  That’s for sure! 

Until next time….

Getting on my last nerve

Miss Gold Tooth and company have gotten on my last nerve this weekend.  Friday night at close to midnight, she decided to take the trash out.  Well I guess she didn’t CLOSE the bag all the way while still inside her apartment, so she had to stop just outside MY door and make all kinds of racket tying that shit up.

Once she tied it up, she didn’t CARRY it down the stairs (I was watching thru the peephole, trying to figure out what she was doing) she KICKED it down the stairs.  And of course, that made some more racket.  I didn’t notice if she woke up the baby downstairs, the stairs are right next to his room.

Today, she has been coming and going every hour or so and stomping down the stairs.  She always seems to stop right in front of my door before leaving or as she’s coming up.  Josie goes apeshit when she’s standing outside the door and doesn’t shut the fuck up until MGT is out the building door or inside her own apartment.  She has even gotten Chloe on the barking train.

Chloe normally only barks when she is startled.  If she hears a noise and it scares her, she’ll let out a little bark and then shut up.  She even gets scared when Josie is on a barking frenzy.  Chloe will come jump up on my lap and shiver and shake until Josie quiets down.

As stabby as I have been (except the few hours spent at church today) today, I am ready to go knock on Miss Gold Tooth’s door and give her a piece of my mind.   However, I don’t really feel like getting into an argument with a black woman who has a gold grill.  Something about that holds me back from approaching the subject when I’m all cranky like right now.   Maybe one of these days, when I am calm and collected and after a good night’s sleep, I will approach her and let her know (nicely of course) that she’s being a twat and she needs to shut up.

Until next time….

I broked it.

As I was getting ready for church this morning, I noticed there was something wrong with the hair on top of my head.   I looked closer into the mirror and realized something horrid. when I colored it yesterday.  It’s broken and now sticks up everywhere.  All the gel in the world is not going to tame the broken strands of beautiful hair I used to have up there.   I’m tempted to just go get it cut super short so it’s not all that noticeable.   Not going to happen.   I’ll deal with it.

When I got home from church, I got a phone call from my friend LL in Vegas.  She brought me up to date on all the gossip from our work place.  I’m so glad I left.  Little things keep happening here to make me even more grateful that I left when I did.  From what she says, the politics are getting worse.  That is something I never wanted to deal with while there. 

I’ve been looking at things online (as usual) and found some air tools. I really don’t know what I’d do with them, but it was fun to browse the website.

I’m doing my laundry and that’s all I’m going to do today. I’ve been up since 5am, I’m ready for a nap and it’s only noon. I think I’ll go lay on the couch and watch the NASCAR race when it starts.

Until next time….

Wait. I’m awake? WHAT!?!?

I crawled out of bed at 5am.  I’ve been awake since 4:45.  I had a strange, funky dream (that I’m currently looking up in some dream dictionary online) and can not go back to sleep.  My coffee is brewing and I’m sitting here being quite stabby.

I was dreaming of someone *cough* that I like and then someone from my past entered the dream and creeped me out.  I then was on a beach with the person I liked and a different person from my past walked up to us with my Josie in his arms.  She was dying.  I was then in the vet’s office.  The vet was Neil Patrick Harris (WTF?) and he took care of my girl and fixed her.   And then I was back on the beach with the person I liked and we were having sex.  It was a clumsy first attempt and it was funny as hell.  We were both laughing.  And then this person from my past walked up to us again, yeah, in the middle of us having sex and started yelling at me for something.   I started crying in the dream and walked away with the person I liked.

When I woke up?  Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg was playing on the iPod.  ROFLMAO.

I think I need to update my Blogroll.  I read all of my blogs through bloglines and rarely, if ever click on that blogroll.  However, I’ve noticed a few of my visitors clicking it lately and I know some of the links no longer exist.   Since I’m awake at this God awful hour, maybe I’ll start working on that after this post.

Until nex time…

Maintaining my abstinence

Throughout the last several years, people make suggestions on how to maintain my abstinence. Last night, I found a new piece of literature through GA I had not seen before. I posted something over on Shutterbuggin and here is my post for the Soda Stand.

First, I am going to give a short list of how *I* believe I will maintain my abstinence and then I will list what this Information Packet has listed as how to maintain abstinence for newcomers.

  • Make GA my number 1 priority. It comes first over everything in my life. This includes coming first before family, friends, jobs, my dogs, everything.
  • Go to meetings on a regular basis.
  • Stay in constant contact with my Higher Power and other GA members
  • Help newcomers become acquainted with the literature available.
  • Read my One Day At A Time book for daily affirmations.
  • Get involved and give back to the program. I can’t keep my recovery/abstinence unless I give it away.
  • Try to live the 12 steps of recovery in my daily affairs and become a better person from the inside.

And now the 9 things listed in the Packet.

  • GA comes FIRST. Nothing in this world is more important to the recovering compulsive gambler than GA meetings. A life may depend upon adherence to this principle precept.
  • Attend GA meetings for yourself. The GA program is for the compulsive gambler who wants to live a better life without gambling. Please yourself first.
  • Frequent contact between members is vital in order to maintain strength between or to gain strength during the rough times in our lives.
  • Meeting other compulsive gamblers from other groups and areas will serve to remind each of us that there are others just like ourselves who really do understand and can help.
  • The desire to become a better person, without gambling, is absolutely necessary in order to begin a long-lasting recovery program.
  • Doing something about our everyday problems and character defects is a sure way to maintain an effective, long-lasting recovery. Remember – talk is cheap and words do not take action.
  • The GA program will work for those who can admit and accept their problem on a daily basis.
  • Give therapy at all GA meetings for your own sake as well as for others who may want to draw strength from you. Therapy is our medicine – give and take your medicine.
  • Stop thinking about gambling. Give yourself a decent break!

I don’t really like the wording of this list. Something is rubbing me the wrong way about it. I don’t know what it is. However, I do like the message. So if I can read around the way it was written, I can get a lot of great suggestions out of this. For a new member, this list is a vital tool in their initial stages of recovery and abstinence.

Thanks for letting me share.

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I have spent the day doing nothing. I colored my hair, took a shower, paid rent and took an hour long nap. I’m ready for another nap because my head is exploding. Although, I think if it were REALLY exploding, I wouldn’t be able to type this.

I am currently watching one of the Big League Weekend games from Las Vegas. The Seattle Mariners and Chicago Cubs ALWAYS go to Vegas on this weekend. Every.single.year. I went once. It’s 72 degrees there now. And here I am at 40 something degrees. I’m OK with that though. If I were in Vegas, I’d be complaining it’s too warm for spring. LOL Can’t please me, I swear.

I can’t believe it’s 5pm already. I feel very unproductive today. However, I’m sure I’ll make up for that tomorrow. I have quite a bit to do tomorrow. I put it all off today, so I need to do it tomorrow.

I’m such a geek for real estate. I love looking at houses in areas of the country I’ve never been. I especially like what I see in North Carolina, specifically Wilmington real estate.

I don’t know how I feel about something. I had a visitor this afternoon (about 30 minutes ago) from a local church. They got my name and address from somewhere and were notified that I recently moved in. The guy wanted to make sure I had a church to attend and worship. I let him know I go to Southeast and we discussed the Easter Pageant thing. He then gave me a cute little pad of paper with the church’s logo on it and then wrote his name and phone number down. Told me that if I needed anything to give him a call. Umm. yeah. Total stranger, I’m going to call you just cause you came to my door and let me know I could.

I’m going back over to the couch to watch the TV to see if I can see anyone I know at the game.

Until next time…

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Cussing up a storm

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I found this over at Jester’s, who found it over at Dawg’s.   I think it scores low.