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Emotionally drained.

I’m just over done.  Put a fork in me.  I’m dead on my feet.

I left the house at 7:30 this morning for work, travelled my one hour and 20 minutes and 75 miles.  I worked my ass off.  They are adding duties and adding duties every day.   It’s time I sit down with the owner, whether he has the time or not, I will ask him for 10 minutes.   I can’t keep busting my ass for the peanuts I’m getting paid.  I just can’t afford to do this anymore.

After work, I travelled my one hour and 20 minutes and 75 miles to a GA meeting.  The meeting started at 7pm, we were done at 8:45.   GB and I sat in my car and went over my financial inventory.  I sobbed.  It’s horrible.  I hate it.

After we finished the inventory (10:30 or so), we prayed and then I came home.  I’m not going to share the details of everything in that inventory, but let me tell you it’s not pretty and I have faced a reality I do not want to face.   I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, suiting up and showing up.   I will stand up for myself and I will continue praying.

Until next time…

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