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Archive for October, 2008


It’s Halloween. Or so I’ve heard. Happy Halloween to all those who love this holiday!

I woke up at 6:20 and I’m ready for work and relaxing at 7:05. Who knew I could get ready so fast? And that’s with a shower and drying my hair and everything! Normally when I wake up late, I’ll take a shower but not wash my hair.

However, since that’s what I did yesterday, I knew I needed to wash the mop I lovingly call my hair.

It’s Friday. I’m quite happy about that. My pinky on my left hand is killing me and I never realized how much I used that little finger until after I bent the fingernail back. Thankfully, it did not break and it just bent, but man o man does it hurt!

I did all my laundry last night, so I don’t have to worry about it this weekend. I tried this new nail polish I got from Avon and it was not what I was looking for, so I tried to take it off last night. Ummmm, yeah, my fingernails still have a few purple spots all over. Oh well. Hopefully no one at work notices. If they do notice, hopefully they won’t say anything!

A few weeks ago, I bought a fairly cheap Halloween costume to wear tonight when we go out. However, I no longer like said Halloween costume and don’t want to dress up. *le sigh* I don’t know what I’m going to do about that. I’ll wing it and see what happens!

This was going to be the first year in many that I had dressed up on Halloween. I was excited and looking forward to it. And then I found out how much I actually weigh and I’m suddenly not as self assured of myself in this costume. It’s not a skimpy, sexy thing, it’s just form fitting and now I’m too self conscious to wear it. Go figure.

Off to work I go! Have a fantastic day, Happy Halloween and a great weekend! Don’t forget to set your clocks back tomorrow night before going to sleep!

Until next time…

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It’ll all get better in time

Post title taken from Better In Time by Leona Lewis

I didn’t waste anytime after work today. I got home, I changed into a t shirt and sweat pants and started laundry, collecting trash and now am taking a quick break before doing some more cleaning.

I need to move a few things around in here to make room for not just me and Josie, but for Miss Monique who is coming down tomorrow for Halloween festivities.

I had a pretty good day at work today and I hate to say it but the Trainer was not there, so I’m thinking that had a lot to do with how smoothly the day went. I finished the November vacation schedule and started working on vacation accruals for next year.

I’ve been thinking about my financial situation a lot lately. I know, you’re surprised by that, right? LOL I’ve gotten to a point where I’m doing what I can and everything else gets put to the side until I can do something about it. Until I can do something about it, I’m not going to fuss over it too much anymore. I’m tired of that.

I’m in a good space mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. I’m not going to ruin that just because I’m thinking the financial situation to death.

I’m no longer homesick for right now. I’m feeling very comfortable and actually better now that I’ve changed my phone number to a local number. I held onto that 702 number as a “ghost” just in case I went back, I wouldn’t have to change my number again.

Now that I know I won’t be moving back there anytime soon, I felt it was time to let go of the ghost. Just like I mentioned in the other post. It makes me feel good knowing that I now have a local phone number.

So, uh, I’m wondering how to do something. I’m way out of practice, so I need some tips. I’m thinking about giving someone my phone number. How would one approach this situation?

Until next time…

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October is almost over!

Three things are happening this weekend. Two of them, I am looking forward too. The third, not so much for several reasons.

First, Halloween is this Friday and I’m going out with two of my favorite bitches ever. The only thing that could make that better would be is Miss Lucy was going to be here with us! This will be after I chair a meeting to celebrate GB’s 13 years of recovery in GA. YAY!

Second, Miss Laci is hosting a party at her apartment on Saturday and much fun will be had. I’m sure I’ll be twittering from the party. LOL

The one thing I’m NOT looking forward to is the time change. Most people are excited because they will get an extra hour of sleep. But me? It’s going to mess up payroll and it’s going to mess up a lot of stuff at work. It always does, so I’m told. Maybe this will be the first time it does NOT mess things up? Time will tell.

I slept like crap last night and I know the reason. I had a dream of my ex boyfriend who passed away 9 years ago. It was vivid and real and it was emotionally draining. I woke up feeling like he had really been here.

Living in the same town he is buried (moved here without knowing that fact), could be why it was so vivid and real. However, I know the person in the dream looked like I remember him. I remember Rex in a certain way and I’m glad he appeared the way I remember him in my dream.

He was healthy and jovial. He was compassionate and caring. Just the way I remember. I thanked him for visiting me.

And then my alarm went off and it made me cranky. Here we are in reality, it’s freezing in this apartment (yes I have the heater AND my space heater going), my head hurts from not sleeping well and I have to go to work.

I was also thinking about my friend B back in Vegas. She was the Nail Girl from back in the day. She retired from that and had been considering truck driving school when I was leaving. I don’t know if she ever followed through on that because she started working at Fry’s Electronics and was getting promoted everytime we turned around.

At least today is Platoon 1 and I’ll get to see Major Hottie (so dubbed by Miss Monique).

Until next time…

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It’s all official now

It’s official. I’m a bonafide Kentucky resident. I changed my cell phone number to a local number today. I’ve had the same cell phone as I had in Vegas and kept the number. I realized, after being here a whole year, it was time to let go of the ghost. It was time to move forward and not hold onto the past that is Las Vegas. I felt pretty good about that.

I’ve sent out emails and texts and phone calls all afternoon, trying to make sure I tell everyone who had my cell number before, both in Vegas and here in Louisville.

Something excited is happening! In May of 2010, the Gambler’s Anonymous National Spring Convention will be here in the Ville!!!!!!!! I absolutely ADORE national conventions for GA and I can not wait for this one! There will be people from all over the nation coming here for this 3 day convention. YAY!

I had another crappy day at work, found another crappy training issue, which someone tried to blame on me. I refuse to let that happen and I stood up for myself in a very polite, professional way. Once the person saw that I was, indeed, correct, their attitude changed quickly.

My plans for tonight are to eat (baking up some tilapia filets again) and then change clothes. I’m going to go to Walmart to find something to ship my 12 inch vinyl LP I sold on ebay and then hit the post office. Once I’m done shipping that, I’m going to the NA meeting across the river at 7:30. I loved it so much, I’m going back for more! While I’m not currently addicted to drugs, the only requirement for membership there is a “desire not to use.” Since I have a “desire not to use” drugs of any kind, I’m going to see what happens there. I won’t go every week, but I know I will attend quite often.

I’m going to go see if my filets are done baking yet. I’m starving!

Until next time…

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Food is only energy…right?

I started my little “eating better, losing weight” thing today. I’ve modified Body for Life for me and the way I did it a few years ago. I lost 35 pounds doing this once before, I can do it again.

Just like last time, the first day went without a hitch. Except the fact I feel like I’m starving to death! I ate a banana and some strawberries for breakfast, almonds and some sliced chicken meat for a snack and then a Smart One meal for lunch. I then had another handful of almonds for a snack. I now need to find something for dinner.

My new hair do was a big hit at work, got lots of attention, which was good for my ego. However, I’m feeling like I’m in a bit of a funk and I don’t know where it came from. Maybe from the lack of food, I don’t know. LOL

It’s cold and wintry outside. It has not gotten over 48 all day and it’s cloudy and windy and cold. This could be attributing to my current funky mood.

Work was a bitch to get through today too. Something was going on at the front of the office and it wasn’t good. Guess who got it taken out on them? Yeah, if you said “Sodapop and her co-worker”, you’d be correct.” Manager Lady did NOT treat us this way, so I’ll leave it up to your imagination on who it was.

While I know it had nothing to do with me, it pisses me off. Even when I’m grumpy, stabby and pissed off at the world, I do NOT take it out on my co-workers. I’ve never taken my bad moods out on my co-workers or my direct reports when I supervised peopled.

It’s unprofessional and it makes me cranky. I was ignoring her most of the day, even when she was fussing at me about something that I had nothing to do with. I’m sure I looked at her the exact way my thoughts were going and I don’t care. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde need to go away from this office. 6.5 months and I’ll be off probation and I’ll be able to speak my mind (professionally of course!)

It’s a good thing my work ethic and initiative is noticed by others and I feel appreciated by everyone, except that one person. It’s her problem and she needs to learn how to deal with it instead of being a total fucking bitch to everyone else in the office. Especially me and Co-Worker.

I’m going to go make dinner now.

Until next time…

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Time to get to work…

Miss Laci dropped me off about an hour ago and I’ve been watching Good Will Hunting on TV and relaxing.  I need to get my ass up and go grocery shopping to get that done for the week.  I’m just feeling sleepy.

I had a great time hanging with the girls.  Saturday afternoon, we headed over to the beauty school so I could get my hair cut by one of the students graduating in January (also one of Miss Monique’s friends!)

I L-O-V-E my new hair cut…

It took her a long time to get it done, but that’s because with each step that she did, the instructor had to come over and make sure it was perfect.   I didn’t mind that so much.   However, an hour and a half later, the girls were a little antsy from waiting for me.

She didn’t have to layer it much because I already had layers in there and they were about the right length too.  The most that came off was about 3-4 inches in the back and then the bangs.   She suggested I start using this hair wax stuff to style it after it’s dry and all that.  I’m going to look at the stuff in the store when I go in a few minutes.

After getting the kick ass hair cut, we ventured over to this little abandoned strip mall that has a very cool, spiritual type store.  In this store, they also have psychics who will do tarot readings for you.

I got a 20 minute reading from a guy who was very funny and I felt very comfortable during the reading.  He had me laughing quite a bit.

During the reading, he nailed a few things about me and about my current situation.  He also gave me some insight into other things.

I didn’t feel shellshocked when we left, but I did feel a little uneasy because of the stuff he was saying.  Here’s a few highlights:

  • I’ll find a second job in December or January that could turn into my full time, permanent job because I will love what I’m doing.
  • My financial situation will begin improving within a month.
  • I will meet someone or get involved with someone I already know within 2 months and then end up having 3 men to choose from.
  • Mark (the psychic) told me to be careful and not jump into anything.  He suggested I get the birthdates of each of them and the next time I’m in Indy – bring them to him and he’ll tell me which one is best for me.
  • In this new relationship, it will be actually dealing with someone from the past.  He said I will use any relationship I get into in the next year as a stepping stone to improve myself and my inner spirituality.
  • He said I will move again in about 4 years, away from Louisville.  And another 4 years after that, I will move again.  I asked if it was a “big” move like the one when I came here and he said not quite as big of a move, but yes.
  • When dealing with the relationship issues from the past, it could go back 7 lifetimes and I won’t realize that’s what I’m doing until the relationship is over.

For whatever reasons, I did not find this stuff shocking.  What I found the most shocking was that he said one of my male friends will become very jealous of whatever relationship I get into.  He even described the male friend to me and I could not for the life of me, figure out who he was talking about.  He said I may not know this friend yet.  Hmmm  Interesting!

I’m going to go make my grocery list and get outta here before I decide to take a nap!

Until next time…

And away we go!

This is it! In about an hour, Miss Laci will be picking me and Josie up so we can head north to visit Miss Monique! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see her and spend the weekend with two of mah bitches. I just wish Miss Lucy lived closer so we could all get together more often.

How dangerous would it be, though, if all four of us lived in the same city? LOL

I’m so excited for my hair appointment today, I can hardly stand it! I’m so tired of taking 30 minutes to dry my hair! Those days shall be gone soon enough! Do you want to see a picture of what I’m going to have done? You’ll just have to wait until after it’s done!

The downstairs dog started barking at like 7am today and woke me up. I’ve been out of bed since 7:30. I’ll be lucky if I don’t fall asleep on the drive north.

See ya’ll on the other side of my road trip!

Until next time…

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I’ve been busy!

I got home from work at 4:30 and immediately started doing laundry. I didn’t want to come home on Sunday afternoon with laundry to do, ya know? I just now finished putting it all away and I’m going to sleep in a few minutes.

I had a fairly good day at work. However, one more thing was discovered that The Trainer (now my Supervisor) had not shown me how to do nor did she even TELL me I had to do it. I spent most of the day taking care of that and catching up on the tracking that is supposed to be done. YAY me.

I can not wait to see Miss Monique tomorrow! I’m also excited about getting my hair cut. It’s a really cute style I’ve chosen and I’ve printed the picture to take with me. I’ll have the girls take pictures after it’s done and send pictures to Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

When I get back into town on Sunday, I need to go grocery shopping to get my food for the week. It’s time I start doing the Body for Life thing again and lose some of this weight I’ve packed on.

Until next time…

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I’m exhausted!! Manager Lady and I stayed after hours and moved around some file cabinets (six of them were full of files and VERY heavy), cleaned, vacuumed and swept up. The dirt and grime we cleaned up today was just gross.

I left the office at 6pm, stopped to get a Mexican Pizza from Taco Hell, came home, ate and then called my mom. My whole body hurts!

When I was folding up these box lids we were throwing away, I somehow caught my skin in there and it got pinched. Twice. I did this on two separate occassions. The bruises are ugly ugly ugly!

We got quite a bit done and we chatted some as we were working. She’s known my fave Major for years and years, so I was talking to her about how I’m crushing on the guy. She was shocked about some of our topics of conversation from Monday. I guess he doesn’t talk all that often about certain things.

I’m going to go lay on the couch and if I fall asleep, I won’t complain! I’m going to set up the coffee to brew in the morning first though.

Until next time…

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Getting outta dodge

I’m going to Indy this weekend, with Miss Laci. We are going to visit Miss Monique. We were going to go to this haunted corn maze thingy – but I think that plan has been kicked to the curb. So we are going to hang out, possibly go to a drag show and just hang out and be girls.

I’m also looking into getting my hair cut this weekend. I hate my hair. The only thing I like about it is the color and that’s just because I just colored it.

I wish my family lived within 2 hours of me. I could visit them or they could visit me more often. 8.5 hours in the car is just not comfortable, but I’ll do it again in about a month for Thanksgiving.

Right now, I’m planning that Thanksgiving trip because I have not found a 2nd job.

I need to get off my ass and find another apartment somewhere. My friend with the rental property friends said they didn’t have anything available until the first of the year. I could eek it out until then, but I’m going to keep looking. If I don’t find something between now and then, she said she’ll hook me up with a nice little condo to rent.

I’m going to go watch part of Game 1 of the World Series until Criminal Minds comes on at 9pm. TTFN.

Until next time…

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