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Archive for August, 2008

Will he affect my drive home?

I don’t know if I’m using “effect” in the right form here.  Should it be “affect”?  Could someone let me know? I fixed my error, thanks to Avitable!

As I’ve been sitting here all day, watching either Fox News or MSNBC, Gustav has been the hot topic.   The mandatory evacuation of NOLA has been the 2nd hot topic.  How prepared are we?  How prepared are the residents of that area?

And then I realized I wasn’t all that far north, so some of the evacuations could effect affect my drive home tomorrow.  Right?  Will it?  I don’t know.

I saw on TV that some of the evacuees are as far north as Nashville.  Like thousands of evacuees.  I’ve seen that they are taking I-20 to get out of the area.  I saw that some were in Birmingham, AL.  I go through Birmingham this certain way I go home.

I’m considering changing my route to avoid the worst traffic.  But where will that worst traffic be?  I have no idea.

I’ll be leaving early enough tomorrow that I won’t have to worry about not making it home in one day IF the traffic effects my drive.  However, I don’t want to be on the road for 12 fricking hours.

I just woke up from a nap.  I love my afternoon naps on the weekends.  I was on the couch at 12:30 and then ended up on moms bed until just about 15 minutes ago.  *le sigh*

I’ve had a great visit and have enjoyed myself a lot.   While I’m not looking forward to the drive, I am looking forward to getting back to the Ville with just me and Josie and start our new life of Chloe-free living.

I found some great work clothes while I was here at Ross and I found a great work pair of shoes today at Walmart.  I have a whole new outfit to wear to work on Tuesday!

Don’t forget that on Tuesday, the Avon website will be changing over to the Halloween-centric type stuff!  I wouldn’t want you to miss out on that Halloween stuff if you love it.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Until next time…

Chik-Fil-A did me wrong!

Mom and I slept in until about 8am (shut up, that’s sleeping in as far as I’m concerned!) and just hung out for a bit.  We slowly got ready to go out and went to Ross Dress For Less.  We don’t have a Ross in the Ville so I wanted to check it out to see what kind of work clothes they have.

I found a black, pinstripe KC Spencer suit for $19.99 and two cute blouses (the sleevesless shell I like so much) and I spent just about exactly $40.  It was $39 something.  This was my budget amount for finding something there.

I love Ross when I’m in the mood for it.  It’s one of those bargain stores where you have to dig to find what you like and what fits you and what looks good.  But once you do find that one thing you’re after, it’s like Christmas all wrapped up into a pretty little discounted bow.

A lot of people compare it to TJ Maxx and I just have to say NO WAY does TJ Maxx even compare.  Yes, TJ Maxx has the deals, but Ross is awesome!

On our way home, we stopped at Chik-Fil-A.  I love their salads there!  However, in the spirit of trying new things, I got some of the chicken strips and their waffle fries.  I’m not feeling too hot.  My tummy is screaming (read:  gurgling up a storm) at me.  It’s horrible.

Now we are relaxing and waiting for my brother to call to let us know they are home, so we can head on over there and hang out for part of the evening.

Until next time…

500 miles and 8.5 hours later…..

I left my apartment and was on the road at exactly 7:00 a.m. today.  Even with stopping to get gas, I was on the freeway heading south/west towards the 65 at 7:05.

It was a long and horrendous drive.  The girls and I did really well the first few hours, actually even into the last few hours.  But the last hour killed me.  Actually, I’ll take that back and say the last 2 hours killed me.  I stopped four times in an hour time frame.   I felt like I was going to fall asleep.  I was so sleepy.  It was horrible.

At the last rest area I stopped at (just inside the Georgia state line from Alabama), I couldn’t find any signs for a Pet Walk.  All I saw were signs that said “No Pets;” “No Dogs allowed,” etc.  I was pissed.   I walked the girls anyway.  I don’t care.  What would they do?  Kick me outta there?

As I was pulling around the exit side of the building, I finally saw the “Pet Walk” area.  Great way to get pet owner’s to stop at that rest area again.

My brother and his family came over and we had pizza (light on the sauce) for dinner.  I got to hug on my nephews and watch them play with the girls.  I got some great video of Josie trying to remove the sock off Big J’s foot and she couldn’t stand the smell.   It was too funny!  I told him his foot would be on Youtube when I got home.

As we were sitting here watching Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, I can’t remember which one, one of moms neighbors was pulling into her carport and ran into her house.  Not moms house, the neighbors own house.

It was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.   Her little wooden table she had in her carport is now embedded into her living room wall.  ROFLMAO  I’m sorry, I just have to laugh.  It makes me giggle.  I’m only giggling because the lady was NOT hurt.

I’m now sitting inside while mom is outside with her other neighbor that she has made friends with.  She’s a nice little lady, I like her.

I’m going to go do some cross words or crash.  Maybe a little bit of both.

Until next time…

I didn’t think this day would ever come!

YAY!  Today is the day!  In about an hour, I’m going to be hitting the road to go see my family!!!  I’ll be heading south and driving for about 7 or 8 hours.   I’m hoping mother nature (weather) and traffic are on my side so it doesn’t take a super long time for me to get there.

I’m all packed and just need to grab a toy or two for Misses Chloe and Josie.  I’ve got the crate by the door, I’ve got my dirty clothes in my big suitcase and my comforter in a big trash bag to load into the car.   I’ve got the car seats in the trunk of the car (which by the way, I finally found the keyhole for – which is a post for another day) and I’m just ready to move!  I’m ready to go!

I don’t have a laptop anymore (I sold it to a co-worker) and so I will be using moms computer whenever I can to post or read blogs.  Unless I just don’t feel like going near a computer and then I won’t be doing any type of reading blogs and what not until I get home Monday.

I have not seen my family since Christmas time.  This is just toooooo long for me!  Hopefully I won’t have to go another 9 months before seeing them after this weekend.  I’m hoping to get back down there at Thanksgiving time.   I can’t take time off at Christmas, so I’m crossing my fingers for Thanksgiving!

Off to finish getting ready and head on out!

Until next time…

I just want to thank you

I’d like to thank all of you. In one way or another you’ve touched my life and you’ve helped me. Either by your words, your encouragement, your prayers or your positive thoughts. You’ve helped me.

When I recently decided to try to supplement my income by becoming an Avon representative, I posted that information here. I had some of you place orders. I had some of you send that link to friends and/or family members to order things. And they did.

The new Campaign (19) starts on September 3rd. You’ll be able to browse our Halloween knick-knacks and (for lack of a better word) paraphernalia. I’ve ordered the Campaign 20 books already.

I had 9 people sign up as e-customers. I placed an order for 5 others that I got at work or from Miss Laci and one of her co-workers.

As of right now, I haven’t made a lot of money and that’s OK, I’m just getting started and I didn’t expect it to take off like a rocket right away.

On a side note, that has absolutely nothing to do with Avon, I must tell you a story.

Tuesday night, as I was fighting with the heartburn, indigestion and other generally crappy feelings, I heard yelling below my window and then again over towards the north of me. I ignored it (after bitching about it on Twitter).

Today, I received an email from the apartment office that my neighbor (Miss Gold Tooth) was asking to get a hold of me. My first thought was so why doesn’t she knock on my fucking door? The Assistant Manager gave me MGT’s phone numbers and so I called her after work.

It turns out Big Daddy hit her that night. They argued for a few hours (hence the yelling and screaming I heard) and she is staying at her mothers. She wanted to ask me that if I see him here, to tell him he is not allowed around here and if he does not leave, she asked me to call the police. I will do this. But I have to tell you I will be taking my life into my own hands when I do this.

Let me see if I can describe this man to you. He is at least 6 foot 4 inches. He weighs at least 350 pounds. He is black, he wears pimp hats and clothes and he calls himself Big Daddy. All the while, driving a white Cadillac Deville that is lowered, gold rims and on the front license plate area, a fake one that reads The Undisputed O.G. For those who do not know what O.G. means, think Original Gangsta (Gangster for you super white folk).

Uh-huh. She asked me that if I hear him, look out the peep hole on my door, and then OPEN my door and tell him to leave. Riiiigggghhhttttt 911 and I will become good friends if he shows up. I’m not going to stand at the top of the steps, in front of an angry gangsta and tell him to leave. Nope. Not going to happen on my watch. So now, every noise I hear, I jump 10 feet high and think I’m going to get my ass kicked if it’s him. LOL

Until next time…

I’m still throwing a fit

I went to my meeting last night.  I got nothing out of it.

Oh wait, that’s not true.  I got a lot more theoretical heartburn from it.  Fees are going up.  Yeah.  I haven’t even started missing that $49.68 yet and the fees are going up.  I’m so displeased.  I am very, very unhappy about this.

I expressed myself professionally and diplomatically last night at the meeting, to the president of the union and a few other members.

There’s nothing I can do about it right now, since Kentucky is NOT a right to work state.  However, I do know that it’s a voting issue here and I’ll pay close attention to that.  The minute this state is a right to work state, I’m leaving the union just on the principal of it.

I did, however, get one positive thing out of it.

Eye candy like there is no tomorrow!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

I may have to show up at this union meeting once a month.  Just to have a wonderful view.

I had my first performance review today.  It was more of an informal type review, just to let us know where we are and how we are doing, etc.

They are very pleased with my performance.  They love the fact I learn so quickly, am so computer literate and love that I’m not afraid to jump into a computer program I’ve never worked in before and learn it.  I got an apology for the snippy snap ways I’m spoken too.   I got a thank you for being such a hard worker and being dependable.  It was a nice review.

I have so much more to learn, it’s pathetic.  I’m only doing a few of the duties that go with my position.  Just a few? Oh my goodness.  I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of blogging fodder out of that.

I’m relaxing a bit before packing for my trip.  I’m taking my laundry and my comforter to wash while I’m down there.  Mom has a full size washer and dryer, so it won’t take 3 hours to dry one load of clothes!  YAY!!!

I got really weepy today at work whenever someone asked me about Chloe and what not.   I’m going to miss her, a lot.  I will just NOT miss her chewing and licking.

I just ate dinner and I’m hoping I don’t get heartburn or indigestion.  The last three days (ever since I ate that Taco Bell), I’ve gotten sick each and every time I’ve eaten.  So I haven’t eaten much the last few days.  I’ve been afraid to eat.  I forced myself to eat something tonight and here’s to hoping I don’t get sick again!

Until next time…

All fired up

I’m pissed off about something.  I’m being told that membership in the union at work is mandatory.  Mandatory.  This means I have to join the union.  This means I have to pay dues every paycheck.  This means they are going to take almost $50 a month out of my checks for dues.  For what?  What are they doing for me as a civilian employee?  I don’t get merit increases, I don’t get “step” raises like the suppression people.  What are they doing for me?

The current contract sucks ass.  Now, please understand I’ve been a member of a union for 13 years once and so I know what sucky contracts look like.

Civilian employees start out with a certain amount of vacation days.  That we can not take until we’ve been there a year.  I am currently working towards this certain amount of vacation days so I can start taking them in July of 2009.   I started in May of 2008.

I do have to say I like the three personal days we got in this contract.  That was nice and it helped me be able to take a few days off right before July 1 and a few days off in August when TB flew me to Vegas for her birthday.

What else am I happy about with this union?  Ummm I may be able to answer that question a little better after the mandatory meeting I’m going to so I can get sworn into the union.  Against my will.

Am I being overly dramatic?  Oh I’m sorry.  I can barely pay my fucking bills or put food in my belly and they want to take $50 more a month from me.   I find this dramatic.  Actually, it’s quite traumatic for me.  $50 a month they are going to take from me, from my stomach, from my creditors and from my gas tank.  I am not happy about it.

I am going to see what happens at this meeting tonight, I’m leaving here in a few minutes.  After tonight, I’ll have a more working knowledge of the union and how they do things here in the Commonwealth.

I’m not looking forward to the meeting.  I’m fighting another headache (weather or stress related – could be both) and I’m tired.  I just want to sleep.  The meeting starts at 8pm.  It’s 30 miles away from here and so it’ll take me about 30 minutes each way.   This displeases me.

Until next time…

More sleep and feeling a bit better.

I knew if I could get some sleep I’d start feeling better.  I was laying on the couch last night (to help the heartburn feeling) and realized I just wanted to be in my own bed.

I went to bed and stacked up my pillows.  I fell asleep almost immediately, had not episodes of heartburn or indigestion during the night.  I slept through my first two alarms and then snoozed the third one until about 5:15.  Needless to say, I’m running a little late this morning and I don’t mind.  Cause I feel better!!!

Hopefully this feeling lasts and I will continue feeling this way throughout the day.  The last two days were hell on my physically, which in turn started to fuck with my emotions.  Amazing how that happens, right?

I think my post last night helped me kind of “let go” of my problems.   In GA I’ve always struggled with that “Let Go and Let God” concept.  While it’s looks good on paper and even when I say it, it’s much more difficult to do.  However, I must have done it last night because my mind shut off and I rested.

While I would love to keep sleeping, just because I’m feeling like I could, I’m much more rested than I was yesterday.  I believe that “rested” feeling will help propel me through the day at work without being like I was yesterday.  I just need to watch what I eat and make sure I don’t invite that heartburn back in, ya know?

I submitted my first Avon order last night!  This did not include the 8 orders I had from all mah friends who have gone to the website and ordered something.  I read up on the website and it turns out the Halloween (Campaign 19) stuff will appear on my website September 3rd.  WHEEEEE

Tonight when I get home from work, I am going to be eating quickly and then heading back out to a union meeting.  I don’t get a choice in being a part of the union or not, it’s mandatory.  I’m not pleased.  The dues are almost $25 a pay check.  This is almost $50 a month that is going to something I don’t know about.  I’m going to this meeting with a list of questions.  If the president or union rep can not answer my questions before the meeting, I’ll be bringing them up DURING the meeting.

I want to know exactly where my money is going and what it’s paying for.  Unions have not done much for me in the past.  I was part of the union in Vegas for civilian employees and out of the 13 years I was a member, I used their services once.  I want to know what this new union has to offer me.

It better be gold toned or made of gold for me to be happy about losing $50 worth of bill and/or grocery money a month.  500+ people pay these dues a month.  Where is all that money going?  What’s it used for?  Besides the pretty union office, that is.   Where does the extra/left over funding go at the end of the month?  What exactly are they going to provide me?

I need to get ready for work now.  TTFN

Until next time…

Will my mind let me rest?

This post is me venting.  I’m expressing myself here so I don’t have to express myself on regular paper and hurt my hand from writing it.  I’m also working this out in my head.

I’m watching Third Watch and drinking a small glass of milk. I hear that it’s supposed to help. I’m still fighting this heartburn/indigestion/whateverthefuckitis that I got yesterday after eating Taco Bell. I was sick all day at work, run down, feeling pukey, heartburn off and on.

I got home from work and looked up ulcers on WebMD. I’m going to call and make an appointment to see the doctor. When I have money. I still owe them money from my last visit and so until I have that money and money for the new visit, I am being a pain in the ass and stubborn and refuse to make the appointment. Yeah, I know it’s stupid. I don’t need a lecture.

The pharmacy has called me about my Lexapro prescription. I don’t have the money for that either. I would have it Friday, but they don’t open until after I’m already planning on leaving. I could push my leave time back a little bit, but I don’t want to hit Nashville or any other metro area at rush hour.

Excuses. All of that shit is excuses.

I’m feeling like crap physically. At least I’m not freaking out over the money thing. I’m just ignoring things that I shouldn’t ignore because I don’t have money. Again, excuses.

I wonder why I do this to myself?  Hmmm besides just not having the money for any of it, even when I do get money (payday) I spend it on other bills.  You know, like rent, car payment, cell phone payment so I can have some sort of connection with the outside world, car insurance, etc.  And then when I’m done paying all those bills, I have nothing left. 

Let’s hope this Avon thing keeps on going and I can supplement my income with it.  I’m giving it 3 months.  If it doesn’t pick up by then, I’m going out for a 2nd and 3rd job at a retail store for minimum wage. 

The spreadsheet project is coming to a close, so I won’t have that income on a regular basis anymore.  I get 10% of whatever sales he makes off those things, but out of all the ones I’ve entered already, I’ve only gotten commission on two sales.  Not something I can count on, that’s for sure.

I’m going to go lay on the couch now because I just feel awful.  I feel pukey and achey too.  I hope I’m not getting the flu.  I will become one cranky ass bitch if I get sicker before this weekend, during this weekend or even after this weekend.

I hope my mind shuts off and lets me rest for a bit.  I need it.  I need to sleep.

Until next time…




My night of sleepless pain

I can not tell you how little sleep I got last night.  I can tell you that the heartburn and acid reflux were so bad, I puked a few times.  My chest felt like it was on fire a few times.  I ended up sleeping for a bit on the couch, sitting up.

I did it to myself.  I ate Taco Hell for lunch and within half an hour of eating that yesterday, I was miserable.  Added on top of that, I had an eye migraine after work for a few hours.

My alarm went off at 4am this morning since I’m going to try to work earlier today so I can have Friday off.  I’m miserable.  I feel like I got hit by a bus due to lack of sleep.  The heartburn is dissipating, but I still have it.  I started chewing some Tums and that seems to help quite a bit.  I’ll be taking that bottle of Tums to work with me.  Trust me on that.

I’m hoping for a quick day at work so I can come home and sleep again.   I have that project from hell to finish and then all the “after payroll” stuff to do (balancing sick leave, vacation leave, etc.)   If I could take sick time, I’d probably call in sick today because I feel so crappy.  Actually, crappy doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel.

I’m watching Cold Case on TNT right now, trying to get the energy to jump in the shower and get ready for work.

I’m going to go start getting ready.  I need to leave here at 6:15 or so and I’m moving extremely slow like a slug.

Until next time…