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It’s only Tuesday?

It’s only Tuesday and my body feels like it’s Friday. I wish it was Friday. I need a mental health day and unfortunately, I can’t afford to take one.

I went to bed right after posting that last night and I actually slept halfway decent. And then my alarm went off at 5:45. I hit the off button and fell back asleep. My 2nd alarm went off at 6:15 and here I sit. Wishing it was the end of the week.

However, tonight, I have no plans or needs to go anywhere but straight home after work. I am going to come straight home and sit my ass on the couch.

After figuring things out last night with GB, the FD job will NOT pay me enough to live on my current bills. So if I get that job, I’m going to have to move down to a one bedroom and make a few other cuts and save some money somewhere. I’m going to spend some time putting that stuff on a spreadsheet in Excel, so I can read it a little better. The forms I filled out have scribble all over it from taking notes while we went over it last night. It’s hard to read.

I was talking to the Office Manager yesterday about plants and having a black thumb, rather than a green thumb. I told her the only types of flowers in my house will be silk flowers. She said she is the same way and hasn’t had a live plant in her house for years.

GB has some spreadsheet work for me to do in Excel. He has about 10 years worth of customer data he wants put into a spreadsheet/database. He said he will pay me and I told him I will work on the weekends for that, but not during the week because I’m entirely too tired by the end of the day during the week.

I have somehow managed to pay all my bills for this next month. I believe that’s a God thing. Next month may be a little different, but for now, I’m set with my basic needs. The stimulus check will help me out quite a bit too, with groceries and getting my Nexium refilled. I’m completely out of it and I can feel it.

I was supposed to go to the apartment office last Saturday cause there is a package there for me, but I forgot. I’ll have to do that this Saturday before going to the picnic. I don’t even know what the package could be, considering I have not purchased or ordered anything online in awhile, unless GA related for the conference (and I have those already.)

I suppose I should get ready for work. I really don’t want to drive that 75 miles. I dislike the drive much more than I dislike the job now. Who knew that would happen. The first month I hated the work and didn’t mind the drive. What a reversal. LOL

Until next time…

3 Responses to “It’s only Tuesday?”

  • Lisa says:

    That drive would kill me. How are you affording it with the price of gas going up so high? I know it’s up to $3.69 a gallon here.

    It sounds like you have a good inventory of your expenses though. Count your blessings because I think 95% of people have no idea where their money is going.

    Best of luck finding something closer to home.

  • Jen says:

    Long drives totally suck. My husband drives a long drive and has been doing it for 6 years now.

    I hope that whatever ends up happening, that you can get everything worked out and be happy.


  • Sodapop says:

    Lisa: the drive is killing me. I almost fell asleep on my way to work several times this morning. I don’t know how I’m affording it. I’ve spent close to $700 in the last 6.5 weeks I’ve been doing it. *le sigh*

    thanks :) I’m hoping something comes up soon.

    Jen: Yes, they do. I hate it. thank you, I hope so too! 😀