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Birthday wrap up

As you all know, today is my birthday.  I turned 39 years old.  I was feeling sorry for myself, I was not looking forward to 1) working on my birthday and 2) being away from all my friends in Vegas.

Miss Monique came down to the spend the night and surprised me by picking up Miss Laci on her way here!  YAY!!!

So I had two of my bitches with me for my birthday!  I wish Miss Lucy could have been here too, that would have made it a perfect day!

At work, my co-workers came into my office half an hour before I left to sing me happy birthday and give me a 3 Musketeer candy bar with a candle in it.  It was really sweet.

Miss Monique, Miss Laci and I went to my GA meeting and then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late dinner and some cocktails.  I had two Pomegranate Martinis.  I’m in love with that cocktail right there. WOW!

We played some trivia and hung out for a bit.  We are now home and I’m getting ready to hit the sack.  Miss Monique and I are getting up early for the MSU/IU game in Bloomington tomorrow.  It’ll take us about 2 hours to get there, so we will be leaving fairly early.  Blech.

I’m hoping I don’t have a hang over.  In order to avoid said hang over, I need to go to sleep now.  G’nite.

Until next time…

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